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Research Group Collaboration Using Information and Communication Technology: Situation in Selected Groups in the Czech Republic
Trtíková, Ilona ; Vlasák, Rudolf (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
Dissertation Mgr. Ilona Trtíková Research Group Collaboration Using Information and Communication Technology: Situation in Selected Groups in the Czech Republic Abstract The dissertation deals with collaboration within research groups and with their environment using information and communication technology. A qualitative probe research was conducted to see how the collaboration works, at what levels, what kind of information and data is shared with the use of what software tools and services. An overview of available types of collaboration software was made. Semi-structured interviews were conducted in selected research groups on the basis of which the patterns and tools for collaboration were established. The grounded theory method was chosen to process the data collected from interviews and analyses. The result of the thesis is the research cycle with marked activities in which cooperation is taking place in the studied groups. This documents the state of usage of information and communication technology in research collaboration. It was found that information and communication technology does have an impact on research work in the whole scientific cycle in the studied research groups. Keywords: research groups, e-science, e-research, ICT technology, collaboration
Research Methods of Information Behavior
Márföldi, Ronald ; Němečková, Lenka (advisor) ; Trtíková, Ilona (referee)
The bachelour thesis discusses research methods of information behaviour. The introduction of this work reviews information behaviour in terms of information: need, request, seeking and search. The body introduces basic theories and models which were created at the time of studies of the mentioned subject. The core of the thesis examines methods of research based on three basic approaches: sociological, psychological and from discipline HCI. This review also consists of details on specific methods of information behaviour such as, transaction log analysis or citation analysis. Besides each method there are described advantages and disadvantages which determine the methods being applied. In conclusion the thesis shows a brief analysis of research on students and academics of Social Science and Humanities. Powered by TCPDF (
The scientific communication focused on specialized social networks and their utilization at CTU
Tauchenová, Nikola ; Trtíková, Ilona (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with scholarly communication, its development, process, current state and its formal and informal ways. The thesis focuses on the analysis of specialized social networks and the analysis of systems aimed to the identification of scientists. The last part deals with the use of specialized social networks within the CTU. Powered by TCPDF (
The process of indexing thesis
Obstová, Barbora ; Kovaříková, Klára (advisor) ; Trtíková, Ilona (referee)
(en) This thesis deals with a different approach to indexing from the perspective of the information professionals and the author himself. This verifies different approach based on comparative analysis of theses and dissertations from Charles University. The practical part is based on the processing of theses and dissertations in the Library of Social Science, T. G. Masaryk. With regard to the practical part of the work refers to concepts such as interpretation of the text, vocabulary, and its combinatorial elements. One section discusses the actual process of indexing with respect to content analysis.

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