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Chromatograhic characterization of chiral and achiral separation systems
Kučerová, Gabriela ; Tesařová, Eva (advisor) ; Čabala, Radomír (referee) ; Ševčík, Juraj (referee)
Dissertation thesis is a 5-publications' collection concerning characterization and application potential of cyclodextrins, polysaccharides and macrocyclic antibiotics based chiral stationary phases. The effects of stationary phase and mobile phase are studied. This approach ensures the complex insight into separation systems studied. Systems with different nature of chiral selector were studied by HPLC. Namely, macrocyclic antibiotics and derivatized polysaccharides were used for experiments. Former ones provided better results for enantioseparation of non-coded amino acids than latter ones. Dynamic coating procedure was used for preparation of a new chiral stationary phase. Characterization of new cationic cyclodextrin based chiral stationary phase was performed. Linear free energy relationship method was used for characterization of two different separation systems, i.e. newly prepared stationary phase and commercially available stationary phase. Based on results obtained, newly prepared stationary phase showed better results for separation of different achiral groups of analysts. New stationary phase prepared by dynamic coating was compared with chromatographic system, in which the chiral selector was used as a mobile phase additive. The chiral selector used for the two different approaches was...
Separation and characterizasion of stereoisomers of phosphinic pseudopeptides and serine by capillary electrophoresis
Koval, Dušan ; Jelínek, Ivan (advisor) ; Feltl, Ladislav (referee) ; Tesařová, Eva (referee) ; Stránský, Zdeněk (referee)
CoNcLUstoNs This work demonstrates that capillary electrophoresis is a suitable method for analysis and physico-chemical characterization of biomolecules. lt was exemplified by px" determination of a series of nove| phosphinic pseudopeptides and by separation oÍ stereoisomers of the phosphinic pseudopeptides and serine' A self-consistent procedure for pK" determination by CZE was carried out' ln particular' various background electro|ýes Were tested in the acidic region at pH < 2. A set of background eIectro|ýes Was eVa|uated for reIiab|e determination of eIectrophoretic mobiIities in the 1.S - 12pH interval. The temperature of the solution inside the separation capillary was measured by a simplified approach, thus enabling precise determination of the electrophoretic mobilities' Additionally, a throughput of the CZE method for the pK" determination was substantially improved, while high separation efficiency and precision of the electrophoretic mobilities was retained. The method benefits from adjustable velocity of e|ectroosmotic flow, achieved by modiÍication of the capi||ary inner surface, and efficient determination of electroosmotic mobility. Further, a study was performed which exp|ored the validity of onsager mode| for theoÍetica| description of concentration dependence of the e|ectÍophoretic...

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