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Development and structure of crime in the Czech Republic
Trnková, Michaela ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Development and structure of crime in the Czech Republic Abstract This thesis analyses the development and structure of criminality in the Czech Republic in the period 2009 - 2018. The main source of information for this thesis are the statistics of Police of the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyse current distribution of criminality, its development and to find out its driving forces. The thesis consists of four chapters. In the first chapter, the basic terminology is defined; especially the terms defining main properties of criminality, information sources on criminality and the issues of credibility of statistical data. In the second chapter, the structure of criminality in the Czech Republic in 2018 is analysed. A general overview is presented here, followed by analysis of various types of criminality. Information on criminality are analysed from the perspective of the criminality extent, its clear-up rate, geographical distribution, person of the perpetrator and extent of damage. In the third chapter, the development of criminality in the Czech Republic in the period 2009 - 2018 is examined. The data are analysed in a similar way (as the data in the chapter two). Last but not least there are mentioned some selected specific values, which have been commented separately. The thesis...
The influence of trees on contamination of soil with 137Cs
TRNKOVÁ, Michaela
Nuclear weapons testing in the atmosphere and accidents in nuclear energy facilities in the last 50 years caused significant contamination of the environment. Half-life of certain leaked radionuclides is several decades and therefore they are still present in today's environment. That is the reason why there is still on going monitoring of radiation situation in the Czech Republic in order to determine the behaviour and kinetics of anthropogenic radionuclides in the environment and the severity of radiological impact on humans. The results of this monitoring serve to review the radiation situation, observe long-term trends and last but not least to gain new knowledge that could facilitate the management od radiological emergencies. The aim of this thesis was to measure the content of 137Cs in soils under and around leafy tree crowns in the area affected by radiation fall and to find out whether the tree's crown has an effect on the distribution of 137Cs in the soils below them. To this end, a research question has been set: Do tree crowns affect the distribution of cesium in the soils below them? For better intelligibility, the introduction of the thesis is devoted to information about ionizing radiation, basic terms and quantities in the field of ionizing radiation, sources of radionuclide contamination, especially the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, environmental and population contamination, and elements important for the practical part of this work. The theoretical part is followed by research methodology. The soil samples were collected under five leafy trees of the Walnut species that met the set criteria for collection. Under each tree, samples were taken in three directions at an angle of 120° always at the trunk, in the middle of the crown, at the edge of the crown and outside the crown. Thus, 12 samples per tree, a total of 60 samples. Dry and purified soil samples were measured by semiconductor gamma spectrometry which determined 137Cs radionuclide mass activity values as well as naturally occurring radionuclide40K. Graphs were generated from the measured values. Despite the frequent deviations that may be caused by natural phenomena or human activities, it was found out that tree crowns affect the distribution of 137Cs in the soils below them.
The Hospice Volunteer - the Specifics of Recruitment and Education
Trnková, Michaela ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
The thesis is describing the situation with volunteering programs at hospices. It is analyzing the process of recruitment, professional grow and managing volunteers directly involved with hospice clients. The document is summing up real life application of volunteers work at hospice, pointing out key aspects of the work at the specific environment of provided services of hospice. All texts are based on published professional literature and data provided by qualitative research providing most point of views of participating personal - volunteers and coordinators. In the first part you will find specifications of the volunteer hiring and education from organization point of view here represented by the coordinators. The second part describes the qualitative data research, providing volunteer's point of view on the same process. The research itself is targeting to provide the key moments of the volunteer's work at hospice organizations. It provides over all view of the main motivators of the work and on the other hand describes death with understanding and placing it as part of human life while showing its place in the society. The thesis is also showing the whole volunteering concept with its unused potential. All real life situations are also supported by other means of research - document analysis...
Comparison of the measured specific activities of cesium 137 in different species of bryophytes.
TRNKOVÁ, Michaela
This bachelor thesis focuses on measuring specific activities of Cs-137 in different species of moss in areas affected by radiation fallout and compares the species different tendencies to absorb radionuclides. The research question is: Do different species of moss in areas affected by radiation fallout contain different amounts of Cs-137? The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the radiobiological problematics, including basic terms and units, and its contemporary situation. This part also focuses on radionuclide Cs-137 and its sources and kinetics in nature. The practical part describes used methodology and consequently focuses on the results of measuring chosen moss samples, including their subsoils. Specialised literature describes mosses as significant bioindicators of radionuclides. This thesis tries to distinguish different species and establish whether those different species have different tendencies to absorb radionuclides. The locations for sampling were chosen according to previous studies which located areas with high concentration of Cs-137 caused by radiation fallout in 1986. The total amount of moss and subsoil samples is 20 samples each. One of the locations was Russian island Valaam in Ladoga Lake where four samples were collected. Specific activity was measured using semiconductor gamma spectometry. Beside Cs-137, the focus was on concentration of natural radionuclide K-40. Measured spectra were evaluated by GAMWIN software. Measuring specific activity of Cs-137 in moss and subsoil samples and calculation of transfer ratio proved that different species of moss in areas affected by radiation fallout contain different amount of Cs-137.
Náměty pro globální rozvojové vzdělávání dětí mladšího školního věku s užitím metodiky projektového vyučování
TRNKOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis focuses on the topic of Global development education using the pedagogical approach of methodology of project teaching. In the practical part we are shown three own learning activities, which are fully capable of being put into teaching practise of geography at 1st level of basic education, especially for 4th and 5th grade.
Company's Requirements for Graduates - Software Developers
Trnková, Michaela ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (referee)
This thesis maps requirements that are imposed on software developer graduates. This goal is achieved by interviews with specialists from technological companies. A key part of the document is an evaluation of different methodologies of education of programming with a closer focus on a methodology Architecture-first. Approaches are evaluated from the company representatives' point of view, university programming teachers' point of view, and students' of informatics fields point of view. The main benefit of the thesis is a set of recommendations for teaching students as a result of developers' opinions and opinions of students who went through these programming subjects. The thesis includes recommendation for students, who are going to work as developers.
TRNKOVÁ, Michaela
This work endeavours to introduce two treatises which deal with the topic of ideal nobleman at the turn of Baroque and Enlightenment in Czech lands. Both of them were written in French by scholars who had some relation with Czech lands. The first one is a manuscript called ?Le prince selon Dieu et les hommes prouvé par les propres paroles de l? écriture sainte et appuyé du témoignage des docteurs de l?église et des Meilleurs auteurs profanes?? ( The Prince according to God and the people, proved by the words of Holy Scripture and supported by the testimony of church scholars and of the best secular authors) which was written in 1725 by a teacher of French language named Philibert Joseph le Roux and its content shows the baroque point of view of virtues which are indispensable for every Christian prince. The second one is younger, it is a print called ?Connoissances que doit avoir un jeune seigneur ou l?idée d?un homme d?honneur? (The Knowledge which a young man has to have i.e. the ideal of the honest man) which was created at the end of 18th century. The aim of its analysis is to find out if the ideal of nobleman during 18th century has changed or not. The introduction of this thesis defines the topic and analyzes the state of research. In the next parts, the thinking of Baroque and Enlightenment is indicated as well as the change of position of the nobility during these two periods. The main part introduces a scholarly account of virtues and qualities which are, in a view of each author, necessary for every aristocrat.
LE PRINCE SELON DIEU ET LES HOMMES Virtues of Christian prince for Adam Franz of Schwarzenberg
TRNKOVÁ, Michaela
This work endeavours to introduce an unknown French manuscript called ?Le prince selon Dieu et les hommes prouvé par les propres paroles de l? écriture sainte et appuyé du témoignage des docteurs de l?église et des Meilleurs auteurs profanes ?? ( The Prince according to God and the people, proved by the words of Holy Scripture and supported by the testimony of church scholars and of the best secular authors). The manuscript was written in 1725 by Philibert Joseph de Roux, a French scholar at the court of margrave of Baden-Baden, and dedicated to prince Adam Franz of Schwarzenberg. The author presents a schoraly account of virtues and qualities which are, in his view, necessary for every Christian prince. The introduction of our thesis defines the topic and analyzes the state of research. In the next part, the formal characteristics of the manuscript are described. The aim of de Roux´s tract was to prove his concept of virtues and vices by examples selected from Holy Scripture, from ancient history and also modern European history as well.
Senior Citizens´Knowledge of Social Care Provided in the Countryside and in the City
TRNKOVÁ, Michaela
This bachelor thesis tried to find out how much information the senior population living in rural areas has about social services, then to detect differences in information in the rural and urban areas. The need of the social services is still increasing thanks to the growing number of the senior population. The aim of the theoretical part is to describe specific signs of ageing both in terms of physiological changes and on a level of the psyche and so emphasize the overall involution process ongoing in the old age. Furthermore, a situation of an old person in the society, a field of social services and mainly services for the elderly were sketched. The final part of the theoretical part was focused on the place of the research: the town of Klatovy and one of its microregions, the Plánice region. Various organizations providing social services were mentioned and the total number of the senior population in those two addressed localities. The basic respondent sample, necessary to ensure the validity, was addressed by means of a questionnaire method in the quantitative research. The total return was 51%. From the questionnaires obtained there was confirmed a higher awareness of the seniors as well as social services availability in the urban areas in comparison with the rural areas. Furthermore, the research showed that the most common way how the seniors pass information about the social services among themselves, is an informal way, through their friends. A higher number of respondents expressed that they would like to obtain the information from their nursing doctor. It would be appropriate to provide the results of this thesis to social service providers in the localities where the research was carried out. This information could be beneficial for them due to the possibilities to improve the quality of the social services in the future.

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