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Study of high energy cosmic gamma rays
Štefánik, Stanislav ; Nosek, Dalibor (advisor) ; Soustružník, Karel (referee) ; Tománková, Lenka (referee)
In this thesis, we present our two studies focused on the detection of cosmic γ-rays and the analysis of data from γ-ray observations. One study deals with the method of the Cherenkov transparency coefficient. This method is suitable for the detector calibration in experiments employing imaging atmo- spheric Cherenkov telescopes for the indirect detection of cosmic γ-rays. Us- ing rates of recorded air showers initiated by charged cosmic rays, the method aims at the monitoring of the atmospheric transparency to Cherenkov light and the calibration of the responses of Cherenkov telescopes. We present an extension of this method for the purposes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array observatory and demonstrate its feasibility using Monte Carlo simu- lations. Our other analysis utilizes more than 7 years of data from direct γ-ray observations by the Fermi Large Area Telescope. We describe in detail signal observed from the parts of the sky around the active galactic nuclei 1ES 0229+200 and Centaurus A. We report on the findings of new astro- physical sources of high energy photons and document spectral and temporal properties of their γ-ray fluxes. 1
Role of the regional product in the regional development
Tománková, Lenka ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Miloš, Miloš (referee)
The diploma thesis is focusing on the topic of the regional product with the aiming on the regional food and gastro-tourism as a modern trend that can lead to the development of the tourism and regional development. The main goal of the diploma thesis is to show the importance of the regional product on the regional development of the Poděbrady region with the focus on the gastro-tourism that is developing in the recent years in the Czech Republic. On the basis of the quantitative research and the qualitative research, the thesis is finding out how the Poděbrady region stands from the point of view of the regional product, how the Poděbrady region supports the regional production, what its current status is, whether there are any regional feed in the Poděbrady region that should be local attraction for tourists, and what the attitudes of the respondents to regional production are. The questioning was realized by the questionnaire (quantitative research) and by interviews (qualitative research). The diploma thesis points out that the gastro-tourism usage for the regional development is very limited and it remains out of the interest of the regional representatives. The differentiation of regional activities is the way of fulfilling the capacity and ensuring the better probability of the faster development.

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1 Tománková, Linda
1 Tománková, Lucie
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