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The comparison of standing and crouch start
Talácko, Zdeněk ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Feher, Jan (referee)
Title: The comparison of standing and crouch start Objectives: Analysis of time differences in base running from the position of standing and crouch start. Another goal was to compare these starts in group of male sprinters and then to compare these starts with female softball players. Methods: Mainly document analysis was used in my diploma thesis. The author used both Czech and foreign sources. The foreign sources were mainly scientific researches, professional studies and articles from scientific journals. The issue was closely linked to running bases in softball, athletic starts and strenght training focused on thy dynamic component. Standing and crouch starts were then examined in detail. Results: It was found that the standing start compared to the crouch start enhances the results of female softball players by 0,06 s at the distance of 20 meters. The difference in the group of male athletes was only 0,01 s. Major differences were observed in female softball players already within the first 5 meters where the first time difference appeared. This difference was gradually rising until the end of the 20 m distance. Keywords: base running, running in softball, athletic start, three-point stance start, standing start, crouch start
Development of Czech Athletics Literature
Talácko, Zdeněk ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Jebavý, Radim (referee)
Title: Development of Czech Athletics Literature Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to describe and partially compare Czech athletics literature published in years 1939-2004. Methods: Literature research, compilation and comparison of data was used. Thirteen most significant books published between 1939-2004 were compared in the following topics: meaning of athletics, athletics training and its composition, and health care. The form of publications changed gradually from in detail descriptive to formally structured texts. Nowadays, multimedia available on DVD or specialized websites prevail. Keywords: track and field, books, review

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