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Advanced optical systems using aspherical surfaces:Project expert report - fulfillment of partial objectives 2016
Matoušek, Ondřej ; Melich, Radek ; Procháska, František ; Tomka, David ; Provazníková, P. ; Polzer, J. ; Fogelton, P.
The expert report of the project documents the achievement of the partial project objective for 2016, which was the standardization of the all production process chain including design, production and measurement.
Research report Project Midfree
Beneš, Jiří ; Matoušek, Ondřej ; Špína, Michal ; Tomka, David
Research report describing the process chain model, MSF measurement methodology, vibration and tool evaluation.
Technical manual - collimator
Kredba, Jan ; Steiger, Lukáš ; Tomka, David ; Václavík, Jan
The purpose of this document is to provide basic set of rules and instructions that allows using and maintaining of the NEOSTED collimator (COL).\nBe aware that it is not purpose of this document to provide detailed description of individual parts of the COL system. If necessary all the details and proper references can be found in [AD-2].
Collimator - test readiness review
Budasz, Jiří ; Kaván, František ; Kredba, Jan ; Lédl, Vít ; Mach, Marek ; Pleštil, Jan ; Psota, Pavel ; Steiger, Lukáš ; Tomka, David ; Václavík, Jan ; Veselý, Martin
This document describes the test procedure applicable to the overall functional test of the NEOSTED collimator.\nThe test to be performed according to this procedure are to demonstrate the compliance of the above item to the requirements specified in the applicable document as part of the overall verification program. The test results shall be collected in a Test Report.
Microroughness of the superpolished coated sample
Melich, Radek ; Kovačičinová, Jana ; Lédl, Vít ; Matoušek, Ondřej ; Pintr, Pavel ; Pleštil, Jan ; Polák, Jaroslav ; Possolt, Martin ; Procháska, František ; Psota, Pavel ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Tomka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
This document describes a test of microroughness change after coating of the representative sample of the METIS mirror surface with respect to microroughness.
Using FEM technology for optical surfaces polishing
Procháska, František ; Polák, Jaroslav ; Tomka, David ; Šubert, E.
The aim of this article is optical surfaces polishing on the 6-axis computer-controlled (CCM) machine Optotech MCP 250 CNC using FEM technology, which is suitable for aspheric elements polishing. The main attention is dedicated to the choice and to the precise adjustment of major process parameters. The possibility of usage the multi wave interferometer Luphoscan as a data source for the2D surface correction is solved too.
Chromatic Aberration of Several Important Refractors of the 19th and 20th Century
Rail, Zdeněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Tomka, David ; Doleček, Roman
In 19th century refractors dominated in astronomical research. Lenses of these devices were made of the classical glasses. Main optical aberration of these telescopes was residual chromatism. In this paper residual chromatism of several important refractors is shown. We managed to get optical parameters of 40, 36, 25 inch refractors of Alvan Clark, 12 inch telescope of Greenwiche observatory and 6 inch heliometer of Joseph Fraunhofer with which paralax of star was measured for the first time. The paper contains parameters of the dublet of König telescope of Prague‘s observatory
Optical Designs of the Chromospheric Telescope and the Coronograph
Rail, Zdeněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Tomka, David ; Doleček, Roman
This paper presents optical designs of several devices which are used in solar astronomy – coronograph and telescope for the observations of chromosphere. We insist on high quality of images and simplicity of the whole optical design. The coronograph is composed of 7 optical parts to minimize dispersed light. The chromospheric telescope is designed both for birefringent and Fabry-Perot filters. All these designs could be used as the initial solutions for much complicated devices
Imaging Properties of Several Telescopes of 17th Century
Rail, Zdeněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Tomka, David ; Doleček, Roman
This paper deals by imaging properties – residual chromatic aberration of some historical telescopes of 17. century. Some of them were probably made by Galileo Galilei which optiical data are known. Further simulated aberrations of telescopes are those of Constantine and Christian Huygens. These singlet objective refractors were the first telescopes with which a man observed sky objects.

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