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Alternative solution of flat roof composition and analysis of their realization costs
Máčaiová, Klaudia ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The work deals with fix the price per 1m2 for single types of flat roof and loss of energy demand. The final comparison of these two aspects can accept the type of roof on the available object also from short-term or longer-term perspective.
Valuation of utilitie networks - service pipe
Kolacia, Tomáš ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the analysis and the creation of budget indicators for service lines for family houses. The first part is focused on the explanation of basic terms specific for this subject, especially basic information about service lines for family houses and the valuation methods for service lines. The practical part is focused on the creation of basic database of service lines, such as sewer, water and gas pipes, using my own item budget, and the creation of budget indicators for these constructions. In this part, we can find calculated specific indicators that are related to the unit price per meter of the pipe length. In this thesis, budget (price) indicators of ÚRS CZ a.s. and RTS a.s. companies were utilised and for which the pipes were compared on this level. In the last part, I describe a wider classification of constructions, the creation of average prices for these parts and the comparison with a more detailed database, specifically RYRO database used by ÚRS CZ a.s.
Alternative solutions of investment project
Špačková, Sára ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The thesis deals with the evalutation, which of the variants of the project investment is the most advantageous to the developer. The thesis is divided to the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is dedicaded to the explanation of terms associated with the investment, the investment project, the price determination and valuation of the real estates. There are also explained the terms related to the development projects and the real estate market. At last but not least, the theoretical part clarifies, how is the tax burden applicated to the practical part. The practical part is dedicated to the options such as sale, rent and partical sale of the real structural object, which is located in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. In conclusion, all of the variants are appraised for every city.
The valuation of the building before and after the reconstruction
Musílková, Silvie ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the valuation of the building work before and after the reconstruction. The thesis is divided into a part theoretical and practical. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of valuation and valuation methods. The practical part deals with the valuation of the property before and after reconstruction by the comparative method according to the regulation n. 441/2013 for making the law about the valuation of property in the version of later regulations and market valuation by the comparative method. The itemized budget is the basis for determining costs and assessing the reconstruction of the property.
Remuneration and wage policy in the construction company
Lesák, Pavel ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Hanák, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with remuneration and wage policy in construction company. The theoretical part analyses the activity of the construction company and its specifics, labour-law relations between the employee and the employer, the goals of wage policy, types of wages, rewards and employee benefits. The practical part analyses selected construction companies using structured interviews and surveys the offered rewards on the labour market. The result is a summary and suggestion of recommendations for the companies surveyed.
Possibilities of price determination of object for sport and recreation
Hrstka, Lukáš ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
This thesis concentrates on setting prices of buildings for sports and recreation using specific budgetary indicators. It mainly defines basic concepts and definitions which concern these issues and are in many cases wrongly used in practice. The creation of a new database for structural objects used in sports buildings in Czech Republic consisting of ten analyzed subjects built in the last five years can be found in the second part of this thesis. Subjects included in the database are for further creation of indicators indexed with transitional indexes. The calculations of two specific budgetary indicators and one final budgetary indicator can also be found in this part of the thesis. These indicators that are linked with the unit price for a square meter of a primary enclosed space, the square meter of a playing area and the price paid by a sitting spectator should match the real costs of a building with the same purpose. The last part of this thesis contains graphic and verbal description of the difference between my own calculated values of budgetary indexes and values published by private companies ÚRS CZ a.s. and RTS, a.s.
Analysis of working capital of construction company
Havlínová, Andrea ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis „Analysis of working capital of construction company” deals with the analysis of working capital in the chosen construction company STAKO s. r. o. The aim of the thesis is to analyze individual parts of working capital and the factors which influence their amount. The theoretical part characterizes the basic terms such as construction company, set of financial statements, categories of working capital, factors affecting working capital and approaches to management of working capital. The practical part analyzes the annual reports and the sets of financial statements of current assets, the development of structure of working capital, and the activity ratios and liquidity ratios in the chosen construction company during the years 2013 – 2017.
Assurance of Profit of Supplier within selected Construction Order
Ambros, Daniel ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis is focused on possibilities to achieve a profit of supplier within a chosen construction order. This work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part focuses on explaining terms, such as a construction order, a construction process and its parties, a construction company, a budget and profit that are all connected to the issue of this bachelor’s thesis. The other part aims to discuss the chosen construction order which is supposed to be profitable for the supplier and describe the means of accomplishing the profit. The chosen construction is located in Česká Skalice with the water treatment reconstruction as the discussed issue of this Bachelor thesis.
Purchasing management in construction
Hrebačka, Lukáš ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Hanák, Tomáš (advisor)
The presented work relates with the purchasing management in construction. It consists of two parts. In the first part, we will focus on the theory of purchasing, then discuss the individual steps of the purchasing management and inventory management in the business. Moreover, we will bring insights from the area of suppliers - their selection and evaluation. In second, practical part, we analyze the current state of the purchasing management in selected companies. The output of attached work is a proposal for improvements and recommendations for business purchase following performed analysis.
Appreciation in the Value of a Building after its Transformation into Commercial Premises
Wertheimer, Tomáš ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The present thesis is focused on an appraisal of a real estate that is to change its purpose of usage from residential to office usage. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on costs and real estate appraisal. The practical part deals with appraisal of a residential real estate that changes into non-residential real estate. Within this thesis the non-residential real estate is used as offices that are appraised. The change of usage is determined by the means of reconstruction. The price of the reconstruction is assessed through a computational budgeting program. The outcome of the thesis is a price analysis of a real estate before and after the change of usage from residential to non-residential premises.

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