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Characterization and focusing of capillary-discharge XUV-laser beam for purposes of thin-film deposition
Pira, Peter ; Wild, Jan (advisor) ; Čuba, Václav (referee) ; Tichý, Milan (referee)
Title: Characterization and focusing of capillary-discharge XUV-laser beam for purposes of thin-film deposition Author: Peter Pira Department: Department of Surface and Plasma Science Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Jan Wild, CSc., Department of Surface and Plasma Science Abstract: The paper deals with the first results of the interaction of a desk-top high repetition rate XUV laser (wavelength of 46.9 nm) radiation with materials suitable for optoelectronics, in particular the ionic crystals CsI, LiF, etc. Using surface physics methods (AFM, DIC Normanski microscopy) pulse laser imprints were investigated. Based on the results obtained, general information on the nature of ablation and desorption was obtained, which were compared with the results of the XUV-ABLATOR modified code modeling. Plasma arising from ablation was examined by a modified Langmuir probe system. The main result is the pulse laser deposition of thin films of Bi and CsI. Keywords: ablation, Pulsed Laser Deposition, XUV laser
Probe diagnostics of the pulse-generated plasma
Turek, Zdeněk ; Tichý, Milan (advisor) ; Kaňka, Adolf (referee)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the plasma diagnostics in the planar magnetron and in the hollow cathode system operating in the pulse mode, when the plasma is generated by DC pulses. The diagnostics method used will be the Langmuir probe. The aim of the thesis is the construction of the computer-controlled electronic measuring system and its assessment when measuring the parameters of argon discharge plasma in both systems with time resolution i.e. depending on time during one pulse period.
Application of low temperature plasma jet systems for the deposition of thin films
Hubička, Zdeněk ; Kment, Štěpán ; Olejníček, Jiří ; Čada, Martin ; Straňák, V. ; Klusoň, J. ; Tichý, M. ; Klusoň, Petr
The low pressure DC pulsed or RF pulsed modulated hollow cathode plasma jets worked on the principle of the reactive sputtering of the hollow cathode usually in the gas mixture of Ar + O2 or N2. The DC pulsed power supplier was applied with combination of the RF source for the plasma jets generation. It was clearly demonstrated that properties of TiO2 and TiO2:N films significantly depended on the plasma parameters. First, the produced films were characterized with the aid of a number of methods (AFM, SEM, XRD, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), UV–vis spectrometry). Further, the films were judged in terms of their specific optical functionality to generate photocurrents upon being illuminated with spectrally well defined narrow light beams. The parameters of the chemically reactive plasma in the jets were determined using the time-resolved Langmuir probe system. The measurement of the ion energy distribution function was performed by means of the RFA.

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