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Asian Perpetuities
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Večeř, Jan (advisor) ; Čoupek, Petr (referee)
This Master thesis studies the Asian perpetuity, which is the European type option with the average asset as the underlying asset and the execution time of the option in infinity. Assuming the geometric Brownian motion model of an asset, the thesis studies the behavior of the average of the asset. Three different types of averaging are considered: arithmetic, geometric and harmonic average. The average values of the log-normals maintain the known distribution only for the geometric average but, as it is shown in the thesis, when the average is examined on infinite time horizon, the arithmetic and harmonic averages maintain the inverse gamma distribution or gamma distribution, respectively. This result enables the computation of the price of Asian perpetuity which is also examined in the thesis. 1
Hardness of Drinking Water
Kubešová, Kateřina ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
In the introductory part of this bachelor thesis deals with a research focusing on the hardness of water in general and as an indicator of quality of drinking water. Technical point of view is included and the role that the substances which cause hardening have on health is discussed. In the following part, there is an overview of water hardening and softening technologies. Finally, there are two consumables. In the first case, it is a hard-water consumer, in the second case there was a request for the distributed water to be harder.
Structure evolution of primary mixed temperate forests depending on disturbance regime
Dušátko, Martin ; Svoboda, Miroslav (advisor) ; Altman, Jan (referee)
Our thesis reconstructs disturbation history of primary forest remnant in Kornietová reservation in Slovakia. We extracted dendrochronological samples and collected data about the structure of a stand on sampling plots. 6 of total 14 plots were affected by an extreme disturbance around the year 1830. It removed almost complete upper canopy layer. This event was followed by a long period of minimal disturbance activity. The rest of plots was characterized by a regime of weak disturbances returning every 30 or 40 years. Between these two groups of plots, the shape of DBH distibution and the amount of large trees were significantly different. The plots which were affected by the extreme disturbance had distinctly more trees over 600 mm of DBH, because total extend of disturbances was markedly lower after 1830. The other parameters like amount of dead wood, species composition and quantity of saplings were not significantly different. The other studies suppose, that weak disturbances promote regeneration of beech, while large disturbances allow conifers to regenerate. The results of you study do not support such a relation. During data processing and evaluation, we discovered a high error rate the data suffered. It is more difficult to crossdate correctly a beech, then previously thought, but finally...
IL 57 - Sporadic colorectal cancer: From genetic make-up to complex phenotypic measurement, from risk determination to prognostic markers
Vodička, Pavel ; Slyšková, Jana ; Pardini, B. ; Naccarati, A. ; Souček, P. ; Vodičková, Ludmila ; Vymetálková, Veronika ; Svoboda, Miroslav ; Foersti, A. ; Hemminki, K.
Colorectal carcinogenesis (CRC), is a complex process, resulting in both genomic and chromosomal instabilities. The valid theories of carcinogenesis accent either the role of somatic mutation or the surrounding microenvironment, however neither of them explains all features of cancer. Uncontrolled proliferation and genomic instability point to the DNA damage response and repair as to the key players. In the present study, we will overview several biomarkers in mapping heterogeneous complex CRC disease and providing prognostic information.\nVariants in genes involved in important pathways, such as DNA repair, cell cycle control, folate metabolism and methylation, insulin resistance and obesity, ABC transporters, selenoprotein genes, genes involved in inflammatory/immune response have shown various degree of association with CRC risk. We present also the data on mutations in high risk genes involved in colorectal carcinogenesis. Gene expression levels were determined in relevant pathways and complemented with other important parameters (epigenetic regulators of transcription by methylation). Additionally, the role of post-transcriptional regulation via miRNA or lncRNA was investigated in relation to the risk of CRC and the efficacy of chemotherapy. We have discovered several genetic and epigenetic markers affecting independently the prognosis of CRC. Functional DNA repair tests (complex phenotype) have been implemented as markers of individual susceptibility to sporadic CRC and its prognosis.\nAn application of the whole set of various biomarkers is inevitable to define the phenotypic landscape of the disease and to delineate the individual response to the therapy.\n
Wildfire as an ecological factor in the forests of Central Europe
Adámek, Martin ; Hadincová, Věroslava (advisor) ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee) ; Nagel, Thomas A (referee)
Within the Northern Hemisphere, wildfires are considered to be an integral part of natural dynamics mainly in boreal forests and Mediterranean ecosystems, and most recently also in temperate forests of Northern America. By contrast, in temperate forests of Central Europe, the importance of wildfire for forest ecosystems has been traditionally marginalised despite documented frequent wildfire occurrence and existence of fire-prone forests. Apparently, the reason of this rooted attitude does not lie in the specific environmental conditions of Central Europe, but more likely in the traditional forest ecology approach, which generally does not consider the effect of disturbances on the shape of vegetation communities and strictly excludes human activity from natural processes since its beginnings. This attitude resulted in the lack of knowledge about local vegetation-wildfire relationship and patterns of wildfire occurrence in the landscape. The general aim of this thesis was to clarify the ecological role of wildfires for Central European forest ecosystems with a focus on Pinus sylvestris forests and using the Czech Republic as a model area for a broader region. Chapter 1 deals with the spatial analysis of the occurrence of forest fires in the Czech Republic. We found that the presence of wildfire in...
Continuous processes with quadratic varaition
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Dostál, Petr (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The work is devoted to the properties of the continuous random processes with a compact index set that are having finite quadratic variation. In the thesis we define the stochastic Riemannn integral and then follow a development of a theory leading to deriving of Ito formula. The terms, concretely quadratic variation and Ito's formula and in the process are introduced using the konvergence in probability for the continuous random processes. The applied part of the thesis, starting in chapter 6, is considering an investor trading on the stock market. Using the Ito formula we will show that both the Black-Sholes and the bachelier models are modelling the fair price of the European call vanilla option, when the price of the share on the market is modelled by. Powered by TCPDF (
Effects of forest management on forest biodiversity
Dušátko, Martin ; Svoboda, Miroslav (advisor) ; Bače, Radek (referee)
Forests host approximately 80 % of species of all terrestrial organisms. Human pressure on forest ecosystems drastically increased during 20th century and poses a constant threat to global biodiversity. The aim of this thesis is to summarize current knowledge of the effects of forest management on organisms and to identify underlying mechanisms. The oldest forms of forest management techniques were coppicing and coppicing with standards which enable relatively high biodiversity of species of early successional stages. Transition to classical intensive forestry caused shielding vegetation from the sun and decrease of heterogeneity. In recent decades some further intensification of management is practiced by using fast growing trees, but awareness of the need to establish sustainable forestry conditions strenghtens. Managed forest contrary to natural one has substantially lower average age of trees, it shows spatial homogeneity and old and dead trees, elements that are tied to high diversity of organisms, do not occur. Species composition of woods changes often. Anthropogenic management also disrupts and weakens the natural disturbation regimes. In many economically developed countries forests have been fragmented for a long time and in vastly forested areas that have persisted to the 20th century massive...
Recursive estimation of models relating discrete-valued variables to continuous-valued ones applied to trading with futures
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Kárný, Miroslav (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with recursive estimation of a dependence of the models with discrete variables on variables that are either discretely or continuously distributed. To this purpose Bayes formula, described in the first chapter, is used, to which an additional assumption of conditional independence is added so that it can be used dynamically. The second chapter describes an approximation algorithm, which is used for recursive approximation of the density of random variable that has been estimated by the Bayesian equation. The third chapter deals with the application of the whole model on a special form of logistic regression. Results are shown on the examples using simulated data. At last, the model along with approximation algorithm is applied on a trading with futures. Powered by TCPDF (

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