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The comparasion of the status of journalists in the American and the Czech audiovisual pop culture
Svoboda, Martin ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to compare the use of journalists as characters in Czech and US audiovisual industry, primarily cinema. As expected, the work finds that Czech cinema cannot compare with American in volume. Also, different history has led to a completely different position of journalists in culture and popular culture in both regions. The thesis tries to introduce both systems and look for reasons of absence of journalistic characters in Czech cinema. It also examines the way in which cinema is able to communicate at all and what demands can we have on the dialogue between piece of art and us. The thesis deals with the transformation of journalistic profession into genre and archetype in American mainstream cinema. The ambition of the work, which in many respects compares the present with the absence, is to describe the space in which the observed presence and absence take place. The main difficulty in elaborating the topic is the marginal size of the Czech market compared to the American and even more marginal use of the journalist as a prominent figure in it. Therefore, the thesis tries to explain why the situation with the help of professional literature rather than mapping the explicit presence of journalism in narratives of Czech and Czechoslovak films. Since Czech cinema has in many...
Residential building
Svoboda, Martin ; Nováková, Petra (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The content of this bachelor´s thesis is a proposal of a new building of an residential building in Slavkov u Brna. The apartment building has one underground and three above-ground floors. There are 9 residential units in the building, one of which is designed as barrier-free. There is an underground garage for 9 vehicles in the basement, one of which is for people with limited mobility. The apartment building is based on a reinforced concrete foundation slab 600 mm thick. The vertical load-bearing structures are made of sand-lime blocks. The horizontal supporting structures are monolithic reinforced concrete. The building is covered with a warm flat roof. The work contains the project documentation for the construction, which was made according to the valid legal and technical regulations.
Design of LED lighting for industrial camera systems
Svoboda, Martin ; Honec, Peter (referee) ; Janáková, Ilona (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development, design and construction of multispectral lighting for industrial camera systems. The lighting is conceived as a modular device consisting of two parts - a control unit, which can be communicated primarily through the Modbus TCP / IP protocol, which powers, controls and collects information about the connected lighting unit. The illumination unit is equipped with 64 intelligent RGBW light emitting diodes located in an 8x8 matrix and one control diode opposite to which light intensity sensors are placed to give feedback on the color and intensity of the light. There are two temperature sensors located between the LEDs to check the temperature of the lighting unit. Both units are housed in a robust aluminum chassis. The control unit contains a microcomputer programmed in C language
Graph data analysis using deep learning methods
Vancák, Vladislav ; Svoboda, Martin (advisor) ; Majerech, Vladan (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to investigate the existing graph embedding methods. We aim to represent the nodes of undirected weighted graphs as low-dimensional vectors, also called embeddings, in order to create a rep- resentation suitable for various analytical tasks such as link prediction and clustering. We first introduce several contemporary approaches allowing to create such network embeddings. We then propose a set of modifications and improvements and assess the performance of the enhanced models. Finally, we present a set of evaluation metrics and use them to experimentally evalu- ate and compare the presented techniques on a series of tasks such as graph visualisation and graph reconstruction. 1
Dynamika fytoplanktonu kaprových rybníků
The bachelor thesis deals with the dynamics of phytoplankton in the short-term time scale and compares it with the annual course of phytoplankton in two studied ponds. In August 2017, samples were taken from two ponds in South Bohemia, specifically from the Dehtář pond and the Kvítkovický pond in 5 respectively three depths. The phytoplankton biomass was determined microscopically. The short-term dynamics of the main phytoplankton groups is contained in graphs. Besides, a list of all designated cyanobacteria and algae species can be found here. The green algae of the genera Crucigenia, Coelastrum, and Oocystis had the highest representation on the Kvítkovice pond. The cyanobacterial concentration was low. The Dehtář pond is dominated by filamentous cyanobacteria of the genera Anabaena and Pseudanabaena, which formed an algal bloom. Chlorococcales dominated the lower water column. In my work, I have not seen diurnal migration of any taxonomic group of algae and cyanobacteria. Microcystis, as a dominant species in the Kvítkovický pond, did not record vertical migration, indicating enough nutrients in these eutrophic ponds. Thus, phytoplankton is apparently not forced to migrate for nutrients to the bottom, and light is a limiting factor in their life cycle in summer.
Discovering and Creating Relations among CSV Columns Using Linked Data Knowledge Bases
Brodec, Václav ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
A large amount of data produced by governmental organizations is accessible in the form of tables encoded as CSV files. Semantic table interpretation (STI) strives to transform them into linked data in order to make them more useful. As significant portion of the tabular data is of statistical nature, and therefore comprises predominantly of numeric values, it is paramount to possess effective means for interpreting relations between the entities and their numeric properties as captured in the tables. As the current general-purpose STI tools infer the annotations of the columns almost exclusively from numeric objects of RDF triples already present in the linked data knowledge bases, they are unable to handle unknown input values. This leaves them with weak evidence for their suggestions. On the other hand, known techniques focusing on the numeric values also have their downsides. Either their background knowledge representation is built in a top-down manner from general knowledge bases, which do not reflect the domain of input and in turn do not contain the values in a recognizable form. Or they do not make use of context provided by the general STI tools. This causes them to mismatch annotations of columns consisting from similar values, but of entirely different meaning. This thesis addresses the...

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