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Assessing the impact of disruptive business models on the Czech outbound travel agency
Chreno, Petr ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Machek, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the identification of the impact of disruptive models in tourism at the Czech travel operators. The theoretical part describes the business model using the canvas method. Subsequently, various patterns of disruptive business models in tourism market are presented. In the practical part, a research was carried out to find out how Czech citizens use disruptive models for traveling abroad. Based on the results of research in the context of different areas, the impact of disruptive models on travel operators was assessed. This work did not confirm the direct negative impact of these models on the growth of Czech travel agencies, but points out the future threat that these disruptive models will introduce in the years to come
Strategic analysis of company NESTLE
Nazarova, Daria ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Alekseev, Vladimir (referee)
The subject of the research of the bachelor's thesis is the organization and the application of individual tools of strategic analysis. The object of the research is the Nestle SA enterprise in Russia. The aim of the work is to study the tools of strategic analysis of the enterprise Nestle SA in Russia to develop proposals for improving the strategy. "Nestle SA" is the world's largest concern for food production. The company was founded in distant 1866, by the Swiss pharmacist Henri-Henry Nestle. The structure of the bachelor's work consists of an introduction, three chapters, a list of sources used, literature and applications. The first chapter describes the theoretical approaches to the strategy for the operations of the enterprise, examines the basic concepts and definitions as well as types of strategic analysis. In the second chapter, the financial and economic activities of Nestle SA are analyzed, the organizational and economic characteristics of the company are examined, and the strategic analysis of the company is carried out directly. The third chapter assesses the current strategy of the company Nestle SA, and also considers the development and proposals for an optimal strategy for Nestle SA.
Improving the mechanism for developing a strategy for an enterprise
Dzheglav, Artemiy ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Vysockaya, Natalia Vladimirovna (referee)
The subject of bachelor's work is the mechanism of strategy development. The purpose of the work is to analyze the theory and practice of the process of improving the mechanism for developing an enterprise strategy based on the example of the activities of the managing organization LLC UOSpetsKomServis, based on the application of the main provisions and methods for managing changes in the improvement of business processes and formulating a proposal for improving the mechanism for developing a strategy. The first chapter examines the theoretical and methodological and legal framework for improving the mechanism for developing an enterprise strategy a management organization that carries out activities in the field of housing and communal services. The second chapter includes a description of the company, its strategy and strategy development mechanism, as well as recommendations for improving the mechanism for developing a strategy.
Podnikatelský plán pro společnost Thai Power: distributora bylinné kosmetiky
Dubencu, Natalia ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pernica, Karel (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is aiming to create a comprehensive business plan for a start-up dealing with the wholesale distribution of Thai herbal cosmetic products on the Romanian market. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part gives the reader insights into entrepreneurship and main techniques that help to succeed in the distribution business. The theoretical part is about the application of the theoretical part into a real case: Business plan of Thai Power.
Financial analysis of Česká pojišťovna a.s. between 2005 and 2015
Kuanysheva, Diana ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Machek, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with financial analysis Česká pojišťovna a.s. Its aim is to evaluate the financial situation of the company from 2005 to 2015 and suggest possible measures leading to the improvement of financial management in the company. The theoretical part describes users, sources and methods of a financial analysis. The practical part contains financial analysis of the company by means of methods of financial statements, ratio indicators and others. The acquired data are processed in graphs and tables.
Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Family Businesses
Mengel, Niklas ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hnilica, Jiří (referee)
This thesis analyzed the Drivers and Implementation Approaches of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Family Businesses. Qualitative Analysis based on Semi-Structured Interviews was conducted in the region of Southern Lower Saxony and later on quantified through category-based Content Analysis. The results suggest that Drivers of CSR can be divided into value-based and strategic, and Implementation Approaches into informal and formal. Family Businesses are more likely to be driven by values and implement an informal approach. Further, a model to define CSR, called Four-Peak Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility, was developed. It consists of two fundamental stones of CSR, Compliance and Profitability, and four peaks called Marketplace, Workplace, Community and Environment.
Internal audit of the LLC Imperial Frac Service
Borisova, Yulia ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Tyll, Ladislav (referee)
The topic of my Bachelor's Thesis is a system of internal audit of the LLC Imperial Frac Services. The aim is to analyze the status of the internal audit of the company and to develop recommendations to eliminate identified problems. LLC Imperial Frac Service is a service company and its core business - providing services for the stimulation of oilfield by hydraulic fracturing. Bachelor's thesis was divided into three main parts. The first part describes the main point and types of internal audit, its forms and methods, classification of types of audits on various grounds, as well as the international experience of the internal audit. The second section describes the company and its economic activity. The third section includes an analysis of the internal audit of the company, the revealed problems and recommendations to eliminate it.
Business project start-up companies
Polomarchuk, Denys ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Ivana (referee)
The aim of the Bachelor's Thesis is to create a business project of the start up company, hotels PDM. In this Thesis, I considered the theoretical and methodological foundations of business planning and identified the content and structure of a business plan; analysed the market of hotel services in Russia including the features of creating a hotel from the very outset; collected characteristics of the hotels in terms of comfort and function; created business plan of hotel development, calculated the necessary economic and financial activities for this project, and also highlighted ways of improving the effectiveness of hotel management in the current economic and financial conditions
Разработка бизнес-плана коммерческой организации в современных условиях
Kotova, Inna ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Anficerova, Inna (referee)
The subject of bachelor's thesis is the economic relations that characterize business planning commercial organization Toyota Boshoku to receive investment for its development in the modern economic crisis conditions in the Russian Federation. The aim is to develop a draft business plan retail commercial organization Toyota Boshoku based on analysis of features of business planning in modern conditions in Russia. Toyota Boshoku started business in 2007, starting production of Toyota Camry cars. Undergraduate work consists of three main parts. In the first part of the work used sources, disclosing methods of preparing a business plan. The second part presents the efficiency of the current activities of a commercial organization. The third part contains the business plan for the company Toyota Boshoku.
Influence of commodity costs on the price of FMCG products
Baituyakova, Danagul ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Machek, Ondřej (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to provide a reader with a comprehensive outlook on the cost-pricing process in a real FMCG company. Firstly, the thesis concentrates on the theoretical background of cost methodologies and pricing strategies from a perspective of a private firm. Secondly, the thesis presents a tool, which calculates the reflection of the change in the commodity cost on the shelf price of a good. Thirdly, statistical testing is applied in order to identify if the model could correlate with reality based on historical data. In this part the thesis discusses the limitations of the model and gives more real life examples of how the price is set, besides the commodity influence. Thanks to it, a reader will be able to draw conclusions from the given information and deeper understand the complexity of the FMCG market industry.

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