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Farming practices for efficient use of nitrogen and reduction of its losses: Certified methodology for practice
Klír, Jan ; Haberle, Jan ; Růžek, Pavel ; Šimon, Tomáš ; Svoboda, Pavel
The methodology describes the main risks of nitrogen losses and recommended practices for their reduction. Practically applicable methods for the evaluation of the nitrate leaching risk depending on the soil, crop, root range, croping system, irrigation and weather conditions are described in detail. Consequently, suitable soil treatments and fertilization are proposed to improve the utilization of the nitrogen and uniformity of the water soaking.
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The influence of preventive driver training courses on the frequency of accidents and driving violations for Czech drivers
Slabihoudková, Tereza ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Řezáč, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation deals with issues concerning driver education and driver training courses. It first deals with driver education in Czech schools and its representation in RVP.A comparison of driver education in the Czech Republic with driver education in foreign countries is presented in accordance with the results of research project Q F 44L/058/050. It also deals with the preparation of teachers for driver education in terms of a university study. The text attempts to highlight the importance of driver education throughout the entire lifetime of drivers. It covers driver education in the family, preschool, grammar school and high school education as well as preventive driving campaigns and training courses, and also in driving schools. The work also deals with differences between various ways of driving, and more specifically, those between defensive and cooperative driving. It attempts to find a delineation between these concepts in a non-uniform community of specialists. A significant part of the work deals with investigative research, which is primarily centered in interviews with transportation specialists, observation of participants in defensive driving courses and the analysis of documents. Keywords: traffic education, traffic prevention, defensive driving, cooperative driving, course of...
Technical and technological audit of the water treatment plant
Jedličková, Tereza ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of the submitted diploma thesis is the implementation and evaluation of the technical and technological audit of water management systems of water treatment plants – concretely Plzeň Water Treatment Plants. Part of its audit is a description of potable water production, including the evaluation of the TEA Water treatment plant, evaluation of quality assurance of raw and produced drinking water, analysis of costs and pricing costing, personnel evaluation, care of the plant and draft measures for better working of the whole system. The work also focuses on the characteristics, history and the past reconstruction and more detailed description of the individual cleaning stages of the selected water treatment plant in Pilsen. The audit itself was preceded by the study of current legislation, namely the Law No. 274/2001 Coll. and Decree No. 428/2001 Coll. The diploma thesis also describes performing laboratory analyzes in an accredited laboratory of Plzeň Water Treatment Plants.
Specific heat of the R2TIn8 compounds
Vlášková, Kristina ; Javorský, Pavel (advisor) ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with magnetic properties of antiferromagnets Nd2TIn8, where T = Rh, Ir and Co. This compounds are members of a group of structurally rela- ted compounds RX3, RTX5 and R2TX8, crystallizing in tetragonal structure, and they reveal interesting magnetic properties, for example there was observed su- perconductivity for Ce-based compounds. In addition there are shown the results of measurement of NdPd5Al2. Specific heat was measured on monocrystals. The order tempratures were determined. The dimensionalities of magnon excitations where estimated using an analysis of low-temperature dependence of specific heat. The magnetic entropies at order temperature were calculated and they were used for determining the ground states of ions Nd3+ and Tm3+ . The treatment of spe- cific heat above the order temperature was used for determining the energy levels of ions in studied compounds. The NdPd5Al2 specific heat was measured at zero and nonzero external fields, this measuring reveals an antiferromagnetic order under the order temperature and the axis of an easy magnetization in direction of c axis. 1
Selected Legal Aspects of the Digital Single Market
Stárková, Anna ; Svoboda, Pavel (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Aneta (referee)
The master's thesis "Selected Legal Aspects of the Digital Single Market" delineates the legislative reaction of the European Union ("EU") to technological development for the Jacques Delors' encompassing overhaul of Europe's The master's thesis answers the on by identifying the DSM's theoretical and conceptual framework, DSM. The second part delineates the DSM's foundations arket's regulatory framework is DSM's foundations to assess the state of play of the DSM through the EU's most advanced - strengthening of the status of the free flow of data in the internal market's architecture, which
Financial Plan for Rehabilitation of water distribution network
Pavelka, David ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis explains the planning of rehabilitation of water supply network. Also describes the planning of rehabilitation funding and all the required assessment necessary to that. Thesis explains the issues of rehabilitation planning, options of rehabilitations planning, comparison problematice at small village against big company. It is shown diference between Czech republic and Georgia. At the end are prepared a plans for financing the rehabilitation of the water supply network of Moravské Knínice village and Hodslavice village.
Methodology for use of technological waters on agricultural land: 2nd edition; Certified methodology for practice
Mühlbachová, Gabriela ; Svoboda, Pavel ; Klír, Jan ; Vegricht, Jiří
The production of technological waters from stables is evaluated in the methodology for the use of technological waters in agriculture. The corresponding legislation is described. Attention is focused on technological waters from livestock breeding and simple processing of plant products. The production of technological waters is evaluated from the point of view of individual operations in which the technological waters are produced, particularly in milking and cooling equipment. The characteristics of technological waters, particularly the nutrient contents and potential risks of their use on the agricultural land are also evaluated in the methodology. The influence of technological waters on the growth of plants and microbial biomass content and activity in the soil was experimentally verified. The methodology contains the recommendation for the application of technological waters on the agricultural land.
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The methodology of the proper way of manure storing on agricultural land: 2nd edition; Certified methodology for practice
Svoboda, Pavel ; Wollnerová, Jana ; Kozlovská, Lada ; Klír, Jan
The proposed methodology describes a complete manual to the correct storage of farmyard manure on agricultural land before its application. Special attention is paid to measures for storage of farmyard manure in vulnerable zones identified in the action program of the Nitrates Directive. For selecting a suitable place to storing farmyard manure are available in the methodology detailed instructions, with the help of data in the registry of soil LPIS at web site Portál farmáře. The model of the required emergency plan or supplement of the plan is also given in the methodology. The second updated edition responds to changes in legislation in 2016, in particular the amendment to the Government Regulation no. 262/2012 Coll., On determining the vulnerable areas and Action Programme, which was issued under No. 235/2016 Coll.
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Criteria for the definition of a full function joint venture in decision-making of the Commission
Apollonova, Elena ; Svoboda, Pavel (advisor) ; Šmejkal, Václav (referee)
- Criteria for a definition of a full function joint venture in the decision-making of the Commission This thesis focuses on the progress in the Commission's approach towards full functioning joint ventures and on criteria for their determination. A full functioning joint venture is a joint venture type that fulfils criteria given by the Commission of the European Union - joint control and full functioning, that consists of functional autonomy, lasting basis and resources. The first, inductive part provides a short joint venture typology and explains ways by which the European law regulates those concentrations. The second part of the thesis serves as a necessary historic excursus to the progress in the European Union Commission's view on cooperative and concentrative concentrations and its goal is to clarify on the basis of which factors and how this approach has developed from 1968 to the present. The third, main, part of the thesis is an analysis of particular full functioning joint venture determination criteria. Each criterion is analysed separately with regards to specialised publications, regulations, reports and directives, especially by analysing European Union Commission's rulings, as the result of the application of the approach towards full functioning joint ventures by the European...
Suspended bicycle carrier for buses
Svoboda, Pavel ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis describes the construction of universal the rack for bicycles to different types of buses. The aim was to produce a simple, lightweight, safe, affordable, accessible design of the rack for bicycles with easy the suspension, but also with the access to the engine compartment of the bus.

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