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Phylogeography of the praying mantis (Mantis religiosa) in central Europe
Urbánková, Hana ; Janšta, Petr (advisor) ; Kočárek, Petr (referee)
The praying mantis (Mantis religiosa) is the only representative of the order Mantodea in central Europe. Within Czech Republic, this species is distributed mostly on xerothermic localities in southern Moravia. However, M. religiosa has been spreading more to the north not only in Czech Republic, but also in other Europian countries recently. The aim of this study was to reconstruct phylogeography based on genetic markers. It seems that studied species was distributed at least in three lineages in Europe, which could be connected with glacial refugias. First lineage was spread to the north probably from Pyrenean peninsula, second lineage from Crimea peninsula and third lineage from Balkan area. Nine microsatellite loci were tested and will be used for consequent sctudy of phylogeography and distribution of M. religiosa within Europe. Keywords: Mantis religiosa, mtDNA, microsatellite, expansion, phylogeography, phylogeny.
Guide to volunteering for nonprofit organizations
Bartošová, Bronislava ; Benedíková, Luisa ; Beranová, Irena ; Cruzová, Dagmar ; Čechová, Gabriela ; Dolejská, Marcela ; Furmanová, Bohdana ; Grimová, Berta ; Holubová, Šárka ; Hrouda, Vojtěch ; Kropáčková, Jana ; Lusková, Daniela ; Novotný, Michal ; Sozanská, Olga ; Plodková, Bohdana ; Prahl, Radim ; Teicherová, Eva ; Tošner, Jiří ; Urbánková, Hana
A text with the aim to introduce the subject of volunteering and follow the development of the phenomenon. The guide came to be through a project called "Enhancing Proffesionality of NGOs and NPOs in the Area of Volunteering".
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