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Dvořáková, Dana ; Turek, Filip (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
Cryptids, video which is studying animals, its shapes, moves and the environment , where they find themselves. The video is looking equal to all entity without any difference, document varied life as same as passing death or rot as well. It also speaks about collaboration and the microworld, which creates perfect unit. Silent mutual conversations.
Svoboda, Jonáš ; Turek, Filip (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Calm film tries to be a kind of portrait of a young free life in the city. Freedom, upachtěnosti. It's a portrait of notes from phone, lemonade flavored with emptiness. Humbly evaporate. Passionate amateurism, because the toilet are not alone, there is with thee Wittgenstein. The fact that we saw a squirrel as a mouse eats. The fact that when we go to town, so we are pretty huge. The fact that it all actually means something. "Vynuděnej klidňák" Lord hate emotions and Jagr afloat bet. The fact that I have one whole night inhaled Pizza Hawaii, which became Pizza Pearl Harbour because I fell asleep. The fact that it is good then the rest of charcoal dance. About how he met at kávomatu dudes, gunk and artificial intelligence to agreed that hate and love must prevail over truth and falsehood. Instead, after a quill on the bottom of the crucible DNA they found God. Then came the doorman and said that the school is non-smoking. And then there is the moment when we lack love, peace, and we have a long time we were visiting. The fact that we were in rehab and has since everyone involved. The fact that Tomas přidělal the old wheel chair and wrote on it "ZEUS". Contemplation of revolting tag Elektro Planeo on the wall. Because staring contest with the camera is a job like any other. The fact that my vegetables says I'm outside because he hates anyone who is interesting. A tag is an interesting question - "is not a vegetable shit?" Humor in the joy of grief. Because I have sympathy with the man who has read this. Something is simply in a poem trapped and can not get out. The method of the Hitler-Stalin-Picasso, the smell and pain, emptiness and dullness, sabotage and nervousness, contactless man, colorful variety of residues of superpowers in said "yes" and the superhero resistant to alcohol. Nuclear metaphysics in a world where the Lord God far and high. In the role of a collector's Bizarre man playing Lord dimes with the task to deliver power to the last ten-kávomatu fate. The Old Man and the wine, which put on a fag and he will tell you that genius is hiding at the bottom, vigilance and misunderstanding diletující memory and increasingly sadder smile. Nasty weather and the feeling that "next door is fucking nations" - (Paul Ondračka - The celebration of music and poetry). Method free stream of consciousness portrayed as a method of glaciers. The fact that the last time I lost my laptop when I tried if underwater works wifi. Dementia and escape from evil - as far as possible. Trying to focus, at least for a while. Since I was working basically a documentary (- the film's treatment of captured video archives), the choice of media video-essays, hence the film entirely clear. The illustrated try to look out of their personal, participant of view, but also with a "judgmental - documentary apart." I inspiration for creating Calm sought mainly in the work of Werner Herzog, Karel Vachek and their relation to the relativity of truth and nature. Compared with its previous results, which were more experimental in nature evaluate his work as a targeted and focused. The aim of the work is a portrait of the place, time and people. He has absolutely no practical benefit, except perhaps enrich the viewer's soul and portrait modes.
Jindra, Jakub ; Turek, Filip (referee) ; Hájek, Václav (advisor)
Informace může vytvářet určité entropické krajiny. Entropická krajina je složená ze zdrojů informace. Zdroj může být informačně přínosný nebo úplně zbytečný. Dobrý zdroj vytváří nízkou entropii, vysoký náboj, a špatný zdroj entropii vysokou s nízkým informačním nábojem. Touto optikou pak můžeme vidět fiktivní krajinu, která se kolem nás nalézá. Entita je její vizualizací, vytváří útesy, tam kde byly roviny, hory zkoncentrované informace a měsíční údolí s nulovou hodnotou.
Analysis of graphic design of information portals and a usage of Web 2.0 graphic elements
Reichmann, Tomáš ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Turek, Filip (referee)
We could not get by without information portals and internet magazines in today's information society. Graphic design is an integral part of these web sites and dramatically influences their usability, user's perception of their seriousness even user's behavior itself. That is why I analyzed graphic designs of successful Czech portals through user testing, personal evaluation, compatibility and download-times analysis and popularity. I defined graphic design principles for each type of information portals based on the results of this analysis which will help web designers create high-quality and effective designs. I used these principles during the making of Topreport design which became a successful project on the field of information servers.

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4 Turek, František
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