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Vyhodnocení ztráty půdy vodní erozí ve vybraném území
Teplý, Lukáš
Diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of threats on agriculture land by water erosion in the cadastral area of village Čikov before and after proposing of counter – erosion measures. For the calculation of erosion was used Universal equation (USLE) according to Wischmeier and Smith. The analytical operations leading to the calculation individual factors Universal equation and average long-term loss of soil by water erosion were made using the software ArcGIS, USLE2D and LS – Converter. Partial analysis are presented in the form of map outputs. In the interest area, after the calculating of the USLE, it was found that on 30,39 ha occurs very strong erosion which represents 4,73 % of the solved area. Strong erosion occurs on 36,56 ha (5,68 %), medium erosion on 229,94 ha (35,75 %) and slight erosion on 346,33 ha (53,84 %). Thanks to the proposed counter – erosion measures, very strong erosion in the interest area was completely eliminated. Strong erosion was reduced to only 2,52 ha (0,39 %) and medium erosion to 74,79 ha (11,58 %). Slight erosion increased to 566,21 ha (88,03 %).
Structure of youth athletics in Prague athletic clubs
Teplý, Lukáš ; Feher, Jan (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: A Structure of Younger Junior Athletics in Athletic Clubs in the Prague Area Objective: The aim of the thesis is to characterise Prague athletic clubs with their own sports centres and their activities in younger juniors category. Hypotheses: Hypothesis 1: It supposes that the number of girls in the younger and older juniors category will prevail the number of boys minimally by 20%. Hypothesis 2: It supposes that the clubs with their own resort sports centres (RSC) will have better conditions for children and youths training than those without RSC. Methods: For creating this diploma thesis, a method of content analysis was used in the theoretical part. The practical part uses the mixed method design which comprises the content analysis method and the questionnaire method with an additional half-structured interview. Results: The aim of the thesis was accomplished. All the necessary data were gathered and evaluated. Hypothesis 1 - not confirmed. Hypothesis 2 - confirmed. Keywords: trainer's activities and role, sports centres, talented youths, membership base, motivation
Hodnocení půdních poměrů na lokalitě Čikov
Teplý, Lukáš
The aim of bachelor thesis was to do pedologic survey soils at the locality Čikov (Třebíč region). Furthermore the main characteristics and conditions of the Forest nursery Čikov was given. We studied basic soil properties and evaluated the administrative soil price. Results showed that the main soil type is Cambisol with strongly acid soil reaction, middle nutrients and humus content.
Use of games in Athletic Preparatory
Teplý, Lukáš ; Feher, Jan (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Use of games in Athletic Preparatory Objective: To compare theory from scholarly literature with practice of trainers in athletic preparatory training in terms of leading a trainig unit, involving playful activities and arranging them methodically to support development of motoric skills. Methods: In my study, I used a method of direct, unstructured, and straight observance, and a method of content analysis from the literature list presented. Results: On the bases of the observance method it was found that the work of observed trainers corresponds, with some exeptions, to the scholarly literature that deals with the issue. Thus a hypothesis was confirmed that involving and methodical setting of playful activities by athletic trainers coincides with common rules of the training unit's structure. This coincidence was reached in 95%. Keywords: motoric skills, playful elements, sensitive period, versatility, motivation Powered by TCPDF (
Mobile communication systems with multiple antennas
Teplý, Lukáš ; Maršálek, Roman (referee) ; Klozar, Lukáš (advisor)
This term paper deals with the use of MIMO Technology in wireless systems intended for mobile communication. At the beginning are described the advantages of the MIMO Technology and the scheme of the communication channel. The communication occurs through communication channels where each channel has its own capacity and other parameters which are described in chapter two. The following chapter deals with the use of MIMO Technology in wireless network and with the wireless standards based on it. The next chapter applies the mobile communication standards LTE and LTE-Advanced. Their network is nowadays being built around the world. These standards are much more faster in comparison with the existing mobile network and enable to manage the increasing amount of “clever” telephones and of transmitted data in the mobile network. There are described the transfer framework structures and their transmission by this network. The end of this chapter pursues the network LTE working in the world and the situation in the Czech Republic.
Speckle noise suppression methods in ultrasound images
Teplý, Lukáš ; Harabiš, Vratislav (referee) ; Mézl, Martin (advisor)
Ultrasound investigation is one of meaningful imaging at present. Advantages of ultrasound are, that it hasn´t side effects as a rtg radiation and it is noninvasive. Ultrasound diagnostic is exploited in all branch of medicine (urology, cardiology, orthopeadist, gynecology etc.) to display organs, tissues and cavities of the human body. We use display in 2D, 3D and most modern display in 4D. We can encounter with many kinds of artifact. Artifacts are described more closely at 3rd chapter. Speckle noise deteriorates informative yiled of ultrasound picture. We try to remove speckle noise by simpler methods or more complex methods of filtration. These methods are described at 5th chapter. Programme for speckle filtering from pictures is part of this master´s thesis.
Marketing through social networks
Teplý, Lukáš ; Král, Petr (advisor) ; Richter, Stanislav (referee)
The purpose of this diploma thesis is to analyze marketing through social networks. The first chapter is focused on Internet, marketing and communication mix. In the second chapter there are discussed social networks and their history. Moreover, this chapter also characterizes generations X, Y and Z. The key part of the thesis aimed to analyze each of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Main attention is given to provide a detail view of social media tools and possibilities that companies can use for marketing.
Investment environment in Georgia
Teplý, Lukáš ; Černá, Iveta (advisor) ; Taušer, Josef (referee)
The bachelor thesis describes the investment environment in Georgia and attempts to analyse the current situation in Georgia. It's concerned with several factors such as economic, political situation and with sectors of Georgian economy. I summarized also the inflow of the foreign direct investments. The investment incentives provided by the government of this country and the changes in the legislation are also mentioned. The last chapter is focused on the investment opportunities, of which could the investors take advantage in the particular sector.

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