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Purity and Danger: A View to Maintanance of the Ritual Purity in the Contemporary Roma Household
Kadeřávková, Iva ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis: "Purity and Danger: The Perspective of Compliance with Ritual Purity in the Contemporary Roma House" deals with the boundary definitions of Roma groups and identities. This examination takes place via the narration of the Roma themselves and by observing the ritual practices in Roma households. The main tool that the Roma use in determining their group boundaries is the concept of cleanliness and impurity. It appears both in their narratives and in their ritual practice. This thesis describes the definition of a specific group of Roma women against many other groups of Roma and against the majority society. By doing so, we can examine their values, and the importance of the concept of purity in their lives and at the same time where their concept of purity comes from and how they work with it every day. Furthermore, it describes the environment, habits and clothes worn by women and their children, their hobbies and the way of their everyday life. Another important topic emerging at work is what roles men and women have in their group, and how the duties, or the spaces associated with their daily lives, are shared between the sexes. In conclusion, the thesis also answers the questions of what role the concept of purity plays in the life of particular studied families, how this...
Counter identification processes among the third-fourth generation of immigrants in France. The case of Marseille and its Arabic community
la Forgia, Enrico Maria ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Bhardwaj, Shreya (referee)
The importance of the thesis derived from the perspective offered: issues concerning immigration and integration often have been dealt with approaches which stress the conflictuality between faiths and cultures, or unload on the immigrant, meant as individual, the burden of a failed or successful "integration". ​In countries such as France, where concepts such as integration and assimilation continue to engage in the public debate even though they are dealing with the third and fourth generation of immigrants, the fallacy of these approaches is relevantly shared among scholars. Hence, my choice to highlight the negative inputs entered by the State/society, and perceived as threat and discrimination by the French with Arab origins, is justified by the need for a different approach. In fact, among the final results of the thesis, appears the trend (more or less extended among the young "Beurs") of re-establishing their identity on ethnicity and religion rather than their French nationality, since not always perceived by peers and institutions/authorities as pure French.
Messengers of the Light: Angelic Spirituality in Czech Context
Tesárek, Jan ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis addresses non-traditional angelic spirituality experienced outside of traditional churches. This spirituality is specific for its everyday communication and contact with angelic beings. The present research examines contemporary angelic spirituality using a lens of relational ontology and semiotic analysis, focusing on how recurrent communication acts allow the emergence of specific subjectivities and identifies the main processes behind this phenomenon - recognition, interpretation and reaction. Research documents specific techniques allowing the formation of angelic subjectivities and redefinition of human subjectivities; prayer, reading cards, guided meditation, different types of clairvoyance and interpretation of signs. Deliberately using these techniques leads to re/definition of subjectivity of a practitioner (through clairvoyant insights into the past lives) and transforms him into human/incarnated soul. These communication acts further form a subjectivity of deceased souls, with which practitioners of angelic spirituality are often in contact, together with the subjectivity of dark beings, which cannot interact with a person without invitation it first and a subjectivity of angelic beings, which are defined by their unconditional support of their charges. Emergent "ecology of...
Palmovka: A Rupture in the Urban Structure
Platil, David ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the landscape, specifically the urban landscape of Prague's Palmovka and its various dimensions. In a social anthropological and culturally geographical discourse, the landscape is a complex, multidimensional and multi-layered concept that opens up interesting research questions and imaginations. In this discourse, the landscape is not only a summary of the material aspects of the natural environment around us, but it is also a field of political negotiations, power tensions, experiences, representations and generally interactions between itself and man. From this point of view, the author explores the landscape of Palmovka, which is itself a multi-layered and complex in a view of the diversity of urban structures, historical memos, unrealized visions of development and long-term search for unified concept by various actors during political negotiations that would give this inner city landscape a face. This negotiation is also related to observable processes changing both the physical and social dimension of Palmovka based on efforts to regenerate the area. These processes also include the gentrification which means the migration of young and mostly university-educated people to the older parts of the inner city. Therefore, mainly on the basis of field...
Constructions of Memory: Post-Holocaust Memoir Literature in the Czech Discursive Space
Novotná, Hedvika ; Salner, Peter (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vrzgulová, Monika (referee)
Constructions of Memory: Post-Holocaust Memoir Literature in the Czech Discursive Space Mgr. Hedvika Novotná Abstract Using the paradigm of social constructivism, the dissertation investigates the negotiation of the past within the dynamics of communicative and cultural memory. It focuses on the discursive space of the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, following selected discursive frames, in which the Jewish past is constructed in the Czech discursive space. Since its research focus is an autobiographical literature of Czech post- holocaust Jewish authors as well as the Czech academic field that deals with the Jewish past, the dissertation consists of several intermingling narratives. It analyses the nature of post-holocaust autobiographies, and how they capture the period of the First and Second Republics, the post-war period, the political trials of the 1950s, and the so-called normalization period. The narratives of the past emerging from these memoirs are theorized from the perspective of memory studies, and related to the processes of formation of Jewish studies, and to the discourses about the Jewish past in the Czech space. In this regard, the dissertation discusses the following theoretical concepts and issues present in the Czech academic discourse, and related to...
Creative Economy and its Reflection in Public Policies in Slovakia
Zlatá, Denisa ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Zelenka, Miloš (referee) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
The dissertation is an attempt to culturologically view the development of cultural policy in the context of the knowledge society and the related socio-economic processes of the knowledge and creative economy that are part of the new economy. The new economy is a term that encompasses specific types of economies whose common denominator is a combination of a new form of organization and decision-making processes of economic subjects with links to technological and non-technological innovation as well as the development of human resources. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the development of cultural and creative industries concepts and their application to cultural policy and other related public policies. At the same time, the aim of this work is a case study on the current situation in the development of the concepts of cultural and creative industries in relation to the analyzed concepts and their reflection in public policies in Slovakia.
Active and Autonomous Approach to Health Care, Seeking an Ideal Insured
Macháček, Vít ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
The author of the thesis formulates theoretical starting points, which draws attention to the problems of the health care system. It emphasizes the role of the individual and describes the mechanism by which it is possible to naturally and freely intervene in the health insurance system. A key role in this mechanism is provided by health insurers, which have the potential to moderate the relationship of the insured with the health system. The health insurer can do so by segmenting their insured and product orientation. The construction of the "ideal insured" should contribute to the this segmentation. The construction is based on the active and autonomous approach of the insured, these qualities are highly valued in the theory presented and it is assumed that this approach is desirable in terms of prevention. The author has created a tool to measure this construct. The tool is in the form of a questionnaire that is systematicaly reduced to include as few items as possible so it can be easily used in practice. Practical usability is the primary goal of creating this instrument to measure "ideal insured".
From a Factory to the Business Park: Socio-spatial Change of Karlin
Úlehlová, Marie ; Vašát, Petr (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
The thesis deals with the socio-spatial transformation of the Prague district Karlin. This post- socialist and post-industrial developing dynamic district has changed its character in the recent decades. I follow on from the post-socialist theories that perceive the city of the so- called hybrid perspectives. These theories reveal it as a whole and take into account the everyday experience of the changing city. I describe these experiences of the inhabitants and visitors of Karlin with the concepts of social production and social construction, which combine the macroanalysis of social, economic and political influences and the microanalysis of individual living experience. I work on the assumption at the same time that the socio- spatial change manifests itself in the everyday activities of people and their rhythmicity which is the result of social construction and the production of urban space. The aim of the thesis is to describe the socio-spatial change through the example of Karlin Square with the analysis of rhythmicity. I use several qualitative methods of urban studies. In particular, I use the following methods: semi-structured interviews with mental mapping, participating observations and diaries
Ethnicity and entrepreneurship: Social relations in Turkish restaurants in Prague
Hora, Matěj ; Grygar, Jakub (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
Matěj Hora Stránka 1 z 3 Abstrakt: Práce přispívá do současného stavu poznání na poli výzkumu etnického podnikání a etnických restaurací. Pomocí etnografického přístupu a kombinace terénního výzkumu a opakovaných rozhovorů tato práce blíže zkoumá turecké kuchaře v pražských restauracích. Přesto, že turecká menšina není v České republice početná, restaurací nabízejících turecká jídla je zde mnoho. Nejprve je tedy analyzován prostor, ve kterém se výzkumník pohybuje, poté je rozdělen na dva hlavní typy restauračních zařízení. Hlavní identifikovaní aktéři jsou zasazeni do v sítě vztahů a tyto vztahy s tureckými kuchaři jsou následně interpretovány. Těchto významných vztahů je v práci identifikováno celkem šest. Vztahy s tureckými dodavateli, s rodinou a tureckými zákazníky, jsou označeny jako vztahy intraetnické. Vztahy s ostatními dodavateli, českými zákazníky, netureckými muslimskými zákazníky a ostatními prodejci, jsou potom označeny jako vztahy interetnické. Zachycené vztahy jsou vzájemně propojeny pomocí jídla a procesů s ním spojených. Pomocí důvěrně známých chutí, receptů a ingrediencí se kuchaři vztahují k domovu a skrze jejich nabídku, a to zejména domácími jídly, se prezentují českým zákazníkům. Prostřednictvím jídla nabízeného českým zákazníkům vnímají Čechy jako konzervativní,...
The influence of social remittances on the development of Moldova - a case study of Moldovan workers in Czechia
Košař, Miroslav ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
International migration has a major impact on the economy of Moldova and its inhabitants. Nevertheless, it belongs to the poorest countries in Europe and its every third economically active inhabitant of this post-Soviet country is working abroad. These migrants send financial remittances, which consist of a part of their income or material goods to their families from target countries including Czechia. The theoretical background of this thesis is the type of remittances, namely the concept of social remittances, which in contrary to financial remittances draws attention to non-financial transfers - ideas, behaviours, identities and social capital flowing from receiving to source country communities. The concept was based on observation of development potential and impacts within the migration-development nexus paradigm. The basic qualitative research in this work examines the concept of social remittances within example of research Moldovan migrants working in Czechia with semi-structured deep interviews. Acquired authentic responses of the informants were processed by inductive analysis of qualitative data. The results have shown the existence of the potential for receiving social remittances by migrants and their transfer to Moldova due to ongoing circular migration. However, neither potential...

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