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Vortex breakdown
Lunda, Filip ; Rudolf, Pavel (referee) ; Urban, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the vortex breakdown phenomenon. The first part focuses on a description of the vortex breakdown and its own characteristics. The next part deals with the theoretical description. After that, an enumaration of experimental devices used for observation of vortex breakdown follows. The last chapter contains information about control of this phenomenon.
Computer graphics flow visualization methods
Častulíková, Veronika ; Štefan, David (referee) ; Urban, Ondřej (advisor)
Flow visualization is one of the important topics in the scientific visualization, which is a subject of ongoing research. Data obtained by numerical simulations are further analysed to gain a better understanding of fluid flow. With the rapid development of computational simulations, demand for more advanced visualization methods has grown. Basic overview and a detailed description of the fluid flow visualization techniques is introduced in the bachelor thesis. Afterwards, the techniques are applied on data obtained by CFD simulation of a vortex rope in the draft tube swirl generator.
CFD simulation of vortex structure in the Francis turbine draft tube at part load operating point - comparison with measurements
Neděla, Jiří ; Urban, Ondřej (referee) ; Štefan, David (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with simulation of vortex structure which is created in the draft tube of Francis turbine, at part load flow conditions. The main objective is to get the most accurate results from the calculations, using the student license of Ansys Fluent 19.1. The results from the calculations are compared with the experiment under the Francis-99 project. Mainlly in terms of dynamic properties of vortex rope – aplitude and frequency of pressure pulsations. Additionaly the time-averaged velocity profiles are compared. I used the test-case provided by NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology under the Francis-99 workshop series.
Fading - reverbation - muting of Percussion
Doležal, Radek ; MIKOLÁŠEK, Daniel (advisor) ; URBAN, Ondřej (referee)
One of the specific attributes of percussion instruments is their fading. Because of that, we have to mute them and work with their sound. There are lot ́s of kinds of drums. That ́s why there are also many muting techniques. If you want to interpret a song properly, you have to know how to mute with the right technique. Getting in touch with this issue can help us in certain point to affect lasting of reverbation and we can learn how to work with the instrument in different acoustical situationts. The choice of instruments I made is given by their different characteristic from the view of the discussed issue. In the same time I ́m writting about instrument ́s that I use in my musical profession. A little more attention I put to timpani. I ́m writing about their historical evolution in connection with the changing of their fading and muting.
Ventilation of sports hall
Urban, Ondřej ; Blasinski, Petr (referee) ; Uher, Pavel (advisor)
The master thesis deals with flow modeling in the CFD program. By means of which the opti-mal version of the air distribution diffuser in the sports hall will be selected. The first variant will bring fresh air through textile diffusers. The second variant will bring fresh air through flooded large circular diffusers. The tested parameter of the indoor environment will be the flow velocity and the age of the air. The better-performing version will be processed as an implementation documentation.
Introduction to the signal processing in broadcasting chain
Beneš, Filip ; ZIKMUND, Tomáš (advisor) ; URBAN, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis deals with the processing of audio signal for radio and television broadcasting with emphasis on dynamics processing of music audio signal in radio broadcast chain. It deals with the question of modifying in the musical content and also the art work of the sound engineer. The basic dynamics processing, the principle of how the transmission chain works and as a special part the analysis of parts of the broadcasting processor are described here. The thesis offers an insight into individual parts of the processor including a warning about the possibility of their negative influence on the content. The thesis includes the world’s most widespread and in Czech Republic available audio broadcasting platforms. It is accompanied by an illustrative experiment with that compares a music recording before and after both analog and digital broadcasting chain passage pointing out its basic influences.
The legal nature of a trust (legal and comparative analysis)
Urban, Ondřej ; Beran, Karel (advisor) ; Ondřejek, Pavel (referee)
59 ENGLISH ABSTRACT The purpose of this thesis is an interpretation of English trust law, including historical context and comparative application of the acquired knowledge on the Czech legal institute of "svěřenský fond". A critical assessment of the legal regulations governing "svěřenský fond" is followed by theoretical consideration of its legal nature. The work, except the introduction and conclusion, is divided into four main chapters, with the first chapter dealing with the historical roots of the trust. The reader will become familiar with the Roman fideicomissum, the English legal institute called "use" and its influence on the emergence of the law of equity. She will also learn how use turned into trust and what the economic reasons for such a change were. The second part defines the English trust, describes it and clarifies the three main conditions for its creation under applicable law - the three certainties. Further, it will explain who the settlor, trustee and beneficiary are, along with their rights and obligations. It also focuses on the three main types of trusts. Express trusts, created by an act of the settlor and the resulting and constructive trusts, which are created by decision of the courts. The third chapter concerns itself with the "svěřenský fond", as stipulated by the Czech Civil...
Analog Modular Synthesizer
Klecl, Martin ; Urban, Ondřej (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis explores the topic of analog modular synthesizers and the circuit designs used in these devices. The introduction of the theoretical part deals with the basic terminology of modular synthesizers and their history and classification. The thesis also presents and characterizes the methods of producing sound focusing on additive, subtractive and modulation synthesis. From the fundamental components of a subtractive synthesizer, the thesis describes a voltage controlled filter, voltage controlled oscillator, low frequency oscillator and voltage controlled amplifier. The practical part of the thesis concerns design and construction of these components into a single universal Eurorack format module. The results of the thesis comprise measurements of the parameters of each of the basic blocks of the synthesizer module.
Reduced order model of swirling flow
Urban, Ondřej ; Pochylý, František (referee) ; Rudolf, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the formulation and application of reduced order models based on extraction of dominant structures from a system utilizing the method of proper orthogonal decomposition. Time evolution of computed modes is described by a system of ordinary differential equations, which is gained by means of Galerkin projection of these modes onto the Navier-Stokes equations. This methodology was applied on two test cases Kármán vortex street and vortex rope. In both cases, a CFD simulation of one refference point was carried out and by utilizing gained modes, the corresponding reduced order models were formulated. Their results were assessed by comparing to the refference simulation.
Granular synthesis and its application
Sklenář, André ; URBAN, Ondřej (advisor) ; GUŠTAR, Milan (referee)
This work amis to describe the principles behind granular synthesis, its development history and individual aspects of a granular synthesizer. It aims to familiarize a musician, composer or sound engineer with its details and consolidate the knowledge of a technically knowledgeable music technology user or developer. The work expects the reader to have a basic knowledge of sound physics and its digital representation, aswell as theoretical knowledge of software analysis. The work is divided into two parts. The first part addresses the theoretical properties of granular synthesis and its usage in music history and today. The second part represents a practical example of an application of granular synthesis in the form of a plug-in in several formats and examples of its usage.

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