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Limits of Legal Obligation of Attorney's Confidentiality in Criminal Proceedings
Svoboda, Petr ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
1 Limits of Legal Obligation of Attorney`s Confidentiality in Criminal Proceedings Abstract The legal obligation of attorney's confidentiality imposed by the law is currently not only mentioned in professional discussions. However, the increased attention paid to this institute does not support it. There is a growing belief that it is being misused for the benefit of an attorney or for concealing criminal and other delict activity, resulting in increased pressure from the state to violate confidentiality obligations. This manifests itself in systematic or individual attempts to break it, or it leads to refusal of protection of the confidential relationship between an attorney and his client, which is a prerequisite for providing legal assistance. The thesis describes in detail the meaning and purpose of the institute of attorney's duty of confidentiality and its position in the legal order. Its attention is focused especially on the area of the criminal law in which it is most threatened and therefore the application and protection of this institute in criminal proceedings is analyzed in detail. In order that the meaning of the above-mentioned provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure can be concisely clarified, this is done in the thesis primarily from the practical point of view. For this purpose, the...
Regulation of advertising for food supplements in public law
Brousilová, Tereza ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
Public law regulation of advertising food supplements Abstract The thesis deals with advertising of food supplements and its public regulation. The aim of this work is to provide information about existing legislation and decision-making practice in this area. The first chapter outlines the basic legal sources of public regulation of advertising for food supplements, which consists mainly of several European regulations, the Food Act and the Act on Advertising Regulation. The second chapter deals with general issues of legal regulation of food suppelements. Food supplements are foods intended to supplement the normal diet. They must be appropriately labeled, not given medical properties and health and nutrition claims may only be used in accordance with European regulations. The notification is carried out at the Ministry of Agriculture and the ingredients are controlled by the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority. It is also important to understand the difference between medical products and food supplements, which may not always be obvious. The third chapter deals with general issues of legal regulation of advertising. It defines what advertising is, how it is regulated and what its constitutional legal basis is. The whole thesis culminates in the fourth chapter, when it comes to special...
Possibilities of acceleration of permitting processes in construction
Hamouz, Jiří ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Possibilities of acceleration of permitting processes in construction Abstract - ?I C7IJ;H J ;I?I E9KI;I ED FHEFEI7BI EH 7D 799;B;H7J?ED E F;HC?JJ?D FHE9;II;I ?D 9EDIJHK9J?ED M ?B; J ; FHE9;II;I MEKB: C7?DJ7?D 7D 7:;GK7J; B;L;B E FHEJ;9J?ED E FK8B?9 ?DJ;H;IJI - ; JEF?9 E J ; J ;I?I 7I ? H;B;L7D9; 9ED9;HD?D J ; FH;F7H7J?ED E J ; FK8B?9 9EDIJHK9J?ED B7M H;9E:? ?97J?ED 7D: M?J H; 7H: JE J ; L?I?ED E 7:EFJ?D J ; D;M 8K?B:?D 79J 8O - ; J ;I?I 7?CI JE ?:;DJ? O J ; C7 EH 97KI;I E J ; FHEBED 7J?ED E J ; F;HC?JJ?D FHE9;II;I - ; MEHA ?I E9KI;: ED JME FHEFEI7BI M ?9 97D 8; 9EDI?:;H;: JE 7L; J ; FEJ;DJ?7B JE I? D? ?97DJBO 799;B;H7J; J ; FHE9;II;I - ; ?HIJ ED; ?I 7 FHEFEI7B EH 7 D;M EHC E FHE9;:KH; EH FB7DD?D 7D: 8K?B:?D 7KJ EH?I7J?ED - ; FHEFEI7B M7I FH;I;DJ;: ?D J ; ?DJ;D:;: IK8 ;9J C7JJ;H E J ; D;M 8K?B:?D 8?BB - ; I;9ED: FHEFEI7B 7I 8;;D :;87J;: EH I;L;H7B O;7HI 7I JE M ;J ;H ?J 9EKB: 8H?D 78EKJ 7D 799;B;H7J?ED E J ; F;HC?JJ?D FHE9;II;I M ?B; C7?DJ7?D?D 7 IK ?9?;DJ B;L;B E FHEJ;9J?ED E FK8B?9 ?DJ;H;IJI "J ?I 7D ?DJHE:K9J?ED E J ; B; 7B ?9J?ED E 7 FEI?J?L; 8?D:?D EF?D?ED ?DJE J ; ;D;H7B B; 7B H; KB7J?ED ED J ; FB7DD?D 7D: 8K?B:?D F;HC?J FHE9;:KH; - ; J ;I?I ?I 9ECFEI;: E EKH 9 7FJ;HI - ; ?HIJ 9 7FJ;H :;7BI M?J J ; 9KHH;DJ B; 7B H; KB7J?ED E FB7DD?D F;HC?J 7D: 8K?B:?D F;HC?J FHE9;:KH; 7D: J ;D 8H?; BO :;I9H?8;I J ; B;...
Medical remedies
Matěvosova, Elena ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Medical devices Abstract The subject of this master thesis is the issue of medical devices. This thesis focuses on its reimbursement regulation. The work is divided into six chapters. The introductory explanation is devoted to the concept of medical device and it analyzes both the European definition of medical device and the national legal definition. The next part of the chapter emphasizes various division of these products, namely its variants, types and also classification of medical devices according to risk classes. The second chapter describes legal sources. The attention is paid to international sources of law, then furthermore to European law, from current directives to new regulations, which will come into force in 2020. In this chapter is generally discussed what changes this new regulations bring, as it is further elaborated in the next chapter. Last but not least, the national sources of law are analyzed. The legal regulation enriched by the outline of the future legal regulation awaiting the area of medical devices is widely mentioned. The next chapter defines institutions. The Ministry of Health and the State Institute for Drug Control are the key institutions in the field of medical devices, however, they are not the only authorities to carry out state administration in the field of medical...
The position and activities of the Czech Bar Association
Krasovskyj, Dmytro ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
The position and activities of the Czech Bar Association Abstract The topic of this diploma thesis is a treatise of "Position and activities of the Czech Bar Association" (hereinafter CBA). The CBA is a self-governance professional organisation and it is a proffesional association with mandatory membership. It is not possible to contain so extensive topic in a whole scope within limited space of diploma thesis in general. The main aim of this thesis is to provide a complex perspective of the CBA and point out the issues that are charasteristic, not just for CBA, but for all proffesional associations with mandatory membership. In addition to the descriptive passages this diploma thesis includes reflections of the current legislation and possible modification of it. The diploma thesis consists of introduction, three parts and conclusion. The first part provides a brief description of the historicial position of the CBA in the Czech republic since the middle of the 19th century to the present day. This part deals with a self-governance of the CBA that is enshrined in a legal order of the Czech Republic. The second part is focused on organization of the CBA. The Advocacy Act no. 85/1996 Coll., sets down, that the structural organization of the CBA consists of the obligatory and facultative bodies. This diploma...
Administrative banishment of person who is resident in fact
Priesel, Zdeněk ; Kryska, David (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Administrative expulsion of factual Nationals Abstract The aim of the processed topic is to point out the specific situation of people who were born in the Czech Republic or who lived here for a substantial part of their childhood so that they are fully integrated. The issue stems mainly from the regulation of citizenship as a formalized legal institute creating the relationship between the individual and the state. Although citizenship and social integration correspond in most cases, in the case of persons who are referred to as de facto nationals in this thesis, there is a split between the actual social life of the individual and his / her citizenship. The aim of this thesis is to focus mainly on the situation of those de facto residents who are subject to administrative expulsion as an absolutely essential legal institute aiming to end their stay in the Czech Republic, even with the means of state coercion. This topic is currently being updated and to my knowledge it has not been elaborated in the doctrine so far. Until 1989, the Czech Republic was a strongly homogeneous state that had no experience of larger migratory increments like other, mostly Western European, states. It is only in recent years that second-generation immigrants are of legal age and do not have their residence permit duly regulated...
Construction of buildings and their alterations
Koucký, Jiří ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Construction of buildings and their alterations Abstract This thesis deals with one of the parts of public building law, namely the regulation of permitting processes of construction and its alterations. These processes are explained and analyzed. It also deals with the infringement of public building law and its repercussions. At the same time, it compares the current legislation with the planned recodification of building law, which might bring about fundamental system changes and is currently being discussed not only by the professional public. The thesis does not deal with the permit of buildings from the territorial point of view and also omits the legislation dealing with the use of buildings. The thesis is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter deals with the sources of building law. The second chapter explains the basic terms of construction law such as construction, builder and others. The third chapter deals with the organization of building offices. The fourth chapter talks about the various ways of obtaining a license to carry out construction. Apart from the so-called free regime, it analyzes the notification, building permit and joint processes regime. The fifth chapter contains two alternative procedures for obtaining public authority permit to perform construction, which are a public...
Regulation of prices and reimbursements of medicinal products
Hric, Tomáš ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Regulation of prices and reimbursement of medicinal products Abstract Medicinal products are essentially part of every human life. It is therefore desirable to ensure that they are offered on the market at a fair and affordable price, precisely through price and reimbursement regulation. The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyse how the regulation of prices and reimbursements applies to human medicinal products in the provision of outpatient health care, the price and reimbursement of which is decided by the State Institute for Drug Control in administrative proceedings. In order to achieve this goal, the thesis is divided into four parts. The first part defines the basic concepts needed understand the meaning and purpose of the system of price and reimbursement regulation, such as a medicinal product, price or reimbursement. Furthermore, this part is devoted to the types of administrative acts occurring in the field of price and reimbursement regulation and introduces the Ministry of Health and the State Institute for Drug Control as the most important administrative authorities operating in this field. The second part analyses the legislation effective until 31st December 2007. The forms of administrative activity then performed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance are analysed in more...
The prohibition of the reformationis in peius in administrative criminal law
Mrázková, Tereza ; Prášková, Helena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the modern development of the prohibition of reformationis in peius principle in the area of administrative punitive law, in particular in the area of administrative offenses. Although Act No. 250/2016 Coll. has removed the undesirable and criticized "double-track" application of the prohibition of reformatio in peius in the area of administrative punitive law, other difficulties related to the principle in question have not completely disappeared; on the contrary, new legislation has made the situation more difficult in some respect. The main aim of the thesis is to critically analyse this principle in light of the new Act No. 250/2016 Coll. and to assess the impact of the new Act on the administrative practice. The thesis is systematically divided into seven chapters. The first chapter explains general theoretical questions related to the principle in question. The following section describes its constitutional and international basis. The third chapter thoroughly examines the modern development of this principle in the Czech Republic. The content and scope of the prohibition of reformatio in peius in proceedings under Act No. 200/1990 Coll. And in proceedings under Act No. 500/2004 Coll. are being analysed with regard to the conclusions provided by legal academia...
Agreements on planning and land development
Chudárek, Jakub ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
Thesis title: territorial development contracts The topic of this diploma thesis is territorial development contracts. This term includes contracts for planning and assessment of the owners of the public transport and technical infrastructure resulting from Building Act and contracts not regulated by the law, concluded as so-called innominate contracts according to Civil Code, which are referred to as "cooperation agreement with person interested (investor) in construction". The essence of these contracts is the effort to adjust the financial participation of the person interested in the realization of the building project in the municipality on the costs incurred by the municipality caused by construction. In particular, it is mostly about compensation of the funds that the municipality must spend to ensure its functioning as a result of the increase in population and their entitlements. The beginning of thesis is dedicated to the definition of basic concepts and subjects. Furthermore, it outlines the reasons and general basis leading to the conclusion of territorial development contracts. Following is a closer analysis of contracts under the Building Act, on which the idea of the responsibility of the person interested in the construction of the costs associated with the construction is based. In...

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