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Inclusive education of children with cochlear implants
Svobodová, Bára ; Hádková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (referee)
This work concerns the inclusive education of children with cochlear implants (CI). The theoretical part is devoted to the introduction to the issue of hearing impairments and their diagnostics. It provides informations on the issue of the cochlear implant and its history. It describes companies producing cochlear implants and implantation of their products in specific hospitals in the Czech Republic. The last theoretical chapter focuses on the education of children with CI, supporting measures and it contains selected studies about teachers' opinions on the inclusion of these children. The practical part of the work was carried out in the form of an online questionnaire survey inspired by one of the studies (Dulčić a Bakota, 2009) mentioned in the theoretical part. The research was enriched by open and semi-closed questions to obtain qualitative data, in addition to the quantitative part. The basis of the research was to find: whether teachers welcome the inclusion of children with CI. Further aims of the research were to find: how teachers are informed about the cochlear implant, what are the opinions of interviewed teachers on the inclusion of children with CI into their schools and how interviewed teachers are experienced with these children. Research has shown that the vast majority of teachers fully...
Aspects affecting literacy in swimming lessons of primary school pupils
Svobodová, Barbora ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
TITLE Aspects affecting literacy in swimming lessons of primary school pupils AUTHOR Barbora Svobodová DEPARTMENT Department of physical education SUPERVISOR PaedDr. Irena Svobodová ABSTRACT The main aim of the thesis is to focus on dispositional, personal and socio-cultural aspects of pupils. In this thesis these aspects will be monitored and their influence in education and training in the area of swimming literacy will be evaluated. Pupils will be monitored during the younger school age, where mandatory swimming lessons are currently being introduced. Another aim will be to highlight the appropriate age at which mandatory early- school swim training should take place in a way that is effective as much as possible to meet the outputs set by the RVP ZV, eliminating failure of children during swimming lessons, and swimming lessons fulfilling requirements to save life. KEY WORDS Training, pupils, swimming training, personality, disposition, education, swimming, younger school age.
Evaluation of Google Ads Campaigns in Balance Club Brumlovka
Svobodová, Barbora ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
Title: Evaluation of Google Ads Campaigns in Balance Club Brumlovka Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to propose improvements for the launched PPC campaigns in 2018 in Balance Club Brumlovka, which will lead to more efficient performance of the campaigns and eliminates the shortcomings in their setting. The partial goal is to propose a process for optimizing and evaluating campaigns for the future. Recommendations are based on interview and data analysis, focusing on strategy, campaign settings and performance, ad content, keyword selection, and campaign targeting. Methods: The thesis uses the semi-structured interview method and the analysis of secondary data method. The interview is conducted with the campaign manager. The analysis of secondary data is performed using the tools Google Ads and Google Analytics. Results: Recommendations for the club are specific steps and frequency of campaign optimization, clarification of campaign strategy and goal, tracking of new performance indicators, changing campaigns types, adding keywords and knowing the competition. In addition, is recommend setting up a new campaigns structure, sorting keywords, ad groups and campaigns, changing keyword matches, adding new ads, and editing their content, changing bid strategies and setting remarketing...
Business Plan – Establishment of Pharmacy
Tenorová, Iveta ; Svobodová, Barbora (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a business plan. It focuses on a processing of a business plan for the establishment of a new private pharmacy in Moravany u Brna. The thesis contains theoretical knowledge concerning the basic concepts related to the business plan. Subsequently, these terms are applied in the practical part, which deals with the creation of a real business plan with the calculation of costs for its implementation and subsequent economic evaluation.
Midnight Patient ... or Les Espions Henri-Georges Clouzot
Svobodová, Barbora
The paper deals with the novel The Midnight Patient by the Czech writer Egon Hostovský and the film Les Espions by the French director Henri-Georges Clouzot, which was inspired by the book. The text briefly introduces the genesis of the film, deals with the comparison of the novel and the film, and focuses on the reception of the film and its critical acceptance especially in French culture.
Changes in eating habits of Czech people during a century
Svobodová, Bára ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
I focused on changes in eating habits of Czech people during a century. I have solved this problem by historical-comparative methods. I tried to highlight the possibilities of current eating habits and available ingredients in context of time. Using a questionnaire survey, I mapped the current use of certain foods typical of the Czech population, which I divided into 4 age categories. The division was as follows: younger 18 years, 19-30 years, 31-60 years and older than 61 years. I was also interested in the differences in consumption among the sexes. The questionnaires show that there are changes in consumption of some foods earlier and today: horse meat and turnips are used less frequently as same as cooking of soups of cooked milk and cheese soup, etc. On the contrary, consumption of meat and fruit has increased. To facilitate cooking work, semi-products are still used, men more than women use canned foods. I also found that in my sample of respondents there was a more moderate eating style amongst people, there were few people with strictly defined and special catering styles. Research has also found that most of the people in the diet today see a change in the diet. This fact is perceived positively, mainly in the sense of greater variety and availability of food. The results of this work surprisingly...
Knowledge of Pupils Secondary School in the Area of Selected Zoonoses
Svobodová, Barbora ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
The subject of the dissertation deals with the secondary school pupil's awareness of zoonoses. Zoonoses are the diseases transmited from animals to human beings. Those are one of the topics of biology study currently. The main aim of the dissertation is theoretical definition of the matter in the first place. For knowledge testing have been chosen these four illness: Toxoplasmosis, Lyme boreliossis, Rabies and Creuzfeldt-Jakobo disease. With these chosen illness the main research goal is to provide a comprehensive collection of information about the details such as disease transfer, spread of the disease, disease development, cure and avoidance. The research part of the dissertation tries to find out the extent of knowledge about the chosen kinds of zoonoses among the pupils at specialized secondary schools. As a tool of quantitative research has been used a pupil's didactic test. As based on the evaluated results we may say that the pupil's knowledge at explored schools is relatively satisfactory.
Evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders in pianists
Svobodová, Barbora ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Title: Evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders in pianists Background: Musculoskeletal (MS) disorders are common in pianists. Allsop and Ackland (2010) in their study describe that pianists suffer from MS disorders in 42 %. However, the prevalence of MS disorders differs depending on the region. There has not been done yet any evaluation of prevalence of MS disorders in pianists in Czech republic. This evaluation is crutial to make a comparison of our national results internationally. Furthermore, it is required to establish well-prepared preventional program for starting pianists. Aims: The purpose of this study is to evaluate prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in pianists. Methods: Our data were collected using questionnaire survey. We distributed questionnaires among czech profesional pianists, piano teachers, and piano students by emails who were older than 18. Results: We sent 390 questionnaires by emails and received 78 of them completed. We revealed that the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders of all respondents was 72 %. The prevalence was the highest in the group of the age from 18 to 60 reaching 90 %. The most common locality of musculoskeletal disorder was in the forearm. The group of pianists who started to play piano at the age from 3 to 4 were more prone to present with...

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