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Image of the Present time in cartoons and articles of Czech historical newspapers
Svoboda, Martin ; Teplá, Jana (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
The present thesis called Image of the Present time in cartoons and articles of Czech historical newspapers deals with the image of future world as described in the Czech media after World War I. The theoretical part of the thesis contains description of the period between World War I. and World War II. and is focused on most important events in Europe and Czechoslovakia. Also there is presentation of media status in so-called "first Czechoslovak Republic". In second part of this work we will examine Vesmír magazine and Lidové Noviny newspapers in the period between years 1925 and 1930. We will run this process by combination of quantitative content analysis and qualitative content analysis. In the end of this thesis, we will try to make some evaluation based on the results of analysis.
Dietary habits during long triathlon
Teplá, Jana ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Coufalová, Klára (referee)
Title: Dietary Habits during Long Triathlon Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to prepare alternative diets from three selected manufacturers offering sports nutrition. Another objective was to ascertain the eating habits of triathletes during race in long triathlon, and their comparison. Methods: We carried out determination of the eating habits of triathletes via a survey. Eleven triathletes on various performance levels participated in the survey. We ascertained in particular the amount of kJ, carbohydrates and volume of liquids intake during a race, the average of kJ, carbohydrates and volume of liquids intake per 1 hour of the race, the average of carbohydrates intake per 1 kg of the racer weight and 1 hour of the race, and then we compared these data with the recommended values. According to the recommended values and products of selected manufacturers, we prepared three diets with a schedule so that they suited sportsmen of 80 kg in weight who can finish the race under 5 hours. Results: 2 racers complied with the recommended values of kJ intake, 5 racers exceeded these values and 4 racers did not reach the values. 4 racers complied with the recommended values of carbohydrates intake, whereas 2 racers exceeded these values and 5 racers did not reach the values. The two fastest...
Youth in photographs in Mladý svět magazine (1959 - 1989)
Teplá, Jana ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
Youth in photographs in Mladý svět magazine (1959-1989) Jana Teplá Abstract: The aim of this study is to analyze the way youth was visually represented in the photographs in Mladý svět magazine and to find out whether and how this representation has changed during the period from 1959 to 1989 depending on the changes of discourse practices and socio-cultural practices. The study also aims to uncover how the discourse of news photographs has mingled with the discourse on youth in socialist Czechoslovakia. The specific objective of this research is to analyze the photographs of Czechoslovak youth on the front pages of the magazine with focus on the news values and the ideological messages they mediate. For the analysis of photographs were used mixed methods. Quantitative content analysis was applied to determine the news values, social semiotic analysis was applied to identify the ideological messages and oral history method was used for the extension of the contextual framework. The research part is divided into three periods of time with respect to changes in the wider socio-cultural context: the 1960s (January 1959 to December 1967), the period of the Prague Spring and shortly after the occupation by the Warsaw Pact troops (January 1968 to March 1969), and the period of "normalization" (April 1969 to...
Comparative quantitiative content analysis of Photos from Timeline regional Facebook pages of ELLE Magazines
Bartošíková, Dana ; Teplá, Jana (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
Theoretical part of diploma thesis Comparative quantitative content analysis of photos from Timeline regional Facebook pages of ELLE Magazine explores the theory of visual culture, what kind of role pictures or photos play in contemporary digital age. Also Facebook online marketing and Facebook pages are described. The third chapter of thesis looks into history of global trade brand ELLE Magazine and it describes the owners of brand-license in examined regional countries. The last theoretical section explores a globalization of communication including magazine trade and the Internet. The thesis also contains research review of contemporary studies with similar topic. Methodological part firstly describes a content analysis and its aplication on research of photos. Secondly a diploma research with main reseach question: Are regional differences in thematic composition of published photos on facebook pages of ELLE magazines?
Stanislav Tereba: His Career and Photographic Style
Hejbal, Dominik ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Teplá, Jana (referee)
The paper focuses the career of photographer Stanislav Tereba, the only Czech winner of the main World Press Photo Prize. He succeeded with the photography of Miroslav Čtvrtníček, the soccer goalkeeper, played in Prague, Letna stadium. The paper deals mainly with Tereba's work in evening paper Vecerni Praha where the winning photography was paid a great attention there. As well as a lot of journalists since the 1990's Tereba have faced the problems after the Velvet Revolution when his career nearly stopped as the media went to private ownership. Tereba's career is explored in the context of the development of sports photography in the Czech Republic. Tereba's photographic style is studied by using semiotic analysis and the method of compositional interpretation there. In addition, the work consists of a case study of Tereba's success in World Press Photo. Tereba's photography is compared to the other winning photographs as well as to the competition in 1959 when he was honored with the main prize at the expense of war photographs usually awarded. Attention is also paid to the creation of Tereba's winning photography from participation in the stadium to subsequent photo editing.
Prostor daily as a phenomenon of Czech photojournalism
Kubicová, Markéta ; Lábová, Alena (advisor) ; Teplá, Jana (referee)
The thesis Prostor daily as a phenomenon of Czech photojournalism focuses on the analysis of the journalistic photographs in two dailies established after 1989 - Prostor daily and Metropolitan/Metropolitní telegraf daily. The analytical part of the thesis consists of the quantitative content analysis and the qualitative analysis of the pictures; the thesis also contains interviews with seven former members of the photographic department of Prostor daily - Radovan Boček, Karel Cudlín, Jaromír Čejka, Jan Jindra, Zdeněk Lhoták, Roman Sejkot and Tomáš Štanzel. The aim of the thesis is to define the differences between Prostor daily and the other dailies at that time, why it was 'visually extraordinary' and why it became a phenomenon of Czech photojournalism.
Visual framing of terrorist attacks over the years
Chomátová, Nikola ; Štefaniková, Sandra (advisor) ; Teplá, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis Visual framing of terrorist attacks over the years focuses on how the selected terrorist attacks are presented in four Czech daily newspapers. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on visual framing - which is based on the theoretical grounds of the concept of framing - and the visual presentation of terrorist attacks in the media. The aim of the research is to compare the visual framing of the attack in London in July 2005 and in Paris in 2015 using a quantitative content analysis of photographs accompanying the news coverage of attacks. The emphasis was on general frames of photographs accompanying the news coverage of both attacks and the difference between the framing of both events, the extent of the violence displayed, the differences in the visual framing of quality and tabloid press with a focus on photographs of victims and injured, and the relation of the title and the caption with the visual frames of analyzed visuals. Other research papers and studies of visual framing of terrorist attacks and related topics are also presented.
Program Structure of Online Video Website DVTV in 2015
Surovec, Ondřej ; Teplá, Jana (advisor) ; Zápotocký, Jan (referee)
The theme of online video and television is becoming an increasingly important social phenomenon. Recently, media have been making some big changes due to technological knowledge and convergence. DVTV is a new independent medium that has chosen a slightly different strategy and uses the new media and technologies to use interviewing as a form of introducing and explaining political and social phenomena and events. As a medium with limited redaction capacity, the gatekeeper function of DVTV is very crucial. In 2015, DVTV underwent some major changes. In this thesis, I'm looking at the period from January 1, 2015 to December 30 of the same year, and mapping it by using quantitative content analysis. I am focusing on the content composition of this online video portal and mapping the interviews that are the main product of this recently established media. The analysis of this medium is intended to help us understand the significance and scope of this independent web portal (only commercially cooperating with the Publishing house Economia) on the Czech media scene and how the composition of the program has changed or not changed during the year.
Authorship of the online photography
Tomášková, Lucie ; Teplá, Jana (advisor) ; Štefaniková, Sandra (referee)
This thesis focuses on the issue of authorship of the online photograph. For purpose of dealing with this matter the thesis defines term photograph from the media and legal point of view and deals with the ethical and the legal aspect of use of photograph. The thesis pursues the principle of authorship and stipulates all the conditions which shall be fulfilled in order to determine the origin of authorship. Other part of this thesis is focused on the possible means of use of online photograph with and without the consent of its author according to the applicable laws of the Czech Republic. In this part, all suitable means of use of photograph are described - use for the personal need, free use and news licence. The licence agreement and related matter of online photograph provided by the photo bank are analysed as the use of online photograph with the consent of the author. In conclusion of the practical part, the thesis briefly pursues court decisions in connection with the use of online photograph available so far. Final part of this thesis deals with the issue of use of online photograph in practice. For these purposes the content analysis of mentions of authorship of online photograph used by the Internet sites and was performed and was supplied by the statements of the...
The media Coverage of Iveta Bartošová's Death on Selected Websites
Havlická, Kateřina ; Osvaldová, Barbora (advisor) ; Teplá, Jana (referee)
The aim of this paper is to describe media coverage of a suicide that Iveta Bartošová, famous Czech singer, committed the 29th April 2014 in railway in Prague-Uhříněves. It compares the so-called conservative press - Aktuálně.cz,, and - and the yellow press represented by, and The paper covers a period of time from the suicide to the singer's funeral which took place the 12th May 2014 and it examines in what way and with what means all mentioned websites informed their readers, how many articles were published, what were the topics of each website or what mistakes (grammatical or any other) did they do. It looks for differences not only between the conservative and the yellow press, but in within those two groups of medias. It also describes if any conservative website went towards tabloidization which means if it used any practices of the yellow press in its work or if it was interested in similar topics as the yellow press was. The paper includes only texts of described articles and doesn't consider the influence of photos or any other graphics in the articles. Powered by TCPDF (

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