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Expressing Future in Portuguese
Ondráčková, Veronika ; Svobodová, Petra (advisor) ; Hricsina, Jan (referee)
Future tense and periphrastic construction ir + infinitive are key ways of expressing the future in Portuguese. Existing research in this area has dealt with the historical development of their use until the 20th century; this thesis follows it by analyzing the current state. In the theoretical part of the thesis, we describe the terms future tense and verbal periphrasis ir + infinitive based on Portuguese grammar books and professional articles, focusing mainly on their semantic and temporal side. In the second part, we present the results of corpus analysis processed in the synchronous corpus Aranea Portugallicum Maius, which show that in today's written Portuguese the future tense is still used more often than the periphrastic construction, we also follow up the contexts in which they are used and deal with the issue of mesoclises.
Contrastive analysis of the absolute superlative in Portuguese and its Czech counterparts
Černá, Barbora ; Hricsina, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Petra (referee)
This master thesis deals with the synthetic absolute superlative in contemporary Portuguese and its Czech counterparts. The aim was to describe the phenomenon in detail, explain the usage of doublet forms and discover the most frequent Czech counterparts of the absolute superlative in Portuguese language. The research was based on a corpora analysis of a Portuguese corpus named Corpus do Português and on a contrastive analysis of the parallel corpus Intercorp. The results show that in the case of the usage of the doublets, the borders between spoken and formal language might fade away, one of the doublets (formal vs. informal) often dominates and the usage is also influenced, apart from the level of formality, by other factors, for example by the variety of Portuguese. The most frequent Czech counterpart of the absolute superlative is a positive adjective usually bearing a higher value of expressiveness than the Portuguese adjective. The Czech language expresses the value of the absolute superlative primarily through its lexicon. Other counterparts are various expressions using adverbs, prefixes, diminutive or augmentative suffixes etc. In conclusion, a reverse control was made, and we identified the most frequent equivalents of several chosen Czech counterparts.
The Linguistic Feminization in Contemporary Portuguese
Folvarčný, Martin ; Svobodová, Petra (advisor) ; Hricsina, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the expression of the feminine gender in contemporary Portuguese. It is mainly concentrated on the manifestations of linguistic feminization within two language variants of Portuguese (European and Brazilian). The thesis is divided into several parts. The first part focuses on general issues related to the grammatical category of gender. This means that the linguistic gender is examined from a historical, semantic and syntactic point of view. Due to different interpretations of this category, the very nature of the grammatical gender is also discussed. The second part analyses the different ways in which the feminine gender can be expressed in contemporary Portuguese. The practical part is introduced by the third chapter and is connected with the main goal of this diploma thesis. It consists in verifying whether the manifestations of linguistic feminization, in this case the use of gender inflected forms, are common linguistic phenomena in Portuguese or not. To confirm this statement, linguistic data from two language corpora were used for this verification. Furthermore, the answers to the online questionnaire aiming at this issue became an additional source of the necessary data. The resulting figures prove a certain presence of linguistic feminization in both...
Analysis of Real Estate Offer Prices in a Selected Location
Svobodová, Petra ; Krejza, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the average offer prices of real estate in the area of Brno. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first theoretical part introduces the real estate market in the Czech Republic, factors influencing the price of real estate and there are briefly described valuation methods. The last chapter of the theoretical part deals with the types of real estate. The second part of the thesis is a case study. The average offer prices of real estate by types in forty municipalities in the Brno-venkov district were analyzed. The analysis was based on four criteria that affect the price. The average bid price was determined for each type of property.
The differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese: the text analysis
Vojáčková, Magdalena ; Hricsina, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with the differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese with focus on morphosyntactic characteristics. First, in theoretical part, it presents the differences that can be found in grammar books, then, in practical part, studies the differences on the basis of two translations of the novel Žert by Milan Kundera which was translated into European and Brazilian Portuguese. The emphasis is mainly on the placement of pronouns in the phrase, the use of the imperfect and conditional tense and verbal paradigms. In conclusion it introduces which differences had both parts in common and which were on the contrary different.
The slang of the students of the faculties of arts of Rio de Janeiro
Magalhães, Filip ; Hricsina, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Petra (referee)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is the research of the linguistic specifics of the student's slang of Faculties of Arts in Rio de Janeiro. The understanding how to enrich the vocabulary of this slang and how it adopt it's specific words is crucial. An important part of the research will be an on-line survey among students, which will have a importat role in this work, for there is only a small number of books focusing on this subject.
Diminutive and augmentative suffixes in portuguese
Horáková, Tereza ; Svobodová, Petra (advisor) ; Hricsina, Jan (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to prove that augmentative and diminutive suffixes are not always just bearers of senses "big" / "of big size", in the case of augmentative suffixes, and "small" / "of small size", in the case of diminutive suffixes, and that they can also be accompanied by various connotations. The thesis is divided into several parts. The first part is concentrated on the topic of the morpheme in Portuguese in general. The next two parts are dedicated to particular augmentative and diminutive suffixes, concretely to their origin and especially to their specifics. Fundamental is the last part which focuses on the systematization of the senses of suffixes mentioned in previous chapters. Key words: word-formation, derivation, suffixes, augmentative suffixes, diminutive suffixes, connotation
The Portuguese Infinitive and its comparison with the infinitive in Spanish
Fejfarová, Petra ; Hricsina, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Petra (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals primarily with the topic of infinitive in Portuguese which includes a basic overview of variants and rules of its use. It also describes infinitive clauses and their syntactic functions in all subordinate clauses found in the Portuguese infinitive. A significant part describes the formation and use of the infinitive in the subordination completive, where it is also interested in the finite forms of these sentences, in the adverbial, relative, and in the consecutive subordination. The thesis also focuses on the use of the infinitive in all verbal periphrasis of the aspectual nature limiting itself to the basic division of the phase category. This section is accompanied by a large number of examples for the most abundant verbal constructions in the Portuguese language. The next part of the thesis deals with the ways in which the conjunctive is replaced by a personal infinitive, which is another interesting phenomenon of this language. Secondly, the work focuses on the classification and use of the Spanish infinitive and observes, although less extensively, the same areas as in the Portuguese section. In the context of easier understanding of both infinitives, they are compared in the final step with a focus on the most fundamental differences and similarities of selected...
Popularity of the Olympic Games among high school and university students
Svobodová, Petra ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Popularity of the Olympic Games among high school and university students Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out the knowledge of the Olympic games among the Czech students. The data are compared by type and field of study. Methods: In order to meet the main goal of the bachelor thesis, primary data collection was required. Marketing research used quantitative method, questioning. Knowledge of the students were investigated using an electronic questionnaire created on The research file included 206 respondents. Results: The knowledge of Czech students about the Olympic Games can be considered as average. From the final comparison of the results, we can state that the differences between the types and fields of studies are significant. Students of bachelor degrees with their knowledge exceeded students of secondary schools and master's degrees especially in questions about history, past and future Olympic games. Among study fields dominated the students of sport fields. They know sports and year of the first Olympic games almost perfectly. Keywords: Questioning, Olympic games, popularity, marketing research, knowledge, respondent

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