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Quality of life and development of nutritional status of patiens on home parenteral nutrition
Vítková, Martina ; Křížová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Trachta, Pavel (referee)
My Bachelor thesis focuses on life quality evaluation and nutritional status development in patients on a home parenteral nutrition (HPN). Theoretical part focuses on general information about patient examination after their arrival in a hospital. It further focuses on indication, division, composition and complications of parenteral nutrition and it gives a brief summary of basic knowledge about parenteral nutrition applied in home environment. HPN is most often recommended in patients with short bowel syndrom, ileus or some oncological diseases. The main expected benefit of HPN is an option for the patient to persist at home surrounded by family as opposed to being in a hospital. Even though HPN still comes with many complications, these patients still have a chance to live a relatively normal life. Two goals were set to evaluate the practical part of the thesis. First goal is to assesses the quality of life of patients on HPN and to determine whether the quality of life is changed and if so then how. Second goal is to describe the change of nutritional status in patients on home parenteral nutrition. These goals were achieved by using research questions focused on determining patient's feelings, health complications, ability to take part in physical activity and to integrate back into their work...
The changes in endocrine function and inflammatory profile of adipose tissue and peripheral monocytes of patients with obesity: the influence of physical activity and bariatric surgery
Trachta, Pavel ; Haluzík, Martin (advisor) ; Maruna, Pavel (referee) ; Štechová, Kateřina (referee)
(EN) Research in the field of obesity, diabetes mellitus and their complications in recent years is increasingly focused on pathophysiological mechanisms of their onset and potential prevention and treatment. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the effects of two different interventions - sleeve gastrectomy and physical activity - on anthropometric, biochemical, hormonal parameters and mRNA expression of proinflammatory factors in subcutaneous adipose tissue along with mRNA expression in peripheral blood monocytes in patients who underwent sleeve gastrectomy. A total of 15 obese women with hypertension were included into the physical activity study. These patients underwent a 3-month training program, which included 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week. 13 obese women were included into sleeve gastrectomy study and were followed-up for 2 years after surgery. Our results indicate that in both studies obese groups had at baseline significantly increased mRNA expression of proinflammatory cytokines, adipokines, chemokines and chemokine receptors relative to control groups. Both interventions decreased body weight and low-grade inflammation. Physical activity had no significant effect on blood pressure, lipid profile and mRNA expression of the components of the renin-...
The Problematics of education in patients with 2nd type of diabetes mellitus.
Barcalová, Lucie ; Gojda, Jan (advisor) ; Trachta, Pavel (referee)
in english This thesis deals with the impact of education on knowledge about diabetic diet and lifestyle changes of patients. The theoretical part is comprehensively discussed the issue of diabetes mellitus type 2 and its etiology, pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, complications and treatment. The research deals with finding the influence of different forms of education on the knowledge of type 2 diabetes, in aspect of complications, regime and dietary measures as an important part of diabetes treatment. The goal of the work was just a survey of knowledge among diabetics and evaluating the effectiveness of education. The data were collected through questionnaires that were distributed to patients personaly or left in the diabetes clinic of FNKV. The evaluation was conducted in the form of graphs and charts which suggest how respondents answered correctly, incorrectly or with one wrong answer, the number of specific answers to each of the options for the questions and forms of education affect the accuracy of answers. One of most important finding include that the best result is the highest efficiency achieved reeducation education (4.1% more correct answers than only one time education), in the form of written and oral (by 12% more correct answers than just oral and 21% than just writing)...
Flexible dosage of insulin and diet
Jeníčková, Eliška ; Flekač, Milan (advisor) ; Trachta, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes the connection between insulin and carbohydrates in the context of metabolism and the most significant disorder of these physiological processes in form of diabetes mellitus. It also discusses insulin treatment options with an emphasis on the nutritional aspect. The theoretical part is divided into three complex units. The first represents description of carbohydrate metabolism in a healthy person and introduction of insulin as an essential substance in this process. The second part is devoted to the representation of pathophysiological disorder, its causes and risk factors. There are also in detail described two basic types of the disease - type 1 and 2. The third part provides information about treatment. It focuses on possibilities of nutritional and pharmacological therapy. The last part of the theoretical part leads to research work, which examines the influence of education and change of insulin therapy from fixed to flexible dosing in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Patients were observed for six weeks and during this time they were repeatedly educated. The relevant evaluation was made based on changes in glycated haemoglobin values and records from blood glucose meters. This research found how much this change has the potential to improve control of...
Dietary prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Hrdinová, Zuzana ; Flekač, Milan (advisor) ; Trachta, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with the dietary prevention of type 2 diabetes. Dietary measures are one of the most fundamental elements of the prevention of diabetes. The general characteristics of diabetes mellitus, including epidemiology, clinical manifestations and pathogenesis is described in the theoretical part of this thesis as an introduction to this issue. Other chapters are dedicated to prediabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. More detailed interpretation of the prevention of diabetes is at the end of theoretical part of this theses. The survey among the people without diabetes was conducted as a part of this thesis. The main purpose was to find out the level of public awareness of the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The concrete objectives of this survey was to find out whether the respondents incorrectly consider the higher sugar intake to be the one of the main causes of emergency of type 2 diabetes and furthermore ascertain the awareness of connection between the obesity and type 2 diabetes. And the third particular aim was to determine the awareness of the increasing prevalence of diabetes worldwide. The online survey was conducted by a questionnaire and the respondents were informed about its anonymity. Questionnaires were sent to people in my neighborhood. The survey showed that the general...

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