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Relationship between aerobic endurance and static strength of elderly female athletes to selected anthropometric parameters
Toman Hrušková, Zdeňka ; Prajerová, Květa (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Title: Relation between aerobic endurance and static strength of elderly female athletes to selected anthropometric parameters. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to analyse an aerobic endurance, tested by 2 km walk test and static strength tested by prone bridge maneuver and to investigate any existing association to selected anthropometric parameters. These tests were undertaken by elderly female athletes studying U3A at the UK FTVS. Methods: 48 elderly female athletes (age 66,1±2,35, body height 1,67±0,064cm, body weight 69,80±10,42kg, waist circumference 88,82±10,64cm, body mass index (BMI) 25,10±3,62), studying U3V of UK FTVS at the time of taking the part in the research. The original sample of elderly athletes accounted for 86, but elderly athletes over age of 70 and athletes under heart - rate medication were excluded. Male athletes were also excluded for greater group compatibility. Measurement of aerobic endurance was realized by a 2 km walk test at the athletic stadium of UK FTVS according to Mr. Stejskal. Time and heart rate were scanned by sporttesters (PolarS610i). Static strength was measured by isometric method of prone bridge maneuver. Selected anthropometric parameters to the aerobic endurance and prone bridge maneuver were investigated. All data was processed using the...
Fitness Programs for Seniors
Toman Hrušková, Zdeňka ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: Fitness programs for seniors. Objectives: The purpose of the following thesis is to test three seniors and to determine, if an offered intervention program influenced and improved their condition. Methods: Three seniors 71 - 80 years old took part in the program. Two men at the age of 74 and 80 and a woman at the age of 71. The level of a functional body fitness was measured with the help of a modified test battery Senior Fitness Test (Rikli, Jones, 2013), the strength of hand pressure with Hang Grip dynamometer and the body composition with a bioelectrical impedance (BIA), which is used for body fat and fat free mass measurements. The seniors were tested at the beginning and at the end of the program. The intervention program was carried out in the course of 8 weeks, performed 2x a week for 40 minutes at an average intensity. The performance changes were recorded and differences calculated. Final results were compared to test SFT values. Results: Test results proved that a chosen intervention program led to changes. Following results have been achieved: 30-Second Chair Stand Test: proband 1 improvement of 11, 1%, proband 2 improvement of 5, 3% and proband 3 no change; Chair Sit-and-Reach Test: proband 1 improvement of 5, 0%, proband 2 improvement of 33, 3% and proband 3 no change; Back...

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