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Food Chemistry and Nutrition in Chemistry Secondary Education
Třeštíková, Tereza ; Klímová, Helena (advisor) ; Martínek, Václav (referee) ; Čížková, Věra (referee)
This PhD thesis deals with a topic of food chemistry and nutrition in secondary school education in chemistry lessons. The theoretical part summarizes significance and evaluation of textbooks and furthermore it focuses on modern approaches in chemistry lessons with the main focus on interactive boards. The methodological part deals with the analysis of framework educational programs, textbook analysis, questionaire surveys and creation of teaching materials. The practical part of this thesis summarizes the results of analysis of framework educational programs and textbooks in relation to food chemistry and diseases related to nutrition. It shows results of a questionnaire survey which has examined knowledge of students in the area of proper nutrition, diet and diseases related to nutrition and also relationship of students to this issue and to the subject of chemistry in general. It also summarizes the results of verification of studying materials which have arisen in this thesis. The practical part also includes an educational text for teachers on the topic of lipids, which was developed based on the results of extensive analysis of secondary school chemistry and biology textbooks, framework analysis of educational programs and research at secondary schools in the Czech Republic. The topic of...
Horses and vegetation
Třeštíková, Tereza ; Herben, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mládek, Jan (referee)
Many studies show that large herbivores can have an important impact on the composition of vegetation. With the establishment of a year round, low density grazing regime, plant ecologists and nature managers expect that through selective grazing, herbivores will create a mosaic of different vegetation communities varying in structure and plant species composition. It is believed that such a mosaic in the end will guarantee a high degree of biodiversity. Grazing will, therefore, seem to be a suitable means to maintain grass. Also important is the ability of herbivores affect vegetation through endozoochory. In this thesis I have tried to find out what species of diet horses prefer regarding to plant species and what plant species they can spread through out endozoochory. I have compared this knowledge with the composition of pasture and meadow vegetation at the researched locality in Malenice and Hoslovice. With the purpose of finding out the preferences I established spots where I registered data on vegetation before pasture and the time intervals during the pasture. Afterwards, I researched the amount of sprouts and the composition of seedlings in excrements that I let germinate. I had to create phytocenologic shots from the pastures and meadows to compare the species of composition of grazed and...

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