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Property taxes and their place in the tax system
Hrábek, Radek ; Karfíková, Marie (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee) ; Trubač, Ondřej (referee)
Property taxes and their place in the tax system Abstract In the thesis I dedicate my research attention to legal areas with high social resonance and the endless interest of the broad scientific community. The issue of taxes, especially property, undoubtedly appeals to the large civilian public who encounters it in its real life, and yet it is a constant object of research by the scientific juristic community and the giants of legal theory and practice. Taxes are one of the natural legacy of a citizen with the state. There is no need for a long search to find that the tax and tax policy of the state are among the essential attributes of its independence and sovereignty, both internally and externally in the modern world. In particular, through taxes, public budgets and funds, such as state and municipal finances, serve to meet their needs, protect property and inhabitants. Thus, the thesis also contains a brief historical treatise on property tax, which is relevant for the examination of the legal property tax field, especially so that the factors of their importance, location, position and continuity, as well as discontinuity in the tax system, are easier to determine. Looking at the past in order to determine the formation and application of property taxes in our geographical area, together with a...
Tax - law relation with the community of unit owners
Bučková, Ariana ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Kohajda, Michael (referee) ; Trubač, Ondřej (referee)
TAX - LAW RELATIONS WITH THE COMMUNITY OF UNIT OWNERS ABSTRAKT OF WORK IN ENGLISH: The thesis deals with the detailed legal analysis of the owners of units created on the basis of the Act on Ownership of Housing and subsequently from January the 1st, 2014 created by the community of owners on the basis of the so-called new Civil Code. This was a large-scale recognition of private law that had an impact on public law and caused the necessary changes to financial, specifically tax laws and related procedural rules. The rights and obligations of the owners of units created by the Act on the Ownership of Housing in Connection with Recognized Private Law and their Coexistence with the Newly Developing Communities after January the 1st 2014 is the pivotal point of this work. The great part is devoted to tax impacts on the community as a legal entity and on natural and legal persons involved in the community, regardless of whether they are owners or administrators. Thesis has analysed report of administration and monetary advances of ownership of housing. Obligations and rights related to the accounting of advancements form a separate part. The basic tax obligations are discussed in connection with the ownership or the administration of one own self or entrusted property. Moreover, the author mention the...

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