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Globalization and its effects on law (with emphasis on environment protection legislation)
Petrusek, Kryštof ; Agha, Petr (advisor) ; Urban, Michal (referee)
Thesis Title: Globalization and its effects on law This thesis deals with the phenomenon of globalization and its consequences for law. Due to the fact, that the concept of globalization is very extensive, the thesis focuses only on selected aspects of law as a social phenomenon. In this sense, law is perceived as a political tool for the involvement of other subjects in its creation, which naturally leads to the disruption of the centuries-old role of the state as a hegemon of legislative norm-making. The thesis is divided into three parts, whilst the first chapter focuses on the phenomenon and genesis of globalization as such. It points to its frequent criticisms and concludes that, despite all the shortcomings, it is a very positive process, which ultimately makes the world society as a whole wealthier. Recently, however, the concept of globalization has been discussed at political levels, especially in the context of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in 2016. The aim of this chapter is to point out the fact that even these elections need to be perceived from the perspective of disillusionment with the process of globalization and its non- economical and rather cultural aspects. However, it must be said that this hypothesis has only been confirmed indirectly and it is appropriate to...
Application of H-Bonding Catalysis in Organic Synthesis
Urban, Michal ; Veselý, Jan (advisor) ; Pour, Milan (referee) ; Šebesta, Radovan (referee)
Over the last 20 years, asymmetric synthesis has seen considerable progress, particularly in the field of catalysis. In addition to enzyme catalysis and transition metal catalysis, organocatalysis, catalysis using small organic molecules also plays an important role in the asymmetric synthesis. Chiral organocatalysts allow the preparation of structurally interesting and optically pure molecules via various activation modes. This work is focused on the use of organocatalysis based on the formation of hydrogen bonds in organic synthesis. Our study was devoted to the enantioselective organocatalytic reactions of ketimines leading to the formation of chiral vicinal centers. The first part deals with the organocatalytic enantioselective addition reaction of α- fluoro(phenylsulfonyl)methanes to ketimines derived from isatin. The reaction utilizes catalysis of a commercially available quinoline alkaloid cinchonine. A series of enantiomerically pure compounds were prepared containing two neighboring stereocenters in good yields of up to 97%, with diastereoselectivity up to 6: 1 dr and with enantiomeric excesses of 70-98% ee. In most cases pure diastereomers were obtained. In the second part of the work a method of enantioselective orgnocatalytic synthesis of bis-spirocompounds containing two neighboring...
Vliv původu a podmínek chovu lososovitých ryb na jejich nutriční hodnotu
Urban, Michal
The objective of this thesis is judging the influence of selected factors on nutrient value and exterior indicators of salmonids. These factors are enviroment, rearing con-ditions, nourishment and origin of fish. The context between factors and nutrient value was evaluated by literary sources. Practical part is based on data from feeding test. The feeding test was realised in farm Bušanovice on Autumn 2017. Three diferent feeds were fed to six groups of fish. Experimental feed with mineral component named Klinolipolit and two improted commercially produced feeds. I participated on the chemical analysis of the fish samples. The differences betwe-en groups of fish fed with different feeds was evalueted by results from chemical ana-lysis and data from weight and lenght measurement.
Legal and ethical aspects of the regulation of autonomous systems. Artificial intelligence and law
Hospodková Tadevosjanová, Laura ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Agha, Petr (referee)
In connection with the development of autonomous systems supporting artificial intelligence technologies, respectively machine learning, there is a growing concern both in the public and in the media, as well as among legislators and developers. Naturally, such concerns have naturally arisen in the case of other, earlier technologies, but it is clear that there is something atypical in the case of modern technologies. The period when robots, artificial intelligence and other autonomous systems were only a sci-fi topic is already to some extent obsolete and autonomous systems in various forms have been reaching a large number of areas for several years and represent an integral element of the world around us. In practice, more and more companies are engaged in the development of autonomous systems equipped with artificial intelligence, especially the development of chatbots, autonomous vehicles or autonomous drones is nowadays a good example that the operation of similar systems is not so far from reality. In the first and subsequent second chapter, the paper deals in general with an introduction to the topic of autonomous systems with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, respectively machine learning technologies, description of society's ideas of these new technologies, basic defining features...
Theory of Political Spectrum
Bonuš, Věnek ; Wintr, Jan (advisor) ; Urban, Michal (referee)
Theory of Political Spectrum Proposed New Model of Political Spectrum in the Context of Political Changes Caused by Globalisation Major political changes are happening across Europe and the world during the second decade of the 21 century, represented by the collapse of traditional party systems or Brexit. Current models of political spectrum cannot convincingly explain these changes. In my thesis, I propose a new model of political spectrum which reflects contemporary political changes and contributes to their explanation. Main innovation of the model is the inclusion of political conflict based on globalisation. In the first part of the thesis, I describe historic and modern models of political spectrum including the well-known political compass. I analyse them, critically assess them and form general methodological requirements, which should be met by functional models of political spectrum. In the second part of the thesis, I integrate cleavage theory into the theory of political spectrum. Cleavage theory addresses the most salient political conflicts in political systems. Furthermore, I describe the decline of traditional cleavages and changes in party systems. I dedicate most of my attention to a new cleavage caused by globalisation, described as transnational cleavage. In the third part of the...
The Legal Literacy of the High School students / students of University
Uličný, Ondřej ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Friedel, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis focuses on the topic of development of legal literacy of secondary school students, specifically students of so-called "gymnasiums" (academically oriented secondary schools in the Czech Republic) in particular. The thesis is based on the presumption that the students perceive law as a system which is incomprehensible, reminiscent of a foreign city that is simple to get lost in. In this context, the thesis addresses the issue of a skill of orientation in law as an element of the spectrum of knowledge, skills and attitudes forming the legal literacy of every student. It aims to find a method suitable for teaching law at gymnasiums that would be able to develop this skill of orientation in law for the purpose of overcoming the difficulties in understanding, caused for the most part by the ever changing legal landscape and specificity of the language of law. Moreover, this thesis regards the skill of orientation in law as the means to facilitate the acquisition of further knowledge of law, an element of the legal literacy. The solution of the lack of the skill of orientation in law among secondary school students, may be found, in the opinion of the author of this thesis, in the field of principles of law. These principles may be used as an instrument creating the system of law that may be...
Problem based learning: Legal Education for the 21th Century
Klačko, Sára ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Friedel, Tomáš (referee)
Problem-based Learning: Legal Education for the 21th Century Abstract The ever-faster changing modern society results in dynamic transformation of law. Some phenomena as use of technology, liberalization of legal services or globalization of market shapes the reality of legal profession in unprecedented way. Such a turbulent process challenges law schools struggling to prepare students for the future of legal profession. As functioning democracy and the rule of law depends significantly on the work of legal professions (as judges, legislators, solicitors or human-rights lawyers) there is a concern of the whole society in the quality of legal education. However, as a result of change, tasks, skills and knowledge required from the graduates now can significantly differ from what is expected in the future. Therefore, it is argued the skills as adaptability, independence and ability to learn are becoming the crucial competencies to develop among students. Once acknowledged by the law schools there is still a question to be discussed: How? The text examines problem-based Learning as possibly a more effective tool to prepare students for the uncertain future of legal professionals opposing the traditional approach to legal education. Problem- based Learning as other educational approaches based on constructivism...
Legal Consciousness
Beran, Filip ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Havel, Tomáš (referee)
Diploma thesis aims to present different conceptions of legal consciousness, to highlight their historical and socio-cultural contexts and to outline their possible progress in selected directions. First chapter presents several textbook definitions of legal consciousness, including a comparison of "European" and "American" conceptions. Chapter 2 introduces and compares other expressions usually used in connection with legal consciousness - sometimes as synonyms, sometimes emphasizing some of its components or specific author's approach. Chapter 3 then accentuates historical dimension of legal consciousness, with examples of its ideological conceptions "with attributes" (socialist, revolutionary, popular legal consciousness). These three chapters constitute descriptive, overviewing part; possible synthesis is then concluded in Chapter 4. At first, it identifies three "inner" dimensions which arise from presented conceptual field and which need to be clarified if we want to talk about legal consciousness with sufficient precision: which component we focus on, which part of law and whose legal consciousness are concerned. After that we distinguish three kinds of discourse, that is, how the legal consciousness is talked about: lawyers, sociologists and educators or "users of law" approach it with different...
Effectiveness of Law in behavioral perspective
Bartošová, Iveta ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Agha, Petr (referee)
Effectiveness of law in behavioral perspective Abstract The thesis is considering effective influence of law in society. Firstly, the basic concepts on effectiveness of law in fields of theory of law, sociology of law and legal philosophy are briefly introduced along with current system of assessing effectiveness of regulation in Czech legislative process in second chapter. Next it encourages to try on oneself the psychotherapeutical interview with the Law of Benjamin Sells, to find out about one's own potentially hidden ideas and prejudices about law and society. Finally in three consecutive chapters are introduced three basic concepts of human nature (anthropological pessimism, realism and optimism) that are informing our often unconscious choice of instruments used to enhance the effectiveness of law. Anthropological pessimism typically chooses control and deterrence. Anthropological realism uses control and deterrence for those, who are not influenced by softer measures, which it deliberately cultivates - trust and respect. These instruments are than examined from the perspective of their real effects on human behavior by means of research, studies and experiments mostly from the field of social-psychology. Finally, the sixth chapter concerns itself with anthropological optimism, which is introduced on...
Language and discourse of Processed World
Urban, Michal ; Haupt, Jaromír (referee) ; Kotásek, Miroslav (advisor)
Tato práce pojednává o historii počítačů, o postupném rozšiřování technologií do světa obyčejných lidí a o tom, jak tato skutečnost tyto lidi ovlivnila. Současně tím poskytuje základní pozadí k tématům v časopise Processed World. Stručně popisuje historii počítačů rozdělenou na jednotlivé generace, a tím umožňuje představit si, jakým způsobem probíhal a jak rychlý byl vývoj technologií s počítači spojen. Práce se věnuje také vlivu počítačů na uživatele a šíření počítačů do amerických domácností v rozmezí let 1990 a 2000. Pozornost je věnována také často opomíjeným negativním aspektům počítačových technologií, které se v časopise objevují. Časopis Processed World, který byl založen roku 1981, je výsledkem frustrace kancelářských pracovníků ze San Francisca, kteří tak chtěli neotřelou a informativní formou podpořit lidi ve stejné či podobné situaci. Práce se blíže věnuje ilustracím a jejich významu v tomto časopise. Analýzou konkrétních textů také poskytuje představu o článcích, které se v časopise objevují.

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