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Rescue people on the frozen water surface
Truhlář, Filip ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Vondrášek, David (referee)
Title: Rescue people on the frozen water surface Aim: The aim of this thesis is to give a comprehensive overview of the rescue people on the frozen water surface. Methods: This bachelor thesis is based on a literature review, and does not contain experimental suggestions. It is a qualitative research that has been tested and completed by the author. The conclusions were made without any quantitative experiments or statistical analysis. Key words: Integrated Rescue System, rescue, first aid, hypothermia
Corporate design with a practical application to a selected company
Balcar, Michael ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of corporate identity and especially with the corporate design. The aim of this thesis is to design and create a new corporate design for the company named Opilý jabko, which sells ciders (mainly via their e-shop). The theoretical part is focused on the explanation of basic concepts and terms related to corporate design that are necessary to understand before creating a new corporate design. In the practical part I analyze the current corporate design of the company Opilý jabko and their biggest competitors and then I proceed to create a new, improved corporate design based on all the findings.
The influence of YouTube on users
Houdková, Eliška ; Truhlář, Filip (advisor) ; Čupak, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the impact YouTube has on its viewers. The goal of this thesis is to determine, what kind of video content has the most emotional influence on the viewers. Firstly, the data for the analysis was taken from the comment section of selected videos, secondly the sentiment analysis was executed. This determined the emotional subtext of said comments. The theoretical part of this thesis defines YouTube in contrast to other social networks, describes general types of YouTube channels and sums up basic psychological knowledge related to media psychology. Results of this thesis can be used by YouTube content creators, who want to improve their content. The analysis can be used to further examine behaviour of social network users as well.
Evolution of production of audiovisual work and its application of student film
Slabejová, Tereza ; Truhlář, Filip (advisor) ; Mezuláník, Radek (referee)
Evolution of audiovisual work and its application of student film is the main theme of this bachelor thesis. It describes main milestones in the history of cinematography which gives us entire view on the evolution of audiovisual production. The main focus of this work is given to the production of audiovisual work. It informs us about the film production process, including text and image documents. As well it acknowledges importance of the film crew and their key roles and competencies. At last the reader is briefly informed on essential copyright protection in the Czech Republic. This bachelor thesis is intended for those interested in film production but it is also great source of information for production managers or any starting position in the film industry.
Comparison of film censorship in United States of America and Bohemia
Blahová, Deborah ; Truhlář, Filip (advisor) ; Kepka, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis compares film censorship in United States of America and Bohemia. The theoretical section defines censorship and describes its different types. Thesis then shows the different cause of censorship in USA and Bohemia. Practical section points out the difference between Czech and American censorship by comparing several versions of particular movie. This section also describes the impact of censorship on a viewer by using authors censored version of movie Eyes Wide Shut. On this example, it is shown how historical censorship would look like in a modern age.
Audio visual direction - music video
Havlík, Jakub ; Truhlář, Filip (advisor) ; Kepka, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis deals with the audio visual direction and its specifics in the field of music videos. The theoretical part describes the beginnings of the directorial activity, deals with the work of a director in a creative team and also focuses in detail on the film grammar and particular means of expression. Then the thesis puts the film grammar into the context of music videos. In the practical part are analyzed stages of realization of the U-Prag's music video Seconds of life, including the analysis of used means of expression.
Software for creating movie title sequence
Kubíček, Petr ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This Paper is focused on title sequences that are part of every movie. The goal of the thesis is to compare the effectiveness of three graphic programs in creating film titles. The theoretical part is devoted to the history of creating titles, individual elements involved in the production of titles, and trends in modern titles. In the practical part I worked with three different graphics programs Cinema4D, After Effects, Element 3D and I tried to compare them based on three areas while I was creating the exact same title sequence in each one of them. The three areas that I was comparing them in are: how long it took me to make the title, how easy and intuitive the controls of the software are, and the cost effectiveness. By this comparison I reached to the conclusion that the best suitable graphic program for creating title sequence and working with 3D text would be Element 3D.
Progress in photography and video and its impact for origin of timelapse
Ciml, Michal ; Truhlář, Filip (advisor) ; Juračka, Petr Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with history of photography and video and its importance for the development of a specific photographic techniques - time lapse video. The thesis discusses in more detail the composition and its rules in timelapse creation. Further, a procedure of making according to the author of this thesis and its experience are presented. The author draws on, among other things, information from Gunther Wegner, the world-known timelapse author, whom he met several times personally. The reader of this work should gain awareness of the history, composition and timelapse creation. The thesis should also be a source of information by which also a layman can create his first timelapse and should help him to avoid basic mistakes of a beginner.
The theory and practice of Audiovisual Coloring
Samus, Viktoriia ; Truhlář, Filip (advisor) ; Mezuláník, Radek (referee)
The thesis discusses the theory and practice of audiovisual coloring. The purpose of this study is to: (a) map the historical development of colour in movies, (b) define the main tasks of the colourists and the necessary tools to perform these tasks, (c) describe and analyse the right colouring material and (d) compare two of the most commonly used colour editing software products. In the practical part, two programs Davinci Resolve and Speedgrade will be compared based on selected parameters. Furthermore, there will be an analysis of the benefits of a Flat profile setting for color adjustment that is available in all DSLR cameras. This theory should be beneficial to those who are using standard digital cameras and have just started their learning about coloring. They can get knowledge of what coloring involves, what it is based on (the thesis includes a chapter of color theory), the suitable material for successful coloring and how to select the right software for their workflow.
From one script to three directors
Matějka, Filip ; Kepka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of three films based on one same scenario. Its main goal is first to get acquainted with the directors of the films and to find out more about the period in which they acted. The practical part is then devoted to the analysis of each film separately, as each of the directors narrated their story, the differences in technical execution, the central characters of the film and finally the comparison of one identical scene.

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