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Apartment building Skalky
Svobodová, Olga ; Hoffmann, Petr (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This bachelo‘r thesis deals with the project of an apartment building in Svitávka. The apartnem building have ten flats. It has four above-ground floors and one basement floor. In the basement is utility room and cellars. The external load-bearing structure of the basement is designed as monilitic reinforced concrete. The external wall of the above-ground part of the project is designed of clay blocks Heluz complemented with a contact thermal insulation system according to ETICS. The horizontal load-bearing structures are projected of monilitic reinforced concrete. The whole building is roofed with a warm flat roof with a screed to fall of thermal insulation.
The effect of nicotinic acid on the expression of eNOS in atherosclerotic lesions in brachiocephalic
Svobodová, Olga ; Nachtigal, Petr (advisor) ; Zemánková, Lenka (referee)
2 Abstract Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradci Králové Department of: Department of Biological and Medicinal Sciences Consultant: Doc. PharmDr. Petr Nachtigal, Ph.D. Student: Olga Svobodová Title of Thesis: The effect of nicotinic acid on the expression of eNOS in atherosclerotic lesions in brachiocephalic artery Background: The aim of this diploma thesis was to set methods for the detection of eNOS in brachiocephalic artery in mice fed by LCHP diet and LCHP diet containing nicotinic acid. Methods: We used apoE/LDLR-deficient mice divided into two groups. The first group (control group) was fed by LCHP diet and the second group was fed by LCHP + nicotinic acid. Mice were fed this diet for four weeks. We performed a biochemical analysis of blood by measuring levels of total cholesterol in mice, and immunohistochemical detection of eNOS in both groups (LCHP and LCHP + nicotinic acid) in 96 slides. Detection of expression of eNOS was performed by avidin-biotin method (ABC) with visualization by diaminobenzidin (DAB). Results: Biochemical analysis did not show significant changes in total cholesterol in mice treated with LCHP + nicotinic acid in comparison with control mice. Expression of eNOS was observed in all mice. Conclusions: Immunohistochemical and stereological analysis showed no...
Evaluation of humus content and quality in different tillage systems
Quantitative and qualitative Soil Organic Matter (SOM) properties were observed in the soil samples of a medium-term field experiment (Cambisol ? Studena, Czech Republic) and an exact field experi?ment (Chernozem ? Gross Enzersdorf, Austria) in the year 2005 considering different soil tillage systems (conventional and minimum tillage). Except the standard parameters, soil organic matter content and quality in particulate water stable aggregates size fractions was additional determinated for Cambisol. Cambisol showed more favourable values of both quantitative and qualitative SOM parameters in minimum tillage system compared to those in conventional tillage system. SOM quality in the water stable aggregates fractions was better in minimum tillage compared to conventional tillage. Cambisol also showed that SOM in aggregates fractions is much more quality compared to SOM in the original soil samples. Chernozem showed higher values of both quantitative and qualitative SOM parameters in conventional tillage compared to those in minimum tillage but the differences are not high. It can be said that Chernozem organic matter reaction to tillage technology changes is slower and of minor rate in comparison with that of Cambisol organic matter. The results of quantitative and qualitative parameters do not conform to the generally recognised values for the Chernozem soil type.
Special aids young learners afflicted with specific disorders of learning in elementary schools
The theoretical part of the thesis deals a history, an etiology and a diagnosos of the specific disorders of learning. It marginally signs a re-education of these disorders too, mainly a dyslexy, dysgraphy and a dysortography. The practical part consist of the working sheets for each topic of the Czech language in Year 3, in the second mid-year. The thesis cintains also a method thet characterizes created aid, its using and working with it in education.

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2 Svobodová, Olga,
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