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Analisis of physical activities of children at primary school in South Bohemia
Šimek, Jan ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Irena (referee)
This thesis deals with the analysis of physical activities of children at primary school in South Bohemia. It finds out the conditions for teaching physical education, content to teaching, find out if pupils take the acquired knowledge or skill from school and evaluate popularity of pupils to exercise physical activity in their leisure. This finding was done in form three questionnaires for directors of primary school, teachers of physical education and their pupils. The results of this thesis could help to all future and present teachers of physical education.
The effect of melatonin on rhythmic ATP release from organotypic cultures of the rat SCN
Dvořáková, Barbora ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Jelínková, Dana (referee)
The rhythm of ATP accumulation is an one of examples of circadian rhythmicity which is demonstrated across the animal kingdom. It is located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus, which is a centre of circadian clock and imposes rhytmicity on a whole organism. The question concering the ATP rhythm in an organotypic culture and the impact of melatonin on it has been discussing in this thesis. The synthesis of melatonin is regulated by the activity of the SCN and the hormon itself is known for its feedback on the SCN and a capability of regulating it. It has been shown that ATP rhythm is significantly inhibited under the constant control of melatonin and this inhibition is dose-dependent on a scale of 0,1-10 nM. In case of one-time applied melatonin in 4 p.m. there is no reduction in the accumulation of extracellular ATP but there is a phase shift in ATP rhythm. It has also been shown that ATP rhythm is inhibited and desynchronized under the control of tetrodotoxin which blocks an electric activity of neurons. These results show that melatonin is capable of inducing phase delay of ATP rhythm in SCN and reducing an amount of extracellular ATP, that the effect of melatonin is probably mediated by specific receptors and lastly that ATP rhythm is a result of cell-cell interaction between neurons...
Faults in the swim pattern technique character in children of age category 4 to 6 years
Jelínková, Zuzana ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to assess the level of technique of the swimming method charakter in children of the age category 4 to 6 years. Based on the observations and evaluation scale, define the most commonly occurring errors in the swim method character and on the children of the swim partition. Based on these findings, establish a training plan aimed at eliminating these errors. Subsequet evaluation of the progress of children in the age category (4- 6).
Evaluation of motor abilities and basic somatometric indicators of children in the project ''Děti na Startu''
Benešová, Barbora ; Hájková, Jana (advisor) ; Svobodová, Irena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the level of motor abilities and to find out basic somatometric indicators of children in the project ''Děti na startu''. The theoretical part will be processed in the form of literary research, the practical part will describe and evaluate selected motor tests in relation to age and basic somatometric indicators. In total, five tests of motoric abilities and one assessment of somatometric indicator were evaluated and used in the practical part. The first test evaluated was a standing broad jump where the vast majority of children achieved a below-average score. The next test evaluated was sit-ups (60 sec), in this test the children achieved mostly average results. The third test was an endurance shuttle run, in which the most often evaluated result was significantly below average. The fourth test was a shuttle run of 4x10 meters, in this test more than half of the children came off average or better. The last exercise test was a modified standing forward bend test, with 22 children achieving normal and better values. The BMI values, that we calculated were between 14,3 and 18,5. Keywords: Evaluation, motorics, motor abilities, project "Děti na startu", somatometric indicators, unifittest, testing.
Comparison of physical abilities in girls and boys of sports and non-sports class of the 6th year of elementary school
Pilousková, Veronika ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Irena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out the level of physical abilities of girls and boys of sports and non-sport class in the 6th year of the Chodovická Elementary School, their matching and comparison. We will examine the level of physical abilities of individuals in selected disciplines. The results will be compared between pupils of the same and opposite sex and with standardized norms of physical tests for the common population. Key words: Physical ability, comparison, a girl, a boy, sports class, elementary school, older school age, motor skills
Origin and evolution of bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia - from the beginnings till these days
Jirgl, Sebastian ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Irena (referee)
The main topic of this work will be the origin and progress of the biggest bodybuilding competition on the world Mr. Olympia and associated themes. In this work should be found the main history events of world bodybuilding, important competitors and functionaries. The main goal of the work was the explore and record the early years of the bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia. Other goals included recording the main characters that are related to evolution of Mr. Olympia and linking the theme with the elementary world history of world bodybuilding. The main method is a historical method. The main topic was elaborated. The structure of the work corresponds to the individual stages of development of the given competition. The work can be used to search for historical facts related to the given issue and should help to better understand the topic. KEYWORDS Mr. Olympia, bodybuilding contest, bodybuilders, progress, bodybuilding
Influence of swimming on increasing flexibility as a component of the dexterity of basic pupils schools.
Dvořáková, Marcela ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Hájková, Jana (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to observe the influence of articular mobility through swimming lessons in younger school age children. Verified articulated mobility tests are used for these findings. Testing will take place twice, at the beginning and at the end of the swimming training over the course of one half-year. Testing will be done in two groups of children. The first group consists of students who participate in compulsory swimming lessons. The second group consists of children regularly taking part in swimming training in the swimming section in Brandýs nad Labem. In addition, people divided into swimmers and non-swimmers, and into boys and girls, were tested. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the characteristics of motor abilities with focus on flexibility, characteristics of younger school age children and swimming training and swimming. The practical part consists of a description of the experiment and analysis of the results of the individual flexibility tests. The results of the work have shown that swimming is an appropriate means of developing flexibility. Improvements in all the groups studied were confirmed. KEYWORDS motor ability, flexibility, swimming, swimming training, younger school age, motor tests, student

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