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Revitalizace a prostorové řešení pivovaru v Miroticích
Švarcová, Marie ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
Urbanistic and architectural study of a former brewery in the city center Mirotice. The study direct on the transformation and spatial cultivation of a former brewery and its surroundings with respect to the revitalization of the former brewery. The proposal aims to contribute through careful redevelopment to evaluate the area of the former brewery and subsequent central area of the city, while respecting the historical values.
Development of the Western Part of the City Kroměříž
Kotova, Tetiana ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
The development of the site allows to connect different residential areas by pedestrian and biking routes; to remove the barrier created by the site, which destroys integral space of the town; and to create a communication axis with the hill Barbořina. At present the site is defined as an agricultural area for further development. As it is no longer used on purpose, it can be considered as brownfield. The proposal is to create a park area, which will become a part of the urban fabric, will create space for new activities and will solve communication problems, such as lack of pedestrian and bicycle connection between the town and Barbořina.
Healthy Living
Zhuravlyova, Yelena ; Koutný, Jan (referee) ; Peřinková, Martina (referee) ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
Over the years, every major city turns into a knot of intractable problems: overpopulation, traffic jams, environmental degradation. Some countries make a faster conversion from an industrial development to an information growth phase, than the infrastructural changes take place. Therefore, environmental design and construction would not be short-termed, but rather will be the long-term targets for all the groups associated with the construction. The healthy living is one of the most important reasons to start a complicated long-term reconstruction of eco-cities. Successful ecological reconstitution requires a knowledge about already implemented exemplary solutions. For this purpose, the dissertation analyzes the basic ecological problems of settlements, analyzing the examples of approaches to improve the environmental performance of cities on the reference of foreign experience and creates criteria and principles for designing urban structures for healthy living in CR.
The use of European experience for the recovery of Syrian towns (cities) destroyed by war – the example of the city Aleppo.
Touchan, Shourouk ; Kyselka, Mojmír (referee) ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
• Objective of this research study urban planning for the city of Aleppo after internal conflicts and civil war. • We will choose the city of Berlin is an example of the European experience for comparison. As a result of exposure to destruction after World War II, this led to changes in urban planning and social, economic and political. • These changes have attracted specialists for reconstruction and according to modern methods, and turned from the city of devastating to the city of sophisticated and contemporary. • As a result, can benefit from the European experience in this area in the urban planning of the city of Aleppo. With the study of the positive and negative aspects in this experiment.
Management of the revitalization of the post-industrial areas
Pokorný, Filip ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pech, Zbyněk (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The theme of this dissertation is “Management of the regeneration of post-industrial areas”. The aim of the work is to identify support mechanisms for the redevelopment of post-industrial areas in the Czech Republic. Such support mechanisms were researched and analysed in those EU countries that have broad and varied experience with the regeneration of post-industrial areas. The most favourable case studies were selected from Germany, with a particular focus given to the districts around the city of Leipzig, and the United Kingdom, highlighting the city of Manchester. For these chosen examples, I have analysed the legislative, institutional, and financial tools of urban regeneration support. One chapter is dedicated to the analysis of the environmental assessment tools for buildings and urban communities as alternative approach to the support of municipal regeneration. Findings from all chapters are contrasted with the analysis of four typical examples of derivation of post-industrial areas in Czech cities, which were chosen as being typical of unsuccessful redevelopments. Based on these examples I have compiled recommendations gained from successful mechanisms for urban regeneration abroad which could be considered and put into practice here in the Czech Republic.
Greenery an indicator of urban space quality
Pondělíček, Michael ; Doc.Ing.Vladimír Švihla,DrSc. (referee) ; Doc.Ing.arch.Ivan Vorel,CSc. (referee) ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
The Ph.D. Thesis is based on the principle of open approach into the urban greenery in the frame of sustainability improvement in inner cities. Sustainable inner city planning and management brings also the supply for indicators of sustainability and life quality in urban space. The Ph.D. thesis is interested in evaluation of positive and negative impact of greenery into life quality in the inner city. There is studied the impact of greenery into the human being in the city and what has influence on urban greenery too. The thesis observes existing indicators whose describe urban greenery quality and its utilizing from the point of view of sustainability and collaterally observe the greenery perception from the city inhabitant’s point of view. On the basement of analysis and theoretical knowledge including in the thesis is for urban life quality measurement constructed new aggregated indicator – the Indicator of Common Urban Greenery Quality. This indicator is in the thesis valuated on the data set of 70 Czech cities and medium sized towns. There is valuated its possibility to describe urban greenery potential. The relationship between the indicator and clime change and other urban development changes is also solved. The indicator and its mathematical construction brings new information about urban greenery potential and its impact and usage in city sustainability and urban life quality increasing.
Current options for the regeneration of public places at the urban settlements
Vraníková, Radmila ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Ing.arch.Hana Halasová (referee) ; Kyselka, Mojmír (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
is thesis deals with the new approach to solving the usage of the urban places located at the current build-up area of the block of flats. On experiences from long-term processing of concrete designs there are introduced principles and fundamentals for the regeneration of public places at block of flats, including new structure of functional areas. These principles and fundamentals will serve as the methodical aid for the public service, self-government and for the designers conversant with regeneration of public places.
City of Havířov Traffic Terminal and Area in Front of the Railway Station
Řezníček, Josef ; Tušer, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
The main task of this thesis was to deal with the specifics of the location so that the newly proposed structure had the potential for sustainable development of all its features. In future space transport terminal station does not arise only an end in itself, but mainly there is created an interaction point, which results in a value and attractiveness of the surrounding land. Ultimately, this process has lead to a zcelení city, to enhance its attractiveness and the external and internal view of the city itself.

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