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Relationship shooting velocity and accuracy in handball on beginners level
Paleček, Jan ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
Title: Relation between throwing velocity and accuracy in handball on elementary level Goal: Throwing effectiveness in handball can be influenced by many factors. Throwing accuracy and velocity are considered to be the determinative factors. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to explore the mutual relation of these parameters in case of handball players on elementary level. The field research was realized in the handball club Lovci Lovosice in age category of 12-13 years old players. Methodology: In terms of this bachelor thesis, two field researches in the interval of two months were realised. These field researches were realized in the handball club Lovci Lovosice in the age category of 12-13 years old players by using a hand-operated radar device The Stalker Pro 2. The research was performed only for one type of throw, specifically the one-handed overarm on the spot throw. Both throwing velocity and accuracy were traced within the research mentioned above. Statistical data processing was performed in Microsoft Excel 2010 using one-tailed statistical test. Results: The results of the research in this bachelor thesis show a very close relation between throwing velocity and accuracy in handball. The players hit more targets when they did not perform such high throwing velocity. While in the first...
Mutual comparison of fitness test results and floorball skills tests among Czech talented youth and youth from the Vysočina Region
Kovář, Jakub ; Dragounová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Tůma, Martin (referee)
Title: Mutual comparison of results of fitness tests and tests of floorball skills among talented Czech youth and youth from the Vysočina Region. Objectives: The main aim of the Master's thesis is to evaluate the level of player skills and fitness skills among regional youth teams and youth from the Vysočina Region. For the comparison, the categories of younger and older male and female pupils, and junior men and women were selected. Methods: For the purposes of this Master's thesis, the method of quantitative research of the categories of younger and older male and female pupils, and junior men and women in floorball from the Vysočina Region was applied. The floorball test battery of the Czech Floorball, consisting of fourteen player tests focused on floorball skills and fitness skills, of which seven scientifically standardized tests were selected, was used for testing. For the determination of validity, an expert analysis was used, a repeated measurement (test - retest) was performed to determine the reliability of the tests, and the Fleiss' Kappa value was calculated to determine the evaluators' concordance. Results: The results of the paper, based on the comparison of the data of the club from the Vysočina Region, and the regional teams' data, showed that girls (junior women and older female...
Reflection of change of rules in the way of women's top handball playing performance
Trepáčová, Klára ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: Reflection of change of rules in the way of women's top handbal playing performance. Objectives: The aim of this thesis is the analysis of playing short-handed during the offense in chosen women's teams at the 2017 World Women's Handball Championship. For the purpose of the thesis I have chosen only parts of matches when a team plays short-handed with six attacking players against six defenders. Methods: I tis a quantitative research, where my focus is on evaluating the number of goals while playing short-handed. The data obtained will be enriched with the use of the qualitative research. Results: I have found out that, in the teams observed, a game without a goalkeeper during the attack phase in penalty can be applied in any stage of the match, since the chance of conceding a goal into an empty handbal goal is extremely low. Such a game influences the game-based performance and also influences result of the match. Keywords: Handball, rules, the seventh player in the field, short-handed, World Women's Handball Championship, game without goalkeeper
Management and satisfaction of judges in the Czech Handball Federation
Uhlíř, Jakub ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Leading and satisfaction of referees in Czech Handball Federation Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to illustrate the current structure of referees' management in the Czech Handball Federation and to determine the satisfaction of the referees and the governing bodies with the existing system. Methods: In order to meet the stated goals, quantitative research methods are used, namely electronic questioning of referees. Furthermore, qualitative research, including an in-depth interview of a member of the Referee Commission of the Czech Handball Federation. Results: The results showed small gaps in both satisfaction and refereeing system, which were supplemented by recommendations for improvement of the current situation at the last part of the thesis. Keywords: leading, handball, referee. satisfaction
Femuroacetabular impingement syndrome - possibilities of therapy and rehabilitation in adolescents and young adults
Tůma, Martin ; Opálková, Michaela (advisor) ; Obešlo, Marek (referee)
Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAI) is a clinical diagnosis that is characterized as a mechanical conflict between the edge of acetabulum and the pericapital part of femoral neck. It is increasingly accepted as an etiological factor in the development of hip arthritis, occurring in young and sport-active individuals. The thesis is divided into two basic parts. The first is theoretical and introduces the reader on the basic of research study of Czech and foreign literature, first with the syndrome itself, its types, aetiology and possibilities of diagnostics. It also summarizes the current possibilities of therapy and rehabilitation in adolescents and younger adults. The second part is practical and is processed in the form of a case report of a patient undergoing conservative treatment. The work is accompanied by photographic documentation.
Development of swinging power of upper arm in female handball players
Jůzlová, Kristýna ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Šťastný, Petr (referee)
Title: Development of swinging power of upper arm. Objectives: Verify a program to improve swinging power of upper arm in a female handball team. Methods: During the experiment I used methods to improve swinging power specifically plyometric method, speed method and kontrast method. Further I used test method and statistical significance for comparing the results. Results: The program for the observed team is considered suitable. Keywords: Handball, power skills, swinging power.
Dead time LTI SISO systems approximation using generalized Laguerre functions
Zsitva, Norbert ; Tůma, Martin (referee) ; Jura, Pavel (advisor)
This final thesis deals with the approximation of time delay in time invariant systems. First, the generalized Laguerre functions and their characteristics are presented. After this, the approximation of the Dirac delta function with the help of these functions is shown. Also, the choice of the free parameters is discussed and the results are evaluated with the help of energy. In the final part of the thesis, the approximations of systems with generalized and simple Laguerre functions are compared.
Professional competencies of Czech handball federation staff
Šimůnek, Ondřej ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Tůma, Martin (referee)
Title: Professional Competencies of Czech Handball Federation Staff Objectives: The aim of this work is to assemble competence profile of the Czech handball federation employee. Furthermore the goal also is to analyse the importance of perception of this profile's individual components from this institution's employees' point of view. Methods: Gathering of the necessary data for processing the topic is reached via the method of source study in order to create the competence profile. For the questioning was used the method of electronic questionnaire created strictly for the purpose of this work, and also the method of semi-structured interviews. Results: The research has provided and evaluated the list of competencies that are necessary for profession performance within Czech handball federation. Also the key competencies for particular departments of this institution were identified and the structure of this institution was described and examined. Keywords: Handball, staff competencies, abilities, personality, skills
Analysis of player's load in national handball match
Hokr, Jaromír ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Malý, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Analysis of player's load in national handball match Aim: The aim of the work was to measure the internal and external load of the national handball players during the second league match and then to analyze the data. Methodology: 7 players from TJ Šroubárna Žatec took part in the measurement, including 1 defender, 3 midfielder and 3 strikers. Prior to the load measurement, the maximum heart rate was determined for each player using the Yo - Yo Intermittent Load Test by using the Polar Team 2 Sporttesters. The load measurement took place in a second - league match between TJ Šroubárna Žatec and TJ Spartak Rožmitál pod Třemíšnem. The measured data was processed in MS Excel. The level of statistical significance was set at p <0.05. Results: The results show that the longest distance players have traveled in the zones of staying (49.2% distance), walking (26.5% distance) and running (15.4% distance). They spent the longest time in the zones of the staying (54.5% of the time), walking (21.6% of the time) and the troting (19.5% of the time) and their heart rate was mostly in the zones 80-90% SFmax (28.2% time), 70-80% SFmax (23.1% of time) and below 60% SFmax (18.5% of time). The average speed of the players was 2.3 km / h and the average heart rate was 146 beats per minute. The average distance...
The comparison of tests of playing skills and playing performance in primary school pupils
Kafka, Jan ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Velenský, Michael (referee)
Title: The comparison of tests of playing skills and playing performance in primary school pupils Objectives: The aim of the thesis is the comparison of skill tests with the actual skills performance in individual matches of floorball, football and handball. Methods: The thesis is based on qualitative methods, where observation was used to obtain the results. The final points are obtained via the numeric scales which contain the verbal characteristics. Results: In the groups we found out that pupils who demonstrated competence in skill tests were better evaluated in the individual gaming performance than the pupils who did not prove their proficiency in the skill tests. Keywords: Handball, football, floorball, game activities of individuals, playing performance

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