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Photolitography on flexible substrates
Urbánek, M. ; Urbánek, P. ; Kuřitka, I. ; Kolařík, Vladimír
Nowadays preparation of structures on flexible substrates is highly demanded because of using this patterns in field of flexible electronics. This contribution deals with photolitographic procces for preparation of structures on flexible substrates. The method of photolitography enables to create designed patterns in various material (e.g. metals as conductive layers) on various substrates (silicon wafers, foils, etc.). First the designed pattern is exposed through the mask by UV light into polymer resist, then the pattern is transfered into metal layer by wet etching through the developed windows in resist. In this paper several patterns are prepared through the positive resist PMMA by photolitography into various metal layer (Cu, Al) on flexible substrates.
Corrective Feedback in ESL Writing
Novotná, Kateřina ; Starý, Karel (advisor) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee) ; Chalupský, Petr (referee)
The dissertation thesis is focused on feedback on writing in English lessons, and describes its character and pupil's perception of its comprehensibility. The theoretical part defines feedback as a tool of pedagogical communication, which informs the pupil about the possibilities of improvement and progress and thus shapes pupil's development within the learning process as well as pupil's personality development. The topic of feedback is presented in the context of school assessment and teaching of writing, the issue of error is mentioned as the basis for corrective feedback and an incentive for learning. Also, writing and the specifics of its assessment are discussed. The empirical part, using the qualitative design of the multi-case study, builds on the data obtained by the interviews and the content analysis of the documents. The four case studies of teachers and their pupils illustrate how teachers and pupils perceive (corrective) feedback as a tool of pedagogical communication providing information on the possibilities of improvement and progress. The feedback on writing takes the form of grading (analytical rubrics), corrective feedback in the form of marking mistakes and problematic places in the work, written comments and oral comments when teachers hand the papers over. Pupils see feedback...
Private supplementary tutoring phenomenon as a shadow education system in the Czech Republic
Šťastný, Vít ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee) ; Knecht, Petr (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the shadow education phenomenon, which has yet not been explored in the Czech context. In the international literature, the term shadow education entails various forms and types of paid private supplementary tutoring. The dissertation provides a diagnostic-analytical inquiry on taking paid private tutoring lessons and preparatory courses for university entrance examinations by students of upper-secondary schools in programmes concluded with maturita examination in Prague and Moravian-Silesian Region. Its objectives are: 1) to describe the chosen types of private supplementary tutoring at upper secondary level of education concluded with maturita examination (scale, subjects, intensity, organisational forms, providers etc.), 2) to analyse the contextual factors underlying the demand for these types of private supplementary tutoring. The research employed multi-phase mixed-method research design with priority given to quantitative data. Three research methods were used: 1) quantitative content analysis of the internet mediated notice board for private tutoring lessons, 2) the quantitative questionnaire survey research of randomly chosen students studying in academic and technical track upper-secondary schools in Prague and Moravian-Silesian Region (n=1265), 3)...
Interpersonal relationships in school communities
Singrová, Ivana ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Chvál, Martin (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
The aim of this work is to gather relevant information about interpersonal relationships in the teaching staff of selected secondary schools and to show how they are perceived, understood, experienced and reflected by their participants. The result of this work is to propose principles and recommendations leading to the optimization of relationships between teachers. This work, in the terms of qualitative research, used the design of case study. Research techniques are semistructured interview and participant observation. Through them, information was gathered on relationships between teachers, teachers and school management and teachers and other people, with whom they come into contact within the scope of their profession. These relationships were then qualitatively analyzed based on open coding, categorization, typology, contrasting, generalization and validation of communication. The result of the investigation was that six schools out of four have the interpersonal relationships on a good level, educators are happy at work and their good mood and feelings are transmitted to the whole school climate. That creates the conditions for excitable work with good results both in the work of teachers as well as pupils. On one school the relationships between teachers and school management and the...
University Exam as a Pedagogical Issue
Poórová, Edita ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Šebková, Helena (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with an examination in the context of student assessment in higher education. This process is researched in terms of the institutional frame of student assessment at universities and within a real educational process. We would like to point at the topicality of this theme in pedagogical theory, practice and research. Despite the fact that examination and assessment of students at university belongs to the duties of a university teacher this theme has neither been researched nor discussed in Slovakia a lot. The aim of our thesis was to find out how the university students are examined and assessed during a semester in Slovakia and what external factors influence this process. In our theoretical part we concentrate on important aspects of the university student assessment process as they are presented in literature. In the empirical part we describe the research which we have conducted at different faculties of three universities in Slovakia. By means of the qualitative research methods (document analysis, interview, observation) we have elaborated a multiple case study which brings an analysis of the assessment strategies of eight ESP teachers in different study programs. The results of our research show that studied university teachers act in the student assessment process very...
Mentoring as a tool to support the professional development of teachers and students of teaching
Velechovská, Michaela ; Spilková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Kasíková, Hana (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
Work explores the benefits of mentoring for the professional development of teachers and students of teaching. The aim is to contribute to discussions of mentoring in the Czech Republic. The theme of mentoring in our conditions is relatively new, so the work seeks to contribute to the theoretical grasp of the subject too. Research is conducted in qualitative approach using case study design. Case there is interaction between the mentor and mentee, where are defined other criteria for the selection of teachers in the role of mentor to the research sample. Used data collection methods are: questioning by interview via instruction manual, expert interviews and a questionnaire with open questions. Other methods are the video analysis, documents and focus groups. Obtained data were analyzed according to several theoretical frameworks according selected strategy seeking hits/congruence and these initial theoretical concepts were enriched with data from case analysis and compared with each other. The results show that the benefits are perceived more on mentee side and benefits are accentuated and focused on the development in the profession, mentee gain as hints, tips and advice based on experience and the development of their independent thinking within the teaching profession. The benefits for the...
Role of Pre-service Teachers Educators in Forming of Future Teachers Professional Competencies
Garabiková Pártlová, Margareta ; Urbánek, Petr (advisor) ; Lukášová, Hana (referee) ; Vališová, Alena (referee)
The dissertation deals with the educators of future teachers and their roles in shaping the professional competencies of pre-service teachers during undergraduate training. The theoretical basis of the work is grounded in the theory of undergraduate education, as well as the concepts of professional competences of teachers and professional competences of pre-service teachers educators and related concept of model role. The empirical part, using mixed methods research, consists of several substudies. The research sample consists of a group of novice teachers, pre-service teachers and educators of future teachers. From different perspectives represented by these groups, I tried to point out the facts, moments and influences that play an important role in gaining the teacher professional competencies during undergraduate training of pre-service teachers at Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia, for the purpose of improving the current system of undergraduate studies. From the quantitative research methods a questionnaire is used, which was distributed to a group of pre-service teachers and novice teachers and then statistically analyzed. The qualitative research methods are represented by a focus group and an open-ended questionnaire (the statements are encoded). The aim of the research is...
Rolle of the teacher in German all-day school
Čapková, Jana ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
PAVLÍKOVÁ, J. The Rolle of the teachen in German all-day school. Praha: Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, 2011. 198 pp. Doctoral Thesis. The doctoral thesis examines the role of the teacher in German all-day school, as a specific educational institution with many representative features. The theoretical part describes the context of the role of the teacher in the German all-day school. It is defined all-day school in Germany and described its characteristics. The doctoral thesis briefly outlines the history of all-day school in Germany as well as current history in each of the German lands. The theoretical part further defines social role, role of teachers and summarizes current knowledge on the profession of teacher in the German all-day school. The empirical part tackles the qusetion of the role of the teacher in the German all-day school, its characteristics and the context in which it takes place. The research is carried out qualitative strategies, using grounded theory. A concrete result of the research is grounded substantive theory of the role of teachers in the German all-day school. It is also compared with existing theories of the role of teachers. Keywords: role of teachers, German all-day school, grounded theory.
Specifics and development of professional competences of teachers of vocational training
Veleta, Richard ; Vašutová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Linhartová, Dana (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
There are nearly 8 000 teachers of vocational training in the Czech Republic. Their work dramatically influences the future of tens of thousand pupils preparing for specific occupation. These people are being non-formally called master / mistress; and in the past their profession was officially called master of vocational training, master of vocational education. Every graduate from secondary vocational school remembers one or two masters or mistresses who essentially influenced their life and attitude towards work, whether in the best or the worst sense. Despite this fact, we do not know much about teachers of vocational training yet. When we hear the word teacher, we usually think about representatives of other teacher subprofessions- basic school teacher, teacher of general subjects or teacher of vocational subjects. The work of teachers of vocational training seems to be hidden and we must add that these teachers do not dramatically increase the awareness of their work at all. Aim of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive view of the teacher of vocational training and to identify-on the basis of research the most important work activities or tasks of people performing this profession. Such comprehensive description is not available in the contemporary Czech pedagogical literature. The thesis...
Analysis of the practical training in the context of structuring of teacher education programs
Wernerová, Jana ; Urbánek, Petr (advisor) ; Vašutová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Píšová, Michaela (referee)
Analysis of the practical training in the context of structuring of teacher education programs Abstract The dissertation focuses on the issue of preparatory education of the teachers with emphasis on the structuring effects of teacher education programs and practical training. Its aim is to analyse and compare the concepts, parameters, processes and effects of teaching practise models that result from unstructured and structured learning program of the teacher training for lower secondary schools, in the context of the vocational development of the students of teaching. By means of the analysis of the current state of the practical preparations was to contribute to the discussion of issues concerning preparatory teacher training. It offers starting points of the current teacher education, characterizes parallel and subsequent models of the teacher preparation and the resulting implications for teaching practice. Furthermore, initial teacher education in the context of the countries of the European and its trends, historical insight into the teacher training in the Czech Republic. The main experimental methods were comparative content analysis of curricula, questionnaire surveys and vigorous discussions. The thesis compares the selected components of structured teacher education programs for lower secondary...

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