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Demografický vývoj v Jihomoravském kraji v letech 2008-2017
Tomková, Monika
The thesis value the demograpfic development in the South Moravian Region in 2008–2017. Demographic structures and events that are embedded in the context of regional development and possibly complemented by the devolpment character from the orcs of 1918 are desribed in the literature review. The aim of this work is to perform a demographic analysis of the South Moravian Region, which is important for the reasoning of future development and prediction of future needs for optimal development of the region. In particular, the growing trend of an aging population is alarming. This tendency should be ensured, for example, by building new homes for the elderly, which are not currently sufficient. Furthermore, it was found that the gross birth rate was decreasing, therefore certain pro-natality measures should be taken. For example, by increasing maternity or child allowance.
Antioxidanty v potravinářském průmyslu
Tomková, Monika
This bachelor thesis is focused on antioxidants used in the food industry. The content is general description of antioxidants within their mechanical effect (primary, secundary) and their origin (natural, synthetic). Next part is about antioxidants themseves. Within clarification of problematics about oxidation are decsribed oxidation mechanisms of main food nutriens (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates). Ordinarily is determined total antioxidant capacity or individual antioxidants contains of food in practice. For this purpose are used differnt methods desribed in separate chapter in this thesis.
3D animation in animated movies
Tomková, Monika ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
Thesis is centered on the ways of creating 3D animated movies. It includes parts dedicated to history of animated movies, animation techniques and production of animated movies. It deals with problematic of organization and budget creation. Other parts include story ideas and visualization of animated movies. Parts focused on production include basics of modeling, animation and rendering. It also includes evaluation of survey carried during spring 2015 on topic of animated movies. It deals with relation between Czech viewer and animated movies and it follows his watching patterns. Thesis goal was to explore trends in animated movies in correlation with interests of current viewer. It also tries to provide overview of impact that 3D animated movies left in movie industry.

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