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Substitution trends in apatites of Cenozoic igneous rocks of the Czech Republic
Mészárosová, Noemi ; Skála, Roman (advisor) ; Ulrych, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on studying crystal chemistry of apatites of the Cenozoic igneous rocks of the Czech Republic. The main goal of this thesis is to determine the substitution trends in 23 samples of apatites from selected volcanic rocks of České středohoří Mts., Doupovské hory Mts. and the Labe Tectono-volcanic Zone. It was found that contents of REE (Ce, La, Bd, Sm, as well as Y) and Si correlate mutually. In addition to that this group of elements displays the inverse correlation with Ca and P. These observations confirm the coupled substitution of REE, Y and Si. The second part deals with refinement of crystal structures of studied apatites. The crystal structure of selected samples was refined by Rietveld method. All samples displayed different peak shapes for 00l reflections compared to other reflections. It can be assumed that the change of the shape parameters was caused by different size of crystallites in this direction. During the refinement it was found that the samples A7 and A10 contain two different apatites displaying very similar crystal lattice parameters. In the sample A7 this fact is caused by chemical zoning, in particular, by different concentrations of Ce and La.
Crystal chemistry of pyralspite garnets
Soumar, Jan ; Skála, Roman (advisor) ; Ulrych, Jaromír (referee)
Bohemian garnets have been known as a jewellery stone for many centuries. There is still a lot of interest in them, however, the reserves in traditional locations are getting smaller. That is why search for alternative source of similar garnets in gem quality started. Shavaryn Tsaram deposit in Mongolia is considered as one of the potential sources. Pyrope samples from eight Bohemian localities of two areas (České středohoří [The Central Bohemian Uplands] and Podkrkonoší [The Giant Mountains]) and from Shavaryn Tsaram deposit in Mongolia were analysed using electron microprobe, LA-ICP-MS, ICP-OES, Mössbauer spectroscopy and x-ray powder diffraction. The data were compared with the conclusion that the Mongolian garnets from Shavaryn Tsaram deposit are so different from the Bohemian ones that it will not be possible to use them as a gem material of similar qualities. Bohemian garnet can be characterised as a red garnet with refraction index 1.747 (+/- 0.001) with dominant pyrope component of the average composition Py78Alm17Gr5 and Cr2O3 content above 1 wt.%. The data were also evaluated from two classification schemes point of view. The schemes by Schulze (2003) and Grütter (2004) are used in determining source materials and in diamond prospection. According to them source rocks of Bohemian garnets...
Picritic rocks of the České Střredohoří Mts.
Šnellerová, Zuzana ; Jelínek, Emil (advisor) ; Ulrych, Jaromír (referee)
The first part of the thesis represents a summary of background knowledge about the geology of the České středohoří Mnt. In the second part, picritic rocks were investigated in detail. General aspects of the chemical and mineralogical compositions of this rock type and classification of picrites are discussed. In addition, macro and microscopic characteristics of rocks are included. The results of macroscopic and microscopic investigations indicate that the studied subvulcanic rocks from the České středohoří Mnt. can be characterised as picritic. However, chemical analyses of the rocks did not confirm this conclusion. Only the samples S-39 and S-40 can be disignated as picrites. Although the other samples show similar mineralogical composition, they need to be classified as basic subvulcanites of picritic type due to higher alkali content.
Crystal chemistry of micas from České středohoří
Goll, Jan ; Skála, Roman (advisor) ; Ulrych, Jaromír (referee)
Six methods have been used to study micas from České středohoří mts.: X-ray difractometry (transmission and reflection), ICP MS, electron microprobe, Mössbauer spectroscopy and termogravimetry. The measurements of trace elements and REE's revealed very low tendency by normalization on chondrite reservoir and primitive mantle. Micas show high contents of TiO2 (9,47 wt.%) and BaO (up to 2,1 wt.%) in separated grains from rock. The micas classifications were determined by Tischendorf (2007) and Rieder (1998) as Fe-phlogopites. X-ray powder diffraction revealed cell dimensions and a common polytype 1M with space group C2/m. By Mössbauer spectroscopy have been studied the rates of Fe2+ /Fe3+ and they were 1,08 - 1,86 (except rock sample, which were 9:1). Termogravimetrical measurement until 1450řC revealed weight jump from 1120řC to 1270řC.
Crystal chemistry of pyroxenes and amphiboles from the České středohoří
Kallistová, Anna ; Skála, Roman (advisor) ; Ulrych, Jaromír (referee)
Contents of major, minor and trace elements in clinopyroxenes and clinoamphiboles of basanites, volcanoclastics, essexites, sodalitic syenites, and monzodiorites of the České středohoří Mts. has been determined using an electrone microprobe and LA-ICP-MS techniques. Composition of clinopyroxenes corresponds to either diopside or augite and clinoamphiboles can be classified as kaersutite or pargasite. Some pyroxenes display pronounced sector zoning showing increased contents of Mg and Si in pyramidal sectors whereas prismatic sectors show Fe, Ti and Al enrichment. Chemical composition of both sectors corresponds to diopside. Growth zoning has been found in the samples from basanites and volcanoclastics. Grain cores display the chemistry of augite and towards the rim the chemical composition changes to diopside. Samples have also been analyzed by powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. Samples of pyroxenes appear to be either pure or they contain negligible admixtures of phlogopite. Samples of amphiboles are also either without any admixtures or they show contamination by low amounts of diopside or augite, or phlogopite may rarely be encountered. Mutual relationship between the size of the unit cell parameters b and and substitutions in M1,2,3 and A sites has been observed. Longer mean T-O...
Stop Fri/3:Dětaň
Mikuláš, Radek ; Fejfar, O. ; Žigová, Anna ; Kadlecová, Eva ; Ulrych, Jaromír
The locality Dětaň provides, in contrast to other occurences along the southern margin of Doupov Mts. a diverse geologic mainly in subaerial context.

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