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Product placement and its perception by Czech population
Marek, Lukáš ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Říha, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the process of inserting products, services and brands into audiovisual works, especially into television programmes and its perception by the Czech population. The aim of the thesis is to describe the history and development of product placement, analyze it not only as a part of the communication mix but also as a marketing tool. The aim is also to introduce its different kinds and the current trends. Besides that, the thesis focuses on the legislation framework, which provides for this type of advertisement. It also discusses the positive and negative aspects of this marketing tool. Marketing research using questionnaires was carried out to determine the perception of product placement in cinematography, serials and other audiovisual works. The bachelor thesis tries to find out the perception of product placement and general knowledge about it by Czech audience. In the end of the thesis there are presented possible measures for improving the process of inserting products or brands into audiovisual works. These measures are based on the results of the questionnaire survey.
Analysis of Consumer Behavior in the Czech Market of Women´s Hair Care Appliances
Malá, Tatiana ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Vacková, Pavlína (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the women hair appliances market in the Czech republic and to evaluate the perception of the brand Rowenta. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical parts describes general knowledge of the topic with focus on consumer behavior, psychological and social factors affecting consumer buying process. At the beginning of the practical part, the main competitors on the hair appliances market in the Czech republic are introduced. The main part covers primary research, where data obtained from online questionnaire survey are analysed with focus on understanding the consumer buying behavior on this market. The conclusion contains suggested recommendation for the future prosperity of the brand.
Satisfaction of customers with an online store
Juščíková, Petra ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Vávra, Oldřich (referee)
The graduation thesis approaches the issue of influence of social media on customer relations, the perception of the image of the internet business by the customers and the related impact on customer satisfaction. In this internet business, there are many ways to reach customers in this modern age. Therefore, this work also points to this importance of new communication possibilities and trends. Marketing communication of the internet shop with customers is essential for good relationships and the creation of a positive image of the business. The work points out that the image of the internet store is a prestigious issue. The business goes with time and does not prevent the integration of new communication media into its business marketing activities. The benefit of these media is better sales and profit than competition. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and empirical part, consisting of five chapters. The practical part of the thesis describes and analyzes the actual research among the customers of the Internet shop. The aim of the work is, on the basis of research results, from the questionnaire survey, to define proposals that would help the internet business to increase customer satisfaction by improving its image.
The techniques of unfair commercial practices used to deceive seniors
Luňák, Šimon ; Horová, Olga (advisor) ; Tahal, Radek (referee)
This Bachelors Thesis called The techniques of unfair commercial practices to deceive seniors characterizes the status of the senior in relation to unfair commercial practices in the Czech Republic. Through interview with those seniors who visited the actions where products are presented or door-to-door selling and some of them were deceived. Author of the Bachelors Thesis also realized the interview with a former seller. In the theoretical part, ideas about senior in the Czech Republic, marketing, communication mix and also consumer protection are brought forward. In communication mix, online marketing and direct selling are described in detail. The practical part contains the particular description of unfair commercial practices used to deceive seniors. There are also tips and recommendations for seniors to protect themselves from these unfair commercial practices.
Analysis of consumer satisfaction in the construction industry.
Vydra, Václav ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Osvald, Ján (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the customer satisfaction of the chosen construction company. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the perception of customer satisfaction in the chosen construction company and to use the questioning method to find the connection between the various elements of the marketing mix and their influence on the overall rating of the company by the customers. The first part describes the construction segment and its development. The analytical part deals with elements of satisfaction from the perspective of the owner of the company and from the point of view of customers through the questioning method. The results of both parts are compared and subsequent improvements suggested.
Analysis of customer satisfaction in particular accommodation facility
Lisovska, Khrystyna ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Tahal, Radek (referee)
This thesis is devoted to analyzing the current level and historical development of customer satisfaction level in a hotel. The aim of such is to figure out, to what extent customers are content with accommodation and supportive services provided by the hotel, analyze in details the feedback provided by guests, discover the problematic areas and provide solutions to improve those. As a part of the thesis current approach to customer satisfaction measurement will be presented and recommendations will be made on how to modify it to reach more accurate and useful overview of the issue.
Poland as a brand (perception of Poland among young generation)
Mydlová, Michaela ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Koudelka, Jan (referee)
The master thesis is focused on the perception of Poland as a brand among university students. The aim of the master thesis is an analysis of Poland in terms of image and identity of the country perceived by university students. The theoretical part is concentrated on nation branding as a key concept for building a nation brand. The practical part contains analysis of secondary data from rating indexes, researches about perception of Poland, national and media campaigns. The primary research included qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the perception of Poland, general image, stereotypes, opinions and attitude toward Polish products and services. The research was carried out among Polish and Czech university students.
The Perception of the Puma Brand in the Czech Market
Martínková, Kateřina ; Tahal, Radek (advisor)
The ambition of this master thesis is to provide a deeper insight into a marketing strategy of the multinational company PUMA applied in the Czech Republic. Specifically, the thesis includes a survey of customers designed to examine the perception of the PUMA brand in the Czech market within the target group of people from 16 to 26 years old. One of the essential requirements of this thesis is to provide a very important theoretical background of the marketing field, explaining the basic marketing terminology, presenting the marketing and communication mix, introducing the company analysis and discussing the important characteristics of the conducting marketing research. Furthermore, this master thesis aims at providing information about the company PUMA, starting from the company history and its successes and ending with its current marketing activity. The essential aim of the study can be explained by the research question: How does the customer perception of the PUMA brand by a defined target group on the Czech market affect the company marketing strategy? In the end, the recommendations for further improvements to the PUMA marketing department are made. Statistical methods correlation and averaging are used in order to reach these goals.
Healthy lifestyle and consumer behaviour of young people
Valentovičová, Monika ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Tahal, Radek (referee)
This Bachelor's Thesis focuses on the issue of consumer behaviour of young generation of people in the field of healthy lifestyle. In the theoretical part, it communicates the basic terminology concerning consumer behaviour and factors influencing consumer behaviour. Moreover, there is further analysis of the terms like healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. The practical part of the thesis contains analysis of the information obtained in a questionnaire survey concentrated on the perception of healthy lifestyle by young people and their attitudes towards healthy eating and purchase of organic food.
YouTube as a marketing tool
Dobeš, Martin ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Stříteský, Václav (referee)
Although YouTube wasn't created until 2005, it became a leader in its field. It was visited by more than a billion people from all around the world which nowadays upload over 300 hours of videos every minute and watch about 5 million videos every day. Within a few years, it has become a world-wide phenomenon that has overlapped into many areas. One of these areas is marketing. The goal of this thesis is to explore YouTube as a marketing tool and use secondary resource research and expert interviews to create a comprehensive information base to help managers and marketers with comprehension of the YouTube landscape and show them best practice in the area.

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