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Truska, Adam ; Kocanda,, Pavel (referee) ; Tomek,, Aleš (referee) ; Tuza,, Karel (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The largest post-war economic crisis, which began spreading to the world in the second half of 2008, hit all sectors negatively. An important lesson from the analysis of the crisis is not its causes, but rather the reference to the drawbacks of globalization, in the form of dismantling the consequences of this crisis. Building industry is a specific branch of the Czech economy, which has responded to the outbreak, the course and the retreat of crisis, in a unique way. Both pre-investment and investment phases of a construction project are time-consuming, resulting in a delayed response - inertia, to changes in the state of the economy that are reflected in aggregate demand from which demand for construction output is derived. The thesis focuses mainly on the development market, where it focuses in detail on evolution of housing construction in the pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis period. The set of incorrect steps, decisions and inactivity of residential developers caused a unique phenomenon - the house-offer crisis. Therefore, the result of the work is methodological recommendations - a set of steps whose observation should reduce the negative effects of the crisis on the construction industry and avoid the re-emergence of the house-offer crisis. Economic cycles give us two assurances: each growth is followed by fall and vice versa. Nowadays it is not possible to predict the causes of the future crisis or its length, but it is important to prepare for it.
Optimizing The Design of Dry Floors
Hlavsa, Petr ; Chybík,, Josef (referee) ; Klečka,, Tomáš (referee) ; Tuza, Karel (advisor)
This dissertation deals with the optimization of the dry floor design by solving the innovative floor composition supported by the development of a new floor element, doing so from the point of view of building physics – especially the heat and mass transfer in buildings – with the consideration for the benefits for acoustics. It is aimed at dry floors application to modern timber structure. In the area of heat and mass transfer in buildings, the impact of thermal stability of rooms and its increase in the use of a new floor structure is investigated with the inclusion of a proposed element improving the thermal storage capacity of the floor. All this in the context of ensuring the possible floor heating integration. In the evaluation of thermal stability in rooms, those operating conditions that are accompanied by interrupted heating, are considered to be key. After describing the current state of solving this issue, the main focus of this dissertation is its own development and design of a specific floor element and its integration into the floor composition. An important part of the dissertation consists of related numerical simulations, its own experiment, relevant measurements in the experimental object, and their evaluation.
Impact of injection on mechanical and physical characteristics of mortar
Fridrich, Pavel ; Myslín, Jiří (referee) ; Tomíček,, Oldřich (referee) ; Klečka,, Tomáš (referee) ; Tuza, Karel (advisor)
The increased moisture of the building materials causes the change of its mechanical and physical characteristic. In particular the high amount of loose water in construction shorten the lifetime of the building, is harmful to human beings due to biotic factors and increase the economic expenses of usage of the building. Apart from the costs of rehabilitation the loose water deteriorates the thermal insulative ability (thermal conductivity coefficient ) of perimeter masonry as well. The moisture gets into masonry not only through its deffects but also due to many different reasons. In order to improve the utility value of the buildings we have to deal with the rehabilitation of damp masonry with view to all possible causes. Only the properly working damp proofing ensures the protection against the water leaking from the subfoundation of the building. One of the direct techniques which have undergone rapid progress in last few years is the injection procedure. With use of experimental methods in my dissertation I deal with evaluation of two injection compounds used in Czech Republic and with its impact on the characteristics of the mortar. With the modern hollow bricks (system THERM) it is possible to create horizontal infusion into the lateral mortar grooves in future.
Berková, Petra ; Katunský,, Dušan (referee) ; Tuza,, Karel (referee) ; Vaňková,, Marie (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the properties of soundproof partition structures in the low-frequency sound at impact sound insulation and security of acoustic comfort inside buildings. The prediction of impact sound is a simulation laboratory measurements of impact sound. The work is based on the occurrence of frequent complaints of inhabitants of residential homes for subjectively poor impact sound insulation of horizontal dividing structures, whose top layer is formed laminate. Although these structures conform in terms of impact sound insulation in accordance with the requirements of CSN 73 0532: 2010, residents complain about the subjective perception of the sounds of lower frequencies. A noise with a distinctive character of sound at low frequencies has been proved by measuring the spectral analysis and evaluation of sound pressure levels caused by the movement of persons roof construction to the floor. On the measurement and evaluation carried out in accordance with the measurement and evaluation of noise in non-working environment can be related requirement under the Regulation No. 272/2011 Coll. "On the protection of health from the adverse effects of noise and vibration." Occupational noise limits for protected buildings interior space do not apply to noise from ordinary use of the apartment. Under current legislation, the problem is in the Czech Republic at present insoluble. Therefore, this work explores ways evaluation of impact sound and delivery is determined conclusions. With the low-frequency impact sound insulation is also related to the latter part of this dissertation, where the computing program ANSYS (version 14.0) is simulated laboratory measurements of impact sound insulation of the real structure. The paper presents the results of simulation, and the sound pressure level in the receiving room to třetinooktávového band 630 Hz. These results are compared with measured values modeled in the laboratory.

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