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Significance of virtue in the philosophy of Plotinus
Polák, Ján ; Svoboda, David (advisor) ; Sousedík, Prokop (referee)
The place of virtue in the philosophy of Plotinus Abstract The main intention of this thesis is to clarify some aspects of Plotinus's concept of virtue. Significant part of it is a report of J. M. Dillon's article An ethic for the late anthique sage and its comparison with P. Hadot's essay Plotinus or the simplicity of vision, which form a base for characteristics of a dualism between sensual and spiritual world, the body/soul polarity, and relation between higher and lower virtues. Consequently a relationship of a Plotinian sage towards others is being investigated. The result of this thesis confirms that Dillon's interpretation of a radical distinction between polarities mentioned above is exaggerated and his pronouncement of an absence of the element of concern for others in Plotinus's ethical reflextion is basically mistaken. Key words Plotinus, ethics, virtue, neoplatonism, J. M. Dillon, P. Hadot, higher and lower virtues, relation with other, body and soul, sensual and spiritual world, late anthique philosophy.
Diversity of the genus Riccia (Marchantiophyta)
Spurná, Veronika ; Soldán, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Svoboda, David (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to give a brief overview of the genus Riccia. It belongs to the same taxonomic group as the genus Ricciocarpos Corda, family Ricciaceae (order Marchantiales, department Marchantiophyta). Both genera have a simple endosporophile and they do not possess elaters. The genus Riccia has a wide ecological valency. The representatives of the genus, who are adapted to life in drier areas, are able to grow on bare, sunny, clay soil. Other species can be found on wet places with high water occurrence or even directly in the aquatic environment. The genus has a worldwide distribution. The most abundant diversity is in subtropical areas with high environment variety which directly influences the diversity of this species. Representatives of this genus are able to survive extreme conditions and can very easily adapt to new conditions. They are also defined by great morphology plasticity. There are still problems to correctly distinguish some species from each other beacause of this reason. There are 13 species in the Czech Republic, three of them are easily interchangeable. Part of the thesis is therefore focused on the comparison of the species R. fluitans and R. rhenana from the Ricciella section. The former is typically found on the surface of the water. However, when found...
Building the hotspots in order to strengthen the common border security after the Arab Spring
Svoboda, David ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Králová, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor's work Building the hotspots in order to strengthen the common border security after the Arab Spring is dedicated to analysis of how hotspots in Italy and Greece have helped to the reduction of migration crisis in the EU. The migration crisis were resulted in Europe after the Arab Spring. This analysis works with data like the number of migrants in Greece and Italy, asylum applications, with an emphasis on 2015-2017. This bachelor's work works on verifying of these three hypotheses: The hotspots will increase the identification of newly arrived migrants soon, will reduce the number of illegal migrants traveling from the hotspot site deeper to the EU, and that hotspots can speed up the decision-making process with migrants. This work has four chapters. The first chapter explains the basic terms of this work - migrant and refugee. It also explains why the migrant must not be expelled from the EU. The second chapter is dedicated to the characteristics of the migration crisis (2013-2016) and the main pillars of the EU asylum and migration policy. The third and fourth chapter describe the hotspots. The first one describes the origins of hotspots (from the initial idea to financing), building of them, it also describes the EU support teams and possibilities that migrants has if they receive...
The thinking and belief of Otakar A. Funda
Kovářová, Zdenka ; Sousedík, Prokop (advisor) ; Svoboda, David (referee)
1 UNIVERZITA KARLOVA KATOLICKÁ TEOLOGICKÁ FAKULTA Katedra teologické etiky a spirituální teologie Zdenka Kovářová Myšlení a víra Otakara A. Fundy Diplomová práce Vedoucí práce: Mgr. Ing. Prokop Sousedík, PhD. Praha 2018 2 Abstract This diploma thesis critically analyses the thinking of professor O. A. Funda who's work contributes to the problem of secularisation and moral resurgence. The work is divided into three parts, where the first section is presenting Funda's life as a whole picture, showing how his work developed over time, and introducing thinkers who influenced him. It is the second part that presents his thinking in depth on the back of two main subjects of his interests: rationality and transcendence. The last part is a critical analysis with the objective to evaluate whether or not professor managed to overcome the model rationality/transcendence with his own key: reality = complexity of complementarities and components in correlation, in continuity and in context. Keywords ethics, culture, Christianity, God, responsibility, belief, rationality, objectivity, humanity, life, existence, world, freedom, goodness, religion.
Investment in Stocks Traded on Stock Exchange
Svoboda, David ; Šmahlíková, Eva (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The thesis aims on fundamental analysis of selected share companies of the specific branch using various analytical financial indicators and models for a purpose of creating and investment recommendation for a modeled mutual fund.
Descartes' Conception of the First Principles
Křížek, Pavel ; Svoboda, David (advisor) ; Sousedík, Prokop (referee)
Descartes' Conception of the First Principles RNDr. Bc. Pavel KŘÍŽEK Master's degree thesis, Prague, June 2017 Summary In this Master's thesis, seven interpretations of Descartes' Cogito are reviewed. The introductory chapter presents a brief explanation of the origin and development of Descartes' views on the role of the first philosophical principles, in fact, the principles of certain knowledge, that is, principles understood by him as the necessary and indispensable starting point for laying the foundations of all science. First - naturally - Descartes' own diverse formulations of Cogito are reproduced. Then, based on relevant text and (their) broader context, all Descartes' necessary concepts and terms concerning Cogito are systematically explained. The second chapter, which is the core of the entire study, contains short reviews of seven interpretations of Descartes' Cogito as presented in a number of established academic publications as well as in more recent papers. Every review is then briefly commented on. The authors of the seven interpretations were chosen to show the differences in understanding and explaining Descartes' first principle, as established on the European continent by the philosophical traditions of German-speaking countries, beginning with Hegel's attitude towards Descartes, on...
Diversity of the genus Riccia (Marchantiophyta) and molecular methods of taxonomical study of liverworts
Spurná, Veronika ; Soldán, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Svoboda, David (referee)
The main objective of this study is to introduce the genus Riccia. The first fossil discoveries of this genus date back to the Early Pleistocene. It has been known from literature since the 17th century. From this time forward it gets more attention. This genus has a cosmopolitan distribution across all of the world. It is capable of surviving extreme conditions. Also it adapts to new conditions quite easily. Representatives of genus Riccia have a very wide range of morphological variations. Therefore to this day there are still issues with a properly species determination. In the Czech Republic there are 13 species and 3 of it are easily interchangeable. Mainly, I focus on R.fluitans, which its a typical habitat is a water level. If R.fluitans lacks the aquatic environment, then It can look like terrestrial R.rhenana. The next chapter is about a description of basic metods in molecular studies on Marchantiophyta. Molecular data have changed significantly a view on the Marchantiophyta taxonomy. Until recently the taxonomy was dependent on morphological similarities. But modern metods don't always guarantee the correctness. Therefore it is recommended to combine molecular results with morphological features. Keywords: Riccia, diversity, variability, molecular study, Marchantiophyta
Vývoj cen nemovitostí v Londýně
Svoboda, David ; Cibulka, Jakub (advisor) ; Galuška, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to analyze London residential housing market in the period of time from 1995 to 2016. In the first part of the thesis the emphasis is put on the definition of theories related to the topic. It includes the reasons why house prices are worth measuring. Another point of the theory are the economic fundaments which influence the house prices. The main topic and result of this bachelor thesis is a deep analysis of the development of house prices in London. Based on the analysis, in the conclusion, it is enabled to evaluate the stability of the market. It is particularly the problematics of high house prices and affordabulity, which is solved in this document. These topics have become increasingly popular in London, recently. The work concentrates data from many fields, which affect developments housing markets, in one document. Thanks to it, the work provides comprehensibly processed data from statistical authorities such as HM Land Registry or Office for National Statistics including useful comparisons of important fundamentals.

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