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Vlivy působící na vývoj akciového indexu S&P500
Svoboda, Petr
This thesis aims to identify the links between economic developments and move-ments in US stock markets. The period from Q1 2001 to Q3 2016 inclusive was chosen for an analysis of the relationship between trends in GDP time series and the S&P 500 index. A correlation analysis was carried out on the time series ex-amined, while the Granger causality test was used to determine the causal rela-tionship between them.
Design of clamping device for CNC milling machine
Kašpárek, Jan ; Dočkal, Kryštof (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with clamping fixtures problematics for parts with difficult shapes. It aims to design an effective way of clamping of a part machined on CNC machining centre. The output is an adjustment of commercially available clamping system to suit requirements of assignment. The efficiency of the manufacturing process is determined by machining time calculations that showed that series will be finished in required time. Besides that, the thesis provides an overview in various fields, such as used materials in automotive industry, used machining centres in automotive industry and also the overview in principles of clamping.
Non-contact method for surface texture evaluation
Svoboda, Martin ; Rebenda, David (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on non-contact methods for surface texture evaluation. The aim of the thesis is to describe a set of surface texture parameters and non-contact methods of their measurement. It‘s main focus is the prescription of suitable parameters for functional surfaces according to their application. The conclusion of the thesis consists of general recommendations for selection of suitable surface texture parameters for functional surfaces, which are applied to specific surfaces occurring in practice. It has been found that a considerable number of parameters and costly experimental research is required for a thorough description of the functional surfaces, and therefore the current evaluation of the surface roughness by means of the Ra and Sa parameters is convenient.
Methods for measuring the geometrical tolerances
Juráňová, Bára ; Michalec, Michal (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The bachleor’s thesis deals with the analysis of geometric tolerancing of machine parts. The work clarifies the terms and definitions of geometric tolerancing. Simultaneously, the specifications of measuring with measuring devices and gauges, can be found here. The work also proposes a method for aplication geometric tolerance, wich is apply to the shaft od radial fan. Subsequently, the measurement of the prescribed tolerances for this part is described.
Storage cells and their role in tardigrade physiology.
Czerneková, Michaela ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Delagoutte, Emmanuelle (referee) ; Weyda, František (referee)
STORAGE CELLS AND THEIR ROLE IN TARDIGRADE PHYSIOLOGY Abstract Tardigrades possess remarkable tolerance to numerous stress conditions (e.g. almost complete desiccation, exposure to very low sub-zero temperature, heat stress and even exposure to space in low Earth orbit). Indeed, they are among the most radiation-resistant multi-cellular organisms. The body cavity of tardigrades is filled with the storage cells (SC). Their role in anhydrobiosis has been discussed. The main objectives of this work were to analyse (i) the occurrence of mitosis in SC, (ii) the factors constraining anhydrobiotic survival, and (iii) the general ultrastructure of SC and their ultrastructure concerning the stress conditions. Our model species, R. cf. coronifer is one of the most extensively studied tardigrades concerning anhydrobiosis. Comprehensive histochemical techniques were used in combination with SEM, TEM, and confocal microscopy. First, mitotic divisions of tardigrade SC occur with a higher frequency in juveniles than in adults and correlate with animal growth. Mitosis is more frequent in moulting tardigrades, but the overall mitotic index is low. Furthermore, tardigrades of R. cf. coronifer can survive the maximum of 6 repeated desiccation cycles with significantly declining survival rate with repeated desiccations and...
Proceedings on administrative
Motejl, Jakub ; Vedral, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Misdemeanor proceedings Abstract This thesis deals with misdemeanor proceedings, as a part of administrative criminal law. In the beginning, the thesis distinguishes between substantive misdemeanor law and procedural misdemeanor law. Substantive misdemeanor law determines, what is misdemeanor and what administrative penalties can be imposed for misdemeanor. Procedural misdemeanor law determines the procedure of administrative authorities in deciding on a misdemeanor, rights and obligations of the parties to the proceedings and rights and obligations of other individuals involved in the proceedings. The thesis describes in detail legal sources of misdemeanor proceedings at national level and at international level. The work also describes development of legislation containing misdemeanor proceedings and relation of misdemeanor proceedings to the administrative proceedings. Next it contains enumeration and analysis of the leading principles of the misdemeanor proceedings, including the sources of the principles and application of the principles by administrative authorities. Individual parts of the thesis are including phases of misdemeanor proceedings and procedure before start of misdemeanor proceedings. The thesis analyses special legislation of legal authority's competence, deals with authoritative...
The legal nature of instrumnets of land use planing
Nováček, Jakub ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
The legal nature of spatial planning instruments Abstract This thesis analyzes the legal nature of spatial planning instruments in the context of the sustainable land development, both in the general level as a structured system of spatial planning instruments and in the specific level of individual types of spatial planning instruments. The thesis provides a comprehensive picture of the system of spatial planning instruments, their interconnectedness and connections that are applied in this system. The thesis also analyzes the various spatial planning insturments, whose legal nature is defined by the purpose and conditions of their use, by the process of their formation and by the subject of their regulation. The emphasis in this work is mainly put on their legal form and the resulting aspects of the individual spatial planning instruments. Thesis also analyzes theoretical and legal basis of spatial planning, which is based primarily on the requirements of sustainable land development, from the concept of which the main goals of spatial planning are formed. Thesis define the concept of spatial planning and its individual levels. Thesis also defines the subjects that participate in the spatial planning processes and the interests that these subjects represent in the spatial planning and what procedural...
Legal standing of neighbours in the procedures under the Building Act
Pleskač, Michal ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Vedral, Josef (referee)
Legal standing of neighbours in the procedures under the Building Act The diploma thesis deals with the legal position of neighbours in procedures under the Act No. 183/2006 Coll., on Spatial Planning and Construction Regulation (Construction Act). Although the neighbour is one of the most affected parties in the construction process, the term 'neighbour' itself is not defined in the legal order. The aim of this work is to clarify who is considered to be a neighbour for the purposes of the Construction Act and what legal status does this person have in individual procedures under the Construction Act, including the analysis of possible procedural means to protect his/her rights and legitimate interests. The thesis also points out the legal aspects of the construction process as a comprehensive procedure characterized by a chain of separate and usually successive procedures. In these procedures, the Construction Authority must not only take into account the various public and private interests in the territory, but should also be able to assess the construction project in question not only in terms of construction law but also in terms of civil law. Attention is therefore also paid to the civil dimension of the issue, especially in connection with the institute of objections of a civil nature. The...
Procedure of application for a planning permission
Stonišová, Tereza ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Vedral, Josef (referee)
Diploma thesis "Planning Permission Procedure" deals with one of the key sectors of special public law, the valid legal regulation of planning permission procedure, a part of the legal regulation of building law. Planning permission procedure is a special type of administrative procedure and can be possibly seen as a main connection between zoning and building permission. A planning permission can result in most influential and interventional changes in the territory. During this proceedings, personal and public interests usually clash. The thesis analyses decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court, a court with key impact on some parts of the planning permission procedure. These decisions include both older key decisions as well as new ones, like the one dealing with Planning Consent. The thesis focuses on different types of planning permission procedure in order to facilitate orientation in this complex topic; it analyses various forms of permissions such as Planning Consent or Public Contract. The work has an ambition to put the terms of planning permission proceeding into historical context. For that purpose, I included the chapter on the history of building law in the historical territory of Czechia. The aim of this diploma thesis is to present current planning permission proceedings and...
Detached house with a car workshop
Svoboda, Petr ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with design of detached house with car workshop in Zhoř u Mladé Vožice. It consits of two detached buildings without cellar on a plain ground. The house is L-shaped with one ground floor and attic. This building is made as a one unit made for four family members with option of accomodation of guests. The house is designed as a single layer clay masonry without thermal insulation with a pitched purlin roof. The building of the car workshop has got only one ground floor and it has a rectangular shape. In the front section there is the car workshop and the back section is a base for workers. The building is designed from clay masonry with a additional thermal insulation. The roof is made from truss girders.

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