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Gender analysis of non-governmental organizations focusing on newcomers
Michálková, Eva ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
Diploma thesis analyses non-governmental organizations which provide social and other services to newcomers (people with the experience of migration), it focuses mainly on those projects and activities intended for women or equal opportunities. Main part of the thesis is qualitative research based on in-depth thematic interviews and content analysis of relevant documents. The thesis aims to find out how the category of gender is defined, filled and accentuated especially in mentioned projects as well as in the activities of social workers and other workersof these non-governmental organizations. Regardingthat thesisalsoexamines how are the newcomers constructed and how are they represented by (interviewed) non- governmental organizations and by social workers. Thesis also examines if (and if yes then how) are the power relations manifested in the social worker-client relationship. Key words: non-governmental organization, non-governmental sector, migration, integration, social work, gender, feminist research, post-colonial feminist analysis
Migrant women as active citizens
Jenková, Pavla ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
Diploma thesis tries to offer a new insight into migration and integration of migrant women living in Czech Republic by means of life-story telling of ten such women. By using this approach the author tries to deconstruct stereotypical understanding of migration as a threat or a security hazard for the accepting society, on the contrary she tries to picture migrant women and their life-stories as tales of people who consider Czech Republic their second home and who actively participate on its development. Citizenship is understood as a membership in society of which migrant women are also legitimate and active members. The thesis should contribute to building positive attitude towards migrant women in general and it also offers recommendations for the public as well as integration policy creators as to how migrant women can be reflected in context of migration.
Though mothers versus nannies: media presentation of institution of domestic workers in Czech Republic
Brabcová, Eva ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
Absract This master thesis deals with an analysis of media discourse of domestic workers in the Czech Republic. The work was based on discourse analysis of media articles generated by Anopress, which is a professional supplier of media monitoring. Through analyzing the way how media portrays institution of domestic workers, the paper tries to point out the media discourse that produces an image of domestic workers as an attractive products and organization of domestic work as a mediator for balancing public and private lives of women. Through concepts of feminist research I am going to try to prove that the media discourse is based on essentialist and discriminatory practices that have a major impact on shaping the image of institution of domestic workers and actors who are connected with this institution. Since this is a media production of information's construction thus it has a significant influence on the conceptualization of institutions of domestic workers in public sphere. Keywords: rental housework, domestic workers, media discourse, discourse analysis
Feminist Reconstruction of a Critical Concept of Care Emancipation of Women and Global Justice
Uhde, Zuzana ; Šubrt, Jiří (advisor) ; Šmausová, Gerlinda (referee) ; Szapuová, Mariana (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta, katedra sociologie Feministická rekonstrukce kritického konceptu péče Emancipace žen a globální spravedlnost Zuzana U h d e Abstrakt disertační práce Autorka v disertační práci prezentuje feministickou rekonstrukci konceptu péče ve světle globalizačních procesů a proměn pozdně moderních společností. Metodologicky práce vychází z metod současné kritické teorie společnosti. Termín re-konstrukce odkazuje na interpretaci, v níž se autorka na společenskou formu péče dívá z hlediska sociálně zneuznaných aktérek globalizačních procesů. Autorka nejprve předkládá rozbor přístupů a východisek teoretiček, které reprezentují hlavní orientace feministické teorie péče, přičemž se zaměřuje především na přístupy, jež překonávají paradigma práce. Konkrétně po náčrtu historických východisek feministické teorie péče v existencialismu a marxismu se zaměřuje na feministickou etiku péče Joan Tronto a Virginie Held a kritickou teorii péče Iris M. Young. Poté přistupuje k hlavní analýze disertační práce, v níž autorka kriticky analyzuje a vysvětluje společenskou formu péče v západní pozdně moderní společnosti. Současné tendence obecně charakterizuje jako proces deformované emancipace. Tuto diagnózu podrobně rozpracovává prostřednictvím kritického rozboru konkrétních procesů v podobě...
Care placement agencies: professionalization of care in expert systems
Souralová, Adéla ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
During last couple of decades, the paid child care has become one of the central issues of feminist research. The agencies mediating child care are relatively the new actor in child care arrangements in the Czech Republic. This MA thesis argues that they not only fill the gap in the market by offering a child care. Above all, far from providing the simple supply that reacts to the demand on the market, the agencies create the demand for specific care. Drawing upon qualitative research conducted with owners of these agencies, the text looks into the ways how the child care is constructed. The analysis consists of two parts. In the first one the agencies are understood as expert systems generating specific trust. In the second part, the issues of qualified, specialized, and professionalized care are discussed. The thesis aims at showing that child care in the agencies is deconstructed as a natural female activity and is reconstructed as a gendered activity requiring particular skills that are submitted to professional screening.
Women in Local Politics: The Reflection of Master Suppression Techniques
Adamusová, Marcela ; Havelková, Hana (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
Women in Local Politics: The Reflection of Master Suppression Techniques The causes of the low political participation of women in the Czech local politics have to be viewed as a complex and interdisciplinary problem. This thesis sums up basic findings about the political participation of women on local level as well as the newest data and examples from the Czech context. Special attention is paid to specific gender barriers faced by local politicians during their public agency. The theory of master suppression techniques by Norwegian social psychologict Berit Ås forms the base of the thesis and is interpreted through Nancy Fraser's and Iris Marion Young's concepts. The theory of master suppression techniques is further examined in the Czech context and confronted with the experience of local female politicians. The particular aim of the thesis is to outline the actual strategies used by local female politicians to cope with gender specific barriers. Keywords: women, local politics, barriers, master suppression techniques, making invisible, ridiculing, withholding information, damned if you do and damned if you don't, heaping blame and putting to shame
The Interpreters of Emotions: Transgenerational Gender Strategies of Mothers and Daughters in the Setting of Vietnamese Families in the Czech Republic
Vrbková, Tereza ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
Contemporary anthropological research looks at the heterogeneous composition of the Vietnamese minority in the Czech Republic and observes different ways of integration of the various generations of Vietnamese migrants (Martínková, 2008). Contrary to the 1st generation, the children are intensely confronted by Czech culture and society, which leads to different negotiating strategies. This contributes to cultural dualism, especially in the case of children forming identities which differentiate them from their parents (Kušniráková Tran Vu, Plačková, 2013; Vasiljev, 1999). The acculturation gap between children and parents can lead to a transgenerational conflict (Janská, Průšvicová, Čermák, 2011). Gender relationships and roles within the family are the key aspect of contemporary changes (George, 2005, Erel, 2009). Through the perspective and analytical category of gender this ethnographic research studies how Vietnamese mothers and their daughters negotiate mutual transgenerational relationships. The research focuses on the narrative understanding of maternal practices of bringing up children that are used by Vietnamese mothers to control the agency of their daughters, their gender roles, sexuality and morality, while also looking at how they attempt to build a sense of belonging. It turns out...
Zpráva o aktivitách a politických požadavcích ženských organizací a dalších genderově, či na minority zaměřených organizací týkajících se péče, zejména péče o děti v České republice po druhé světové válce
Uhde, Zuzana ; Dudová, Radka ; Pulkrábková, K. ; Soudková, Š.
The report provides an overview of the activities and political claims of women’s organizations and other gender-based or minority-oriented NGOs and groups with regard to childcare in the Czech Republic since the Second World War. For historical reasons the trajectory of women’s organizing in the Czech Republic differ from the one common in Western democratic countries and also there is not a sufficient amount of research sources on women’s and minority organizing for the entire researched period. Therefore, the authors included not only the research review but also some preliminary results of their original research. Minoritized groups of women (Roma women, women-migrants) especially are excluded from the public discourse and claim-making on childcare and it was essential to conduct field research to identify problematic issues or implicit demands regarding childcare in these groups.

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