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Design of device for determination of air mean temperature in the channel with various crossection
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Musil, Filip (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
Diploma thesis was dealing with design of the device for measuring the mean temperature in a channel of any cross-section. First, the theory of heat, heat transfer and fluid flow was summarized. Theory was focused specially on the uneven temperature distribution in the flowing medium. Furthermore, a general overview of commercially used temperature sensors and developed sensors with applicability to the investigated problematics was elaborated. Then, a device for sensing mean temperature in a flow channel for several different diameters has been fully designed and developed. The device included the temperature sensor itself, the necessary measurement electronics and its programming, and a simple measurement data application.
Assessment of river restoration effects based on hydromorphology
Šolc, Jakub ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Tichý, Vojtěch (referee)
In the field of river restorations, topics being currently discussed are assessing success and quantifying effects that river restoration measures should have. This bachelor thesis deals with an assessment of the river restoration effects based on the hydromorphology. Current knowledge in fields of hydromorphology and fluvial geomorphology are presented in the theoretical part of this thesis. Recent outcomes and methodical procedures that are used to evaluate the effects of river restoration measures are also included. A method was developed based on the theoretical part of this thesis and the method EcoRivHab in order to assess the restoration effects by selected parametres. The method was applied on the restored segment of Litovický stream in Hostivice town in the practical part. The results of the thesis showed what a significant impact the restoration had on Litovický stream (in average +33.74 %). The parameter maximum flow velocity showed the highest effect (+84.9 %). On contrary, the parameter structure of bank vegetation had the only negative effect (-1.8 %). Key words: streams, river restoration, restoration effect, hydromorphology, hydromorphological survey
Assessment and proposal of the river restoration measures in urban and rural landscape
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Just, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a proposal and evaluation of stream restoration measures as an effective tool to achieve good ecological status within the requirements of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/ES. The main aim of this diploma thesis is to propose stream restoration measures at the Lišanský Brook based on evaluation of hydromorphological status, analysis of land-use changes and anthropogenic modification of the river basin, runoff and water quality assessment. Attention is also paid to the evaluation of the restoration measures in the selected localities on Botič and Litovický Brook. The main method used for the design and assessment of stream restoration measures is a field survey using the HEM methodology (Langhammer, 2014). Land-use analysis and stream adjustment analysis are based on available historical maps. Based on the results, Lišanský Brook is evaluated as moderately modified. The entire river basin is an intensively farmed landscape that has been affected by inappropriate anthropogenic modifications. To improve the current unsuitable stream conditions, it would be convenient to apply complete restoration measures on Lišanský Brook. Keywords: Stream, restoration, habitat, diversity, urban area, rural landscape
Changes of physical river habitat in the Prague city area. Case study area of the Botič catchment.
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Kliment, Zdeněk (referee)
During the last 200 years third of all watercourses in Czech republic were modified, stress were massively degraded especialy in the urban areas. The increasing urbanization of the landscape has led in recent years to increased researsch ecology of urban environment, this created the need for quality assesment of watercourses. This bachelor thesis deals with anthropogenically modified flows, quality and change of physical habitat watercourses in urban areas. The main objective of this work is the evluation and presentation of the results of the field survey that was conducted in the Botič river basin using the metodology HEM and HEM-F. Field survey was conducted in the lower reaches of Botič below the Hostivař dam (river km 0,00 to 13,30 km). This section has been most modified in the past, notably in the context of urbanization. In addition to the hydromorphological condition were also mapped fluvial-morphological effects of flood 2013. Based on the evaluation results of the field survey the majority of segments were classified as poor or bad.
Visualisation of adaptive ant colony optimization algorithm
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Kumpán, Pavel (referee) ; Appel, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis was dealing with programming and creating model for education and understanding of Ant Colony Optimization functioning, which was modified to be able to adapt on the change of terrain. Thesis was further focused on comparing several optimization methods inspired by nature and demarcation their utilization in practical situations.
Analysis of chip forming mechanism with a high-speed digital camera
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Sliwková, Petra (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis covers matters related to high-speed digital cameras and their usage in various spheres of human activities, mainly in research of chip forming. Thesis summarises important knowledge needed for creation of high-speed recordings and choice of suitable lenses. Focus is taken on creation of high-speed recordings of chip forming process in turning operation outside grooving by using of different types of chipformers. Main goal is to verify its functionality in specific value range of feed per revolution.
Methods of Processing of Flat Glass
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Hruška, Pavel (referee) ; Molliková, Eva (advisor)
This "paper" disserts the flat-glass processing methods in the context of history. It outlines the former as well as the current ways of flat-glass production, mentions the possibility of the flat-glass further fabrication using the fritting method in the electric furnace and engages the faults and errors of this technology.

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