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Influence of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment training to it's graduates
Bublíková, Irena ; Váňová, Eva (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment training to it's graduates. The first part represents the creator of the method and his approach to the development of cognitive functions. Further on the theoretical background of the Instrumental Enrichment. I deal primarily with theorie of structural cognitive modifiability and mediated learning experience. At the end of the first part I describe in detail the progress of the Instrumental Enrichment training. In the second part I present my own research, which aims to describe how to use the method of graduates and whether they transformated personally influenced by the course and a change in the way they work. In the discussion I compare the results with research of Ludmila Májová (Májová, 2011) and Nigel Blagg (Blagg, 1991).
Influence of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment on the development of children cognitive abilities
Pokorná, Daniela ; Váňová, Eva (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
In the theoretical part, this work deals with the problem of comparison between Feuerstein cognitive function and partial cognitive abilities which are mentioned at the Educational Interpretations of the WISC-III. Research study follows up changes in partial cognitive abilities which could be viewed as a consequence of FIE (Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment) intervention lasting several months. By comparison of pre-test and post-test, which is realized by WISC-III and processed with Educational Interpretations of the WISC- III the study tries to describe impact of the method to child's cognitive functions as well as its school successfulness, self-concept, and behavior. Study also pursues possibility to use factor analysis of WISC-III for planning of the FIE intervention. Information was taken from tests, questionnaires for teachers, videos and records of FIE lessons. Research was realized at the Elementary school in a small town with 1700 inhabitants, nearby to Prague. This was the only school in this town. We noticed more or less significant changes in all areas of interest. In some cases, there was agreement in the test results and teacher's evaluation whereas in other there were differences. KEY WORDS Reuven Feuerstein, modifiability of intelligence, deficits of cognitive functions, mediated...
Estimation of Cognitive Plasticity in Old Adults Using FIE
Fišarová, Zuzana ; Váňová, Eva (advisor) ; Pikhartová, Alena (referee)
5 Abstract The work deals with the development of cognitive skills by the method of the Feuerstein Instrumental enrichment for seniors in a residential care. It should clarify whether the Instrumental Enrichment Program is practicable when working with seniors and how it will affect the development of cognitive abilities of these people. The theoretical part deals with the period of the old age, the cognitive specific of seniors, the contemporary views on the brain functioning, and especially with the Instrumental Enrichment Program.The practical part includes the results of the qualitative research. The main method of data collection was a " dynamic assessment " of the cognitive test and the case studies. The qualitative results evaluation of the Addenbrooke cognitive test showed the improvement in the solution methods almost in all levels ( input , elaboration and output) . The results of the study showed that the Instrumental Enrichment Program is very suitable for the seniors. Its use is meaningful not only for clients with mild cognitive insult but it is also very effective for the people with more severe degrees of dementia.

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4 VÁŇOVÁ, Eliška
4 Váňová, Eliška
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