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Quantitative analysis of biophysical parameters of crops using multispectral data Copernicus
Mišurec, J. ; Lukeš, Petr ; Tomíček, J. ; Klem, Karel ; Jakešová, L.
The development of a methodology for retrieval of biophysical parameters using multispectral satellite data Sentinel-2 has been optimized for the most frequently grown crops in the Czech Republic: winter wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape, lucerne, maize and sugar beet. The target crop parameters were chlorophyll and water content in leaves and leaf area index (LAI). The method of calculating biophysical parameters was based on the use of the ProSAIL radiation transfer model, where the model simulates canopy status for various combinations of biophysical parameters in inverse mode. A combination of biophysical parameters, showing the best match for the reflectance values observed by the Sentinel-2 satellite system is searched. Developed products will find use in farms, for example in planning the management of agricultural land.
Automatic detection of zebra crossings from aerial images
Tomíček, Jiří ; Potůčková, Markéta (advisor) ; Fiala, Radek (referee)
There are a number of studies that deal with detection of road network from image Remote Sensing data. However, little work has been done on algorithms for horizontal road signs detection from Remote Sensing data. On the other hand there are many papers that deal with horizontal road signs detection in the field of Computer vision. Theoretical part of master thesis sumarizes the methods that are used to detect objects from both, Remote Sensing and Computer vision data. In the practical part an algorithm of automatic Zebra-crossing detection based on Aerial Images and vector road layer is designed. Zebra-crossings are detected using matching of image with set of predefined patterns. Obtained set of potential objects is then filtred using geometric and relational criteria. At the end of this thesis, the proposed algorithm is validated and the results are discussed with literature. Key words: Zebra-crossing, Horizontal road signs, Image matching, Aerial images
Recent development of Ferdinandbreen valley glacier in Petuniabukta (Svalbard)
Tomíček, Jiří ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Nývlt, Daniel (referee)
Svalbard archipelago is located halfway between the Northern coast of Norway and the North Pole. About 60 % of Svalbard area is covered by glaciers of many types, from small cirque to large ice caps. Retreat of most glaciers in Svalbard has been recorded since the Little Ice Age at the end of the 19th century. Deglaciation of Svalbard landscape is connected with significant changes of natural environment, such as changes of erosion and acumulation processes, climate change or beginning of vegetation succession. This thesis aims to establish the elementary glaciological parameters of valley glacier Ferdinandbreen located in Petuniabukta, central part of Spitsbergen, by analyzing remote sensing data and field GPR and (d)GPS survey and evaluate it's evolution between 1960 - 2014. Glacier's length and area have been based on aerial imagery of years 1960, 1990, 2009 and GPS measurements in 2014. Ice thickness and volume have been derived from GPR measurements. The length of the glacier in 2014 was 1,401 km, area 0,560 km2 and volume 6 561 684 m3 . The maximum measured ice thickness in 2014 was 42,5 m. During the period 1960 - 2014, the length of the glacier had been reduced by 45 % and area by 69 %, ice thickness had been reduced by 23,5 m during the period 1990 - 2014. Recorded retreats of length, area...
Genesis of granite caves in the Krkonoše Mts.
Tomíček, Jiří ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Hartvich, Filip (referee)
In the Giant Mountains have been recorded 16 granite caves in total, they can be classified into 4 morphogenetic groups: crevice caves, crevice - collapse caves, talus caves and rockwall niches. The spatial distribution of caves is very irregular - 13 caves in the Pogórze Karkonoskie and 3 in the Giant Mts. ridge. Caves, associated with the rock blocks movements (crevice, crevice - collapse, talus caves), have formed in periglacial conditions by cryogenic and gravitational processes. Rockwall niches have formed by selective weathering along horizontal fractures. The most suitable granite of Giant Mountains is coarse - grained porphyric type, which has an irregular primary joint system and is less resistant to selective weathering. The investigation of a present - day development of Krakonošova klenotnice and Lomená caves in Pančavská jáma cirque should be focused on monitoring of recent rock blocks movements and on relative dating of joint planes.
Vytvoření motivačního programu pro osoby v obchodní službě pojišťovny působící na českém trhu
Tomíčková, Jana ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Tomíček, Jan (referee)
Diplomová práce shrnuje informace o oboru pojišťovnictví. Zabývá se pracovníky v obchodní službě pojišťovny působící na českém trhu. V praktické části je provedeno zmapovánímotivačních programů v průběhu působení pojišťovny. Dále jsou identifikovány základní problémy, uvedeny do souvislostí a nastíněn rámec motivačního programu pojišťovny

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