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Composition and properties of organic matter in freshwater clays of the lower Cenomanian ( Peruc Mbrs ) from the slope of Litice Chlum in Zamel , East Bohemia
Martinec, Petr ; Sýkorová, Ivana ; Havelcová, Martina ; Trejtnarová, Hana ; Šulc, Alexandr ; Kubina, Lukáš
The new finding of coal bearing kaolinite claystone in the Peruc Mbr occurring at the western hillside of Litice Chlum Hill in Zamel near Potstejn has contributed to expanding our knowledge of Czech Republic‘s Lower Cenomanian sediments. The petrographic and chemical investigation was focused on elucidating the composition of the fine-grained sediment and the origin of the organic matter present therein. However, the forms of organic matter preserved in the claystones bring evidence of the existence of an overlay of plant origin of which the residues may have been carried by water and wind to the vicinity of Lower Cenomanian riverbeds. The greater abundance of inertinite macerals coupled with the presence of semicoke representing the remains of incomplete combustion occurring during wildfires also documents the occurrence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the distribution of n-alkanes exhibiting an unusual maximum.
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Application of geochemical analysis in the research of chemical fossils
Havelcová, Martina ; Sýkorová, Ivana ; Trejtnarová, Hana
Biomarkers (also termed chemical fossils) are specific organic compounds in geological samples which are derived from biochemical precursors by reductive or oxidative alteration processes. Chemical structures of biomarkers can be related back to the original compounds and utilized as indicators of biogenic, paleoenvironmental and geochemical processes. Examples of identified biomarkers in several studied coals, sediments, and wood fossils remnants are presented.
Carbon particles in mine-stone dumps after bituminous coals mining
Sýkorová, Ivana ; Havelcová, Martina ; Klika, Z. ; Trejtnarová, Hana ; Fojtíková, M. ; Šulc, Alexandr
The influence of heating on optical properties and morphology of organic matter was studied in mine-stone dumps in three districts in the Czech Republic.
Organic compounds in hardcoal waste piles studied by GC/MS and Py-GC/MS
Havelcová, Martina ; Sýkorová, Ivana ; Klika, Z. ; Trejtnarová, Hana ; Fojtíková, M.
GC/MS and Py-GC/MS techniques were used to provide information on set of samples from three waste piles localities in Czech Republic. Substituted and unsubstituted phenantrenes and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were comprised in sample extracts. The results were correlated with petrographic composition.
Determination of motor fuels composition by methods of 1H NMR spectroscopy
Trejtnarová, Hana
Content of polyaromatic hydrocarbons was determined in diesel fuels by 1H NMR, HPLC a LSC. Olephines and aromatics were determined in gasolines by 1H NMR a GC. Results of 1H NMR were compared with those of chromatograpic methods.

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