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Principle of formal publicity in the Cadastre of Real Estate and personal data protection
Tůma, David ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Žákovská, Karolina (referee)
The Cadastre of Real estate has relied on a principle of formal publicity for a long time since the Cadastre integrates functions of both land registry and land cadastre. According to some authors, unfettered access to information in the Cadastre is the only possible way to meet its purpose. Such idea is in a violation of a right to privacy and personal data protection that were accepted as fundamental human rights, therefore I am convinced that there exists a necessity to find an equity between the value of privacy and the principle of formal publicity. The diploma thesis deals with contemporary legislation of Cadastre's publicity as well as its prior regulation. Every single important amendment concerning publicity is followed by a comment where I try to criticize it objectively with regard to the personal data protection. The first part of the thesis consists of a description of what a cadastre is and what the word means, history of land registry and land cadastres in the context of predecessors of the Czech Republic and finally the Cadastre of Real estate of the Czech Republic. There is a short section categorizing the principle of formal publicity among other principles applied to the Cadastre at the end of the part as well. The second part explains in general the value of privacy along with...
Protection of personal data in the context of a data warehouse
Tůma, David ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Kosíková, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with problematics of protection of personal data in Czech republic with link to legislation of European Union. The main subject of the thesis is detailed analysis of current legal standards and identifying the requirements resulting from the changes adopted. The found changes are practically judged from the data warehouse perspective and for each of them is presented a practical solution.
Analysis of the information system of the a dental clinic and improvements design
Tůma, David ; Vencovský, Filip (advisor) ; Potančok, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with information system analysis of a particular company from dentistry. The main goal of this thesis is to design changes of information system or business procceses which will make company's busines policies clearer and more effective. Process modeling is used to achieve the main goal considering user's feedback of current information system. Furthermore, the thesis uses requirements analysis with the help of selected methods, again with user's feedback. Subsequently, the work deals with comparison of gained requirements with current solution of information system. Last part is dedicated to proposal of specific changes. Main contribution of the thesis is detection of shortages of current information system. These proposals and identified shortages can be used by examined company and also by newly established companies in this industry or by producer of current information system.
Segmentation of the coffee market
Tůma, David ; Koudelka, Jan (advisor) ; Petruška, Tomáš (referee)
This Master's Thesis is focused on analysis of segmentation of the coffee market in the Czech Republic based on similarities and differences between users of coffee. Uncovering segments and development was carried out in a software program Data Analyzer and PASW using data from primary research and unique agency research MML-TGI of company Median s.r.o. The theoretical part presented problems, approaches, method of segmentation and types of coffee. The practical part starts with analyzing and defining the market in the Czech Republic. The target group of users was subsequently characterized by a general analysis. Variables were reduced to the factors by using factor analysis. Then users were put into clusters based on cluster analysis. Segments were characterized in detail using cross-analyzes and multivariate statistical methods. Content analysis expands a current picture of the segments on which other companies target. Finally, there were elaborated appropriate marketing recommendations for the individual segments to their effective positioning.
Analysis of ensuring health and safety at ZEA + spol. s r.o., business premises Dřevčický Park
Tůma, David ; Hůlová, Marie (advisor) ; Kořánová, Helena (referee)
This thesis is focused on analysis of ensuring health and safety at ZEA + spol. s r.o., in a business premises Dřevčický Park. The aim of this thesis is to draft measures to reduce risks and formulate and create documentation that the company has not created. In addition the aim is to identify omissions in keeping records in documentation and to identify errors in documentation of control and revision that were not eliminated. Meeting the targets will be achieved through the introduction of OHS, legislative requirements, methods of risk analysis, subsequent analysis of the current state of ensuring OHS in the premises, documentation and deficiencies. The managers will utilize the created documents, proposed measures and identifications of failure to ensure safety and avoid injuries and accidents. Restriction and reduction of the risks will influence safety of employees and customers. Created documents will complete and improve the current system of corporate documentation.

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