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Bocková, Markéta ; Mitura, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
Furniture design in the form of a modular shelf system designed to store and display alcohol bottles.
Lighting design
Sivá, Lenka ; Weiser, Michał (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
Design of smart child lighting that takes into account the effects of colour spectrum changes on the human sleep regime.
Plášil, Ondřej ; Novotný, Martin (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a portfolio of paper products with respect to established ethical principles. The resulting products must have a suitable design optimized for the manufacturing process. Based on the changes in sales over the past two decades, this work revises the current market position of paper. In addition, it generally examines the unethical communication of paper entities towards the end user. The result of this thesis is a range of products of two selected basic types - notebook and photo album. The overall results of my efforts, including this work, are likely to result in the creation of a new, own brand.
Kryl, Ivo ; Schneider, Jiří (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to achieve modernization of the appearance of the audio equipment manufacturer. Design should respect all structural, technological, functional and ergonomic patterns.
Kiriakovský, Šimon ; Čapek, Jan (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
Testing alternative forms of packaging design and also production of promotional materials. Production of package according to production program of Tambor brewery.

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