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Cooperation between nurses and physiotherapists in care of patients at intensive care units
Cellerová, Lucie ; Urbancová, Svatava (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Michaela (referee) ; Vlášková, Dana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the cooperation between a nurse and a physiotherapist in care of a patient at intensive care units. It supplies information on negative effects of immobility on human organism and the possible precautions of secondary complications. The central point of the thesis is a quantitative research aimed at the manner, form and efficiency of conducting individual tasks of the rehabilitation treatment by nurses during close cooperation with physiotherapists. The studied sample is constituted by health care personnel of the general nurse branch and physiotherapy during the execution of their professions in a health care institution in Hradec Králové.
The importance of rehabilitation nursing care of stroke patiens
Drahošová, Radka ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Němeček, Ondřej (referee) ; Urbancová, Svatava (referee)
in English: This work is about the importance of rehabilitation nursing care of stroke patiens. The theoretical part deals with clinical problems of stroke. A special part is devoted to rehabilitation nursing and rehabilitation. In the empirical part is used in quantitative research through an anonymous questionnaire to obtain information on the objectives set. Klíčová slova v AJ: stroke, rehabilitation nursing, ergotherapy, logopaedia, compensatory tools, subsequent cere
Rehabilitation treatment of patients after cervical back operation in practice
Medvecová, Vladimíra ; Maňasová, Taťána (advisor) ; Vaňásková, Eva (referee) ; Urbancová, Svatava (referee)
Bachelor's thesis discuss about rehabilitation treatment of patiens after cervical back operation with or without neurological deficit. The skript consist of theoretical and empirical part. Theoretical part explains rehabilitation treatment generaly and specifically for patiens after cervical back operation with or without neurological deficit. Empirical part is based on questionnaire survey, which was aplied on selected ward of three prags hospitals. The subject of survey was knowledge and experience of nurses and physiotherapists in rehabilitation treatment of patiens after cervical back operation.
Nurse Physiotherapy in Medical Home Care
Truhlářová, Lenka ; Pekárková, Hana (advisor) ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (referee) ; Urbancová, Svatava (referee)
Bachelor's thesis is centred on theme medical home care, importace of nurse physiotherapy and significance nurse physiotherapy by patiens in medical home care. It look on wide of use at illnies cerebral apoplexy, the theses of nurse physiotherapy and some suggestions and tips how the nurse physiotherapy instruments use for patients by cerebral apoplexy. Substance of the bachelor's thesis make research of use nurse physioterapy by medical workers and of knowledge how utilize in medical home care. The research speciments make medical workers in lays: nurse, physiotherapist, special nurse and patients of medical home care.

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