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Anomaly Detection in Generated Incident Ticket Volumes
Šurina, Timotej ; Rychlý, Marek (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
Táto bakalárska práca sa zaoberá problematikou detekcie anomálií v časových radoch. Predstavuje metódy STL decomposition, ARIMA, Exponential Smoothing a LSTM Networks. Cieľom je pomocou týchto metód vytvoriť algoritmus, ktorý dokáže analyzovať trend v množstve generovaných záznamov o incidentoch a detekovať anomálie z trendu. Riešenie bolo vytvorené na základe dátovej sady poskytnutej firmou AT&T Global Network Services Czech Republic s.r.o. a implementované v programovacom jazyku Python.
Application for Escalating Information from Production Lines
Skalník, Marek ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The thesis deals with the development of mobile applications, current mobile operating systems and focuses on iOS programming. It also describes the main function of SAP ERP system, SAP ME system and their integration with SAP MII. It also mentions the way to communicate with SAP MII using web services. Finally, there is an analysis of mobile application requirements, implementation and testing. That application will collect and display KPI from work centers and, in the event of a decrease of any KPI, generate notifications for selected people.
Traffic Simulation Using Traffic Controllers
Dressler, David ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to design an extension of the existing simulation system for designing traffic intersections. The required extension will allow the use of the Siemens sX traffic controllers. The introduction to the topic of traffic engineering, traffic controllers configuration and the dynamic traffic control is discussed first. The next part is dedicated to describing the implementation of the existing simulation system. The following chapter describes the use of the sX traffic controllers and also describes the design of the required extension of the existing simulation system, for a purpose of enabling the use of sX traffic controllers. This is followed by a chapter describing the implementation of this extension. The last chapter is devoted to testing the whole system in terms of functionality and performance. Finally, other possibilities for the future development are outlined.
Design and Implementation of Distributed System for Algorithmic Trading
Hornický, Michal ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Rychlý, Marek (advisor)
Inovácia na finančných trhoch poskytuje nové príležitosti. Algoritmické obchodovanie je vhodný spôsob využitia týchto príležitostí. Táto práca sa zaoberá návrhom a implementáciou systému, ktorý by dovoľoval svojím uživateľom vytvárať vlastné obchodovacie stratégie, a pomocou nich obchodovať na burzách. Práca kladie dôraz na návrh distribuovaného systému, ktorý bude škálovatelný, pomocou technológií cloud computingu.
Ansible for Windows
Klíč, Jiří ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is dealing with possibilities of automation of the computer management and acquisition of data about computers. This thesis focuses on automation of Windows-based computers managed by Linux operating system. The automation is performed by text user interface. It presents to the reader the used tool named Ansible and its components and usages. Here are discussed both methods of collecting of required data and their meaning and interpretation. Some data which are collected in this work are static, the rest of them use to change their values by time. There are also discussed possibilities how to manage the software equipment of the computer.
Linux OS Monitoring
Korček, Juraj ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is design and implementation of monitoring tool for GNU/Linux operating systems. This program monitors logs created by system, system load and computer resources. It notifies system administrator in case of high system load, abnormal behavior or when an error occurs. The resulting product is especially aimed for system administrators of GNU/Linux, whose work will be simplified due to this software utility, which sends notification of only important system changes. It is implemented in scripting language Python and divided into smaller independent scripts for easy implementation of new scripts in the future. This programming language was chosen to ensure operation among all GNU/Linux distributions.
Cluster Management
Hlaváč Ďurán, Dominik ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuse on the design of a system for complex administration and  monitoring server cluster based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS operating system using the Ansible tool. In the thesis there is a brief description of used technologies and issues of management of server cluster. The tool, that was implemented by us, provides preparation of the environment for system deployment, remote installation and configura- tion of applications, hardware registration, software and hardware system monitoring and much more. Consequently, there is a comparison of the resulting system with existing tools. Practical examples of the issue dealt with is also part of the thesis.
Simulator of Traffic Infrastructures and Situations
Švaňa, Petr ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to develop a simulation system using the Siemens sX traffic controllers configurations. The system is composed of two separate applications. The first one uses the existing platform SUMO as a source of simulation data and is also used as a server. The second is a web-based application for creating and editing simulation situations and also for visualisation of simulation data from the server. The introduction to the topic of traffic engineering and the dynamic traffic control is discussed first. The description of the design and implementation of the simulation application directly follows. In the next part the design and implementation of the web-based application  is discussed. The last part of the thesis describes the testing of the whole system.
Modelling and Management of Project Portfolio
Skalníková, Zuzana ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Květoňová, Šárka (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to modeling and management of project portfolio. In the first part, project is specified, along with methods for its managing. Next part describes the project portfolio, its managing and aspects that affect it. Thesis continues with analysis and design of software prototype capable of managing project portfolios.  Most suitable methods are selected for project analysis.  Designed prototype is then implemented and solution is described in the thesis. Last part of the work is user testing, which pointed out the functionality and usability of created prototype.
Remote Lift Management
Weisser, Filip ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
The goal of this master thesis was create suitable and easy to use software, which can help workers with maintaining of elevator. For this purpose it was necessary to study communication interface and protocol of control unit borrowed from the company Výťahy ZEVA s. r. o. There was necessary to find suitable device for communication between control unit and server. Server is used for store and visualize actual data of elevator system. Server can set the parameters of the elevator remotely and demand actual configuration of elevator. User can watch historical data from server. The users use server after authentication with different competency. Users with an appropriate competency can set the notifications in the system, which can warn their in case of problem with elevator and reduce the reaction time and time to resolution of the problem. 

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