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Art by all senses
Charvát, Jan ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the use of our senses in art education. The theoretical part of the thesis clarifies concepts of "pedagogical constructivism, personality approach in the teaching of art education, creation as self-knowledge, sensory education", opens the question of experience as a starting point for art activities for contemporary pupils at the time of digital technologies. Our senses that come out of us are inseparable and ubiquitous, therefore they interfer with the various other components of our lives. So that's why the work tried to cover the senses to a wider extent of our conduct. Sometimes the theoretical part ranged from the chosen trajectory, but it was only because of the strong feelings of necessity to think about the question of human culture or at least to mention the anchoring of our education in history. This section also focuses on the psychological side of sensory sensitivity education. The five elaborated tasks in the didactic part bring a look into art lessons which characteristic features are experience, imagination, free decision and easiness, which originates from true sincerity and truthfulness towards oneself. The main inspirational component is sensory sensitivity. At the conclusion of the didactic part there is a summary of all reflective dialogues and...
Collage and its development peripeties with in connection to nontraditional means of expression and artistic techniques
Marxová, Lenka ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the development and transformation of a collage which overlaps to non-traditional expression means and art techniques. The theoretical part deals with the change of a collage and its peripetials. It presents reflections on what still can be considered a collage, not only in terms of techniques with collages closely related (eg, assemblages, de-collage), but mainly in terms of the individual principles that allow to grasp collage as a concept and to observe it in various domains. The issue of a collage, examined in the theoretical part, is transformed into a thematic serie, which is presented in the form of didactic structures that were implemented in school practice and reflected by the teachers. The artistic part depicts an author's project using one of the presented collage principles - joining of individual components into the resulting whole. The project, among other things, deals with the question of whether it is possible to construct an identity of a certain place using visual records of different participants separate pages of the book. Key words: collage, assemblage, de-collage, montage, crumple technique, technique of stratification, cumulation, art object, installation, concept, body art, digital collage, net art, art education
German conception of artistic education in theory and practice
Kroutil, Jan ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis seeks above all to introduce the German concept of artistic education into the context of the Czech art education and to compare it with some of the didactical tendencies within this field. Based on the analysis of German and English publications, firstly the pivotal theoretical influences of the concept are introduced, and then its specifics, educational methods and goals are described. The theoretical section is concluded by examples of practical approaches using the described concept in the field of German school praxis. The empirical-practical section, that is based on the author's personal experiences gained during Erasmus studies in Germany (Karlsruhe, University of Education, Institute of Art), introduces how the concept is being applied during the training of university students, in particular on the level of the artistic and pedagogical praxis. This section also contains a reflection of the concept of artistic education's influence on the author's own artistic work. The second section concludes by analysing two student projects in a German school, applying the methods of artistic education, and outlines how these projects could be improved. At the end of the thesis the results of the theoretical, empirical and practical sections are summarized and evaluated. Questions...
Humour in Art Education
Plíhalová, Monika ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (advisor) ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (referee)
Master's thesis is devoted to the topic of humor in art education. The aim of the thesis is to define the basic theoretical humor in the theoretical part of the work, plus accompany the humor theme with fine arts to highlight the place of humor in education. The aim of the empirical part is to characterize own artwork using humor, describe the series of realized artworks with humorous themes, especially mapping humor in art education. In master's thesis the theoretical basis of humor is outlined at a general level, in conjunction with visual arts and pedagogy. Own work with humorous elements constitutes an author's book. It contains thematic series of art tasks with humorous themes and their reflection. The main focus of the thesis lies in a qualitative research study of manifestations of humor in art education based on direct observation of lessons in art education. To analyze data, the Mayring's Qualitative Content Analysis is used. As the main aim of the research was determined to map the utilization and character of humor in teaching with three art teachers. Within the interpretation of research findings on the sample, the concept of humor in lessons with various art teachers was differentiated. There were also several areas defined, in which the humorous expressions for teaching are linked....
Exhibit space
Marxová, Lenka ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis extends the theme of bachelor thesis, in which alternative site specific exhibition spaces, called "independent galleries", in the Czech Republic were observed and described in terms of motivation and the reasons for their establishment. The diploma thesis focuses on the study of specific mainly alternative exhibition possibilities of contemporary art and on a description of the contemporary phenomenon of exhibition space abroad regarding the Czech context. These findings are developing into its own site-specific art activity in public space, which is then transformed in educational structure and implemented with the students of a selected high school in Prague in public spaces around the school. The educational part of the thesis is complemented by a qualitative research, which helped to capture mediation specifics of the topic in the educational process.
Psyche et soma. Art as health promotion
Sojková, Irena ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (advisor) ; Fišerová, Zuzana (referee)
Sojková, I.: Psyche et soma. Art as health promotion. [Master's Thesis] Prague 2016 - Charles University, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department, 67 pages. This Master's Thesis explores opportunities to improve various aspects of health, as defined by the World Health Organization, through art. The research is backed up by appropriate sources from philosophy, physiology, pedagogy, and psychology. The art tasks and activities which make up the research portion of this thesis are also based on these sources. My own artwork as well as that of several contemporary artists serve as another source for the didactic direction. KEY WORDS body, health, individuality, selfreflection, artephiletics, expression game, experience, school and extracurricular enviroment.
Professional vision of Teachers in Art Education
Ochová, Daniela ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
The diploma thesis will deal with the professional vision of teachers as one of the actual concepts of didactics, given to art education. It is based on the knowledge that professional's thinking does not take place only in terms but also through images. It will deal with vocational vision in connection with professional knowledge and action in close relation to the teaching reflection. In the research part the student will participate in the analysis of concrete art lesson recorded by video study method. She will study and compare the comments of student teachers at the observational concepts and sub-processes. In the practical part student will create and carry out own art project that will respond to selected categories of the observed video study. She will apply it to the skills of primary school pupils. She will reflects in detail implemented project in relation to the analyzed concepts. Keywords reflection, art education, didactics of art education, discourse, teacher, student, teacher learning, Professional development, professional vision, teacher knowledge, video cases, analysis, concept
Story - saint and saint
Štěrbová, Terezie ; Kornatovský, Jiří (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
SHRNUTÍ / ABSTRAKT/ ZÁVĚR Během psaní této bakalářské práce jsem se pokusila popsat obsahovost a význam světců a světic v jejich obecném teoretickém a společenském chápání. Především mne zaujala společenská úloha světců a světic, jakožto patronů v rámci lidové zbožnosti a zvyklostí. S vybranými světci jsem se pokusila netradičním způsobem propojit místa v krajině, ve které jsou právě oni uctívání a jsou mocnými ochránci těchto posvěcených míst. Tato specifická místa jsem vybírala ve své rodné krajině Beskyd. Krajina této oblasti a mnou vybraná posvátná místa, mne silně inspirovaly nejen v mé výtvarné realizaci, ale také v plánování pedagogických úkolů pro děti ve věkovém rozmezí 6-10 let. Posvátná místa, mající svého patrona, ukryta i v těch nejhlubších lesích nebo označující bod, ve kterém se křižují dvě polní cesty, budou vždy důležitým prvkem pro naši společnost. Člověk věřící nebo ne, vždy bude cítit něco nepopsatelného z těchto míst. Bude si říkat, že daný patron zde drží svou ochranou ruku, nebo bude věřit v magickou sílu ukrytou v přírodě z předkřesťanských dob. Stále však tato místa v sobě ponesou příběhy a legendy svatých. A nejen ty. Skrze tato místa se budou stále vanout příběhy lidí, jako podzimní chladný vánek, který vdechuje krajině posvátnou energii. Posvátná místa, která jsou zasvěcená už...

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