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The incidence of specific islet cell autoantibodies in patients with HNF1A-MODY and HNF4A-MODY
Urbanová, Jana ; Anděl, Michal (advisor) ; Štechová, Kateřina (referee) ; Bém, Robert (referee)
Islet cell autoantibodies are associated with autoimmune insulitis and belong to the diagnostic criteria of Type 1 diabetes mellitus. However, growing evidence suggests that autoantibodies are present in other types of diabetes. Here, we focus on the autoantibody incidence in Czech patients with maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) and analyze their functional relevance in terms of diabetes onset and control. Autoantibodies against glutamic acid decarboxylase 65 (GADA) and protein tyrosine phosphatase islet antigen 2 (IA-2A) were measured in a cohort of 28 Czech patients with MODY (all confirmed by genetic testing). Selected clinical data were correlated to the status and kinetics of autoantibodies. One quarter of patients with MODY examined (7/28; 25%) was positive for GADA or IA-2A. GADA were more prevalent (7/7) than IA-2A (1/7). The incidence of autoantibodies did not correlate with human leukocyte antigen status, nor with particular mutation in MODY genes. The patients who were positive for the autoantibodies developed diabetes later than those who were autoantibody- negative, but had worse glycaemic control. Expression of autoantibodies decreased with any improvement of diabetes compensation. Only one patient did not correspond to the above and displayed signs of combined signs of MODY...
Imprinting in mammals
Hejkrlíková, Zuzana ; Krylov, Vladimír (advisor) ; Urbanová, Jana (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Genomic imprinting is a form of epigenetic regulation that results in gene expression from a single allele in a parent-of-origin manner. It is a form of monoallelic gene expression, another forms of monoallelic expression are X chromosome inactivation and stochastic monoallelic gene expression, so-called allelic exclusion. Imprinting affects expression of many genes which regulate growth and development. Disruption of imprinting leads to some diseases, such as Prader-Willie and Angelman syndromes, Russel-Silver and Beckwith- Wiedemann syndromes, transient neonatal diabetes, persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy and pseudehypoparathyroidism. Disruption of imprinting is implicated at some types of embryonic cancers. Imprinted genes are arranged in clusters and the expression in these domains is regulated by imprinting control regions (ICRs). Expression of imprinted genes is a complex process which underlies a strict regulatory mechanisms. DNA methylation and histone modifications are included in a molecular mechanism of imprinting. The methylation imprints are established during gametogenesis and are maintained during lifetime. Methylation marks at ICRs are essential for activity of genes localized in a cluster. Additional regulatory mechanism contributing to imprinting is non- coding...
Comparative analysis of the contents of German language exams with focus on the German language diploma II KMK exam
Urbanová, Jana ; Švermová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Nečasová, Pavla (referee)
Meine Arbeit analysiert und vergleicht die urspriingliche und die gegenwártige Version des Deutschen Sprachdiploms des zweiten Grades der Kultusministerkonferenz. Die Innovationen dieser Priifung entstanden auf Grund der Anpassung des Sprachentestens an das Dokument des Europarats an den Gemeinsamen europaischen Referenzrahmen fur Sprachen, in dem unter anderem die Anforderungen an ein modern gestaltetes Beurteilen vermittelt werden. In der Analyse werden die Unterschiede im Inhalt, in der Form und im Umfang von Testen der Sprachmitteln und Sprachfertigkeiten festgestellt. Es wird die Anwendung von Aufgabentypen beobachtet und es werden auch die Veranderungen in den Bewertungskriterien von beiden Priifungsversionen vergleicht. In der gegenwartigen Priifung werden die Sprachmittel nur noch als Bestandteil vom Testen der Sprachfertigkeiten beurteilt. Die bestehende Priifung weist einen ausgeglichenen Anteil aller Sprachfertigkeiten an der Bewertung der Priifung aus, und zwar zugunsten der rezeptiven Sprachfertigkeiten. Die Priifungsteile Hórverstehen und Leseverstehen verftigen jetzt iiber ein breiteres Spektrum von Aufgabentypen, deren Geschlossenheit zum hoheren Genauigkeitsgrad der Bewertung und zu einer schnelleren Auswertung fiihrt. Die Bewertungskriterien sind an die kommunikative und...
The study of epigenetic regulation of gene HLA II. Clas within family relationships
Chmel, Martin ; Černá, Marie (advisor) ; Urbanová, Jana (referee)
Introduction: At our post-genomic era the studies of epigenetic regulation constitutes one of the tools for understanding the function of genes. Epigenetic regulation can directly control the temporal and spatial gene activity or silencing. The molecular basis of these regulations are DNA bases modifications, chromatin remodeling and RNA interference. At the same time, these mechanisms have a special way of transferring genetic information to subsequent generations called epigenetic inheritance. It has been proven epigenetic deregulation of certain genes as cause for many disease. For this reason, the study of epigenome HLA genes seems particularly important because these genes play a fundamental role in regulating the immune system. Aims: The aim of this work is to create a description of epigenetic modifications within families. It is an analysis of histone modifications and DNA methylation in the promoter region of the gene HLA DQA1. The aim was also to compare the differences in epigenetic modifications between alleles and compared the differences in these modifications between generations. The results will be compared with the analysis of the level of expression of the gene HLA DQA1. Methods: From collected peripheral blood of donors were isolated DNA, RNA, and leukocytes. DNA was used for...
A protection of know-how and other critical enterprise data in digital age
Urbanová, Jana ; Regnerová, Olga (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
The Digital age, as is the beginning of the 21st century sometimes called, is in the business field characterized by a high level of automatization of its processes, which requires the digitalization of a huge amount of data. This automatization brings the acceleration of processes, both human intervention and errors reduction, and thereby it lowers the costs and increases the profits. Among the digitalized data, there are various kinds of data essential for the company prosperity such as know-how in form of various recipes, manuals, formulas, templates, etc. As it is common with other valuable assets of the company, it is also necessary to protect such data against theft or misuse. This thesis analyzes various possibilities of such data protection and does so in reaction to known risks on the example of actual company, and analyzes the readiness of this company in the data protection field. In the end, the thesis assesses its present state and advises on what the company should do in data security field in future. That is, of course, with the particular tools implementation taken into account.
Nature trail project proposition called " Around the Vrbenská pool"
The natural monument Vrbenská tůň is located in České Vrbné on the northwest edge of České Budějovice. It is the remainder of the winding original stream Dehtářský potok in the wide flat alluvium of the Vltava river. This thesis provides essential information behind development of a project about public nature trails and information boards in the wildlife. A first section describes natural characteristics of an area, foundation of projects, history of public footpaths in the Czech Republic, their types and signage. The main part is devoted to a proposal of a specific type of design of a nature trail, terrain mapping and consequent selection of the best route, creating designs and texts of individual noticeboards including visual documentation and signage. The appendix covers anticipated budgets of the project, photographic documentation, maps, spatial designs that graphically demonstrates the given location.
Preventing burnout of teachers at special school
The topic of my bachelor work is ?The Prevention of Burnout Syndrom of the Special Elementary School Teachers?. In the work I used the results gained from the statements of special educationists factualy functioned at special elementary school. The bachelor work is devided to two separated parts. The theoretical part and research. In the theoretical part I explain the burnout syndrom term and I am concerned with the history of this syndrom. The next chapter deals with factors affecting the burnout syndrom, which I devide to hazardous and projective. In the folowing chapter I describe symptoms such as exhaustion, estrangement and loss of power and also the stages of burnout progress such as stagnation, frustration, apathy and burnout as well. I also deal with the teacher´s personality. I am focus in the typologies of teacher´s personalities according to accessible authors. Consequently I define the Special Educationist term. The prevention of burnout syndrom of educationists is the inportant part of my bachelor work. In this part I specify particular strategies or recommandations how to repress the teacher´s stress. As a part of prevention I present among others also supervision, its forms and functions. Consequently I define terms the frustration and the stres and i present some techniques, which support coping with it. For example respiration techniques , technique of relaxation according to Jacobson, spinal relaxation technique and autogenic practice.
Degradation of small protected areas on the example of the Vrbenská tůň
The natural monument Vrbenská tůň is located in České Vrbné on the northwest edge of České Budějovice. It is the remainder of the winding original stream Dehtářský potok in the wide flat alluvium of the Vltava river. This bachelor thesis provides information about eutrophication, the current state of flora and proposes measures for the conservation of this natural monument. I made a survey of flora in this locality, during the growing season of the year 2007 and 2008. A list of recorded vascular plant species and an overview of the characteristics of existing vegetation units are also included. The results are compared with the results of botanical research made in 2006. The conclusions of this work confirm that rapid silt deposition causes unstable vegetation with prevailingly strong and competitive varieties of plants.

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