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Help of the faith in the illness and recovering
Adámek, Jakub ; Votroubková, Michaela (advisor) ; Svatošová, Marie (referee) ; Rybářová, Marie (referee)
Author: Jakub Adámek Institution: Institute of social medicine, Medical faculty of Charles university in Hradec Králové Department of nursing Title: Help of the in the illness and recovering Supervisor: Mgr. Michaela Votroubková Number of pages: 72 Number of apendices: 1 Year of counsel: 2008 Keynotes: faith, religion, illness, health, recovering, alternative medicine The bachelor's thesis deal with influence of faith on illness and cure. It tries to analyse concepts faith, illness and health and to resolve opinion of people to these concepts. It also tries to show how was mentality of people about these concepts changing during history and crossing from medicine full of magic to todays academic medicine. At the end in shortcut it analyses alternative medicine as a form of cure via faith. Second part consist of quantitative research by way of questionare investigation, which tries to find out how people value an see their own faith. Also researches their opinion on their own health, morbidity a what do they think about alternative medicine. Research stands partialy on finding out diference between two generations and simultaneously between persons which are ill and healthy. Researched sample consist of the students of general medicine on LF HK and patients at the clinic of oncology of the Faculty...
Limits of the mobile hospice care in the Czech Republic
Špuláková, Jana ; Svatošová, Marie (advisor) ; Ivanovová, Viera (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis presents information about standard hospice care, but it is mainly concentrated on the less known and less extended mobile hospice care. Text shows limits of this mobile care of dieing people. Limits and limitations result from insufficient legislative conditions for the accompanying persons and from readiness and competence of the caregivers itself to accompany their cousins in the home environment. Research part of the thesis is based on the question-form investigation performing verification of the presumed limits and pointing to them. The first investigated data samplewas collected on the bereaved persons of the patients hospitalized in the standard hospice in 2006. Second data sample is based on the bereaved persons, who used mobile hospice care in the same year. Two guided interviews with bereaveds are enclosed to illustrate the situation. Research was leaded in the cooperation with Hospic Anežky České (Hospice of the Anežka Česká) in the Červený Kostelec and Mobilní hospic Dobrého Pastýře (Mobile Hospice of the Good Pastor) in the Čerčany.
Influence of managerial and team supervision on health personnel motivation
Marková, Monika ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Svatošová, Marie (referee)
This work described in the form of keys study the process of establishing management supervision in the Hospice of St. Stephen in Litoměřice. It deals with working motivation, the possibilities of influencing this motivation and the importance of regular evaluation of nurses' work. It pursues the contribution of team supervision for the nursing teams too. In the practical part, it compares initial situation on workplace before establishing the team and management supervision to present situation, it describes successive steps of the change and it critically evaluates its contributions and insufficiencies. Key words: motivation, nursing team, work reviewing? management, team supervision, competence

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