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Utilisation of New Biomarkers for the Optimalization of Diagnostics and Therapy of Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Šafanda, Martin ; Kučera, Radek (advisor) ; Fínek, Jindřich (referee) ; Svobodová, Šárka (referee)
Utilisation of New Biomarkers for the Optimalization of Diagnostics and Therapy of Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract Introduction: Tumor markers are standard diagnostic tools. They are mainly used to monitor the course of the disease and to check the efficacy of the treatment. It is important to observe dynamics. Changing the level of the biomarker can prevent clinical manifestation and lead to early diagnosis of relapse, which in turn means improving the quality of life, including prolonging survival. Recently, we have encountered a number of diagnostic algorithms that suggest algorithms for estimating the risk of tumor presence or the risk of progression of cancer, using statistical methods. Objectives: The aim of this work is to verify new biomarkers for the diagnosis of gastric cancer and to develop an optimal algorithm for their use. Further, to evaluate the importance of cytokeratin markers - Tissue Polypeptide Antigen (TPA) and Tissue Polypeptide Specific Antigen (TPS) for the diagnosis of metastatic colorectal carcinoma in the liver. To carry out a pilot study of FGF23 levels in people with colorectal carcinoma and other gastrointestinal tumors. Methods and patients: Patient samples were analyzed using immunoradiometric, chemiluminescence and fluorescence assays. For each solved problem,...
Strategický management České pojišťovny, a.s. ve srovnání s vybranou pojišťovnou
Svobodová, Šárka
This bachelor thesis deals with "Strategic management of Česká pojišťovna, a. s. in comparison with selected insurance company". The objectives of thesis are analyses of the strategic management of Česká pojišťovna, a. s. and KOOPERATIVA poisťovňa, a. s. Vienna Insurance Group. SWOT analysis describes external environment, its opportunities and threats as well as internal environment where the strengths and weaknesses are identified. The result of this thesis is to propose new strategies directly created for Česká pojišťovna, a. s.
Petržalka and the future of panel housing estates
Peklanský, Matúš ; Svobodová, Šárka (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Project points out possible methods of urbanistic and architectural work with panel housing estates, on specific example of Petržalka housing estate in Bratislava. Next to the possible alternatives of solution, which is this diploma project bringing on the table, its main importance is to move forward the thinking about panel housing estates, asking questions concerning our surrounding, and to discuss the future of environment we live in.
Student associations in the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic. A cultural comparative analysis
Svobodová, Šárka ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee) ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor)
The main purpose of this study is to map the situation and the social role of student associations in the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic. The main topic is the comparison of student associations in terms of their functioning. This study also attempts to evaluate the extent to which the differing social status of student associations in each country can be attributed to socio-cultural variables. The first part introduces both the countries and their university systems of education in the post-Bologna Process period. Furthemore it outlines the main aims and fields of activities of the student associations. For understanding better the culture and mentality of both nations, the following two chapters are dedicated to the typical characteristics of Czech and Dutch societies. The analysis of these characteristics is grounded on the theory of cultural dimensions developed by the Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede. The core of the present work is the description of the structure and the functioning of student associations in the Czech Republic and in the Netherlands. This part focuses on differences in the social roles, cooperation with universities and approach of students to their associations. In its closing part the study deals with international student associations and describes one of the...
Regulation of parameters of biological activity of colorectal cancer
Svobodová, Šárka ; Svačina, Štěpán (advisor) ; Beneš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vízek, Martin (referee)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) has been considered to be the most frequent cancer disease based on prevalence rate and mortality rate. The earlier diagnostics provides the better therapy outcomes. Many new laboratory tests and techniques for early detection of CRC have been developed recently. Not many of the can be used for daily routine clinical practice so far. The aim of this dissertation thesis was to measure a large spectrum of parameters in patients with early stage of CRC and to evaluate them for routine practice, as they may play a potential regulatory role in cancer development and control process. (...) Our finding of a very low sensitivity of tumor markers CEA and CA 19-9 for CRC in early stages I.-III. is fully corresponding with literature data. When monitoring some parameters during chemotherapy course we have found that only TK seems to be important for adjuvant therapy control, but TK and CEA and CA 19-9 can be used of palliative therapy monitoring. TK increases after every chemotherapy cycle but it decreases before the beginning of the following cycle if the therapy is successful. But it is continuously increasing if the therapy is unsuccessful. CEA and CA 19-9 are permanently within reference intervals in adjuvant therapy. Before palliative therapy beginning all the parameters are elevated and...
Case-study of seniors’ lifestyle in relationships to healthy food
Krebsová, Michaela ; Chytková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Svobodová, Šárka (referee)
The aim of the presented case-study is a detection of the influence of seniors' lifestyle to healthy food. Qualitative approach to this topic should detect some selected aspects of seniors' lifestyle -- imaginations concern healthy food, real food shopping, and their real physical activities. Empirical pilot research was focused at sample of urban population, age 65+, living in Prague. Next aim of the master's thesis lies in economical consequences of seniors' lifestyle in relationships to healthy food and its potential changes. The thesis use methods like critical comparative approach to secondary data, qualitative approach in pilot sociological research, semi-structured interview, analyses and synthesis. The results are discussed in a framework of some sociological, demographical and marketing studies. The master's theses show seniors also like a challenging segment of populations in terms of great occasion for economic subjects and their business. General approach of the thesis is based on the contemporary concept of the relationships between active lifestyle and healthy food.
Marketing strategies of international companies
Čapková, Halka ; Přikrylová, Jana (advisor) ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (referee) ; Lošťáková, Hana (referee) ; Svobodová, Šárka (referee)
I focused my dissertation on the marketing strategies used by Czech subsidiaries of international pharmaceutical firms. There were two main aims of my dissertation. Firstly, to characterize the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, differentiate it clearly from consumer goods industries and identify how these differences influence the marketing strategy used. To reach this goal I used desk research. Secondly, I carried out primary research among 46 large international pharmaceutical firms that run subsidiaries in the Czech Republic. The main aims were to find out what marketing strategy they use (global, modified global, regional, local, or a combination of these), how and where it is created, how it is financed, whether they prefer the promotion of the company name or of individual brands and what communication channels they use.

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